The Riverenza is a century old stone church building located on the corner of 10th and Federal in The Dalles, once home to the Church of Christ. In the fall of 2004 while looking for a home to buy Molly came across the old church building and began making plans to turn it into a large home. Once the renovation plans were in place, Molly had a dream that the family lived in the basement and hosted weddings, parties and events in the old church sanctuary. That's when the dream began. "Riverenza" is and Italian word which means to show honor with a bow or curtsey. That's exactly what the gathering hall has been doing ever since September of 2007 when The Riverenza hosted the first of many weddings and special events.
The Riverenza Café opened Nov 1st of 2010 serving Stumptown coffee, smoothies, homemade baked goods and gourmet panini sandwiches. Over the next few months the menu grew to include, salads, wraps and hoagies. The Riverenza Café and Gathering Hall now offers beer, wine, and light catering.