Fast Muscle Growth

The best and the fast. When it comes to muscle growth one of those can not happen. My teenage son has started working out with the weights and wants my help. Sure, would love to. He has been training for about a month and got his first pump in his biceps. He thought it was great, like most of us. “I’m getting bigger now” he said to me. I had to let him know that was just a pump and it would go away soon. But him and his friends chase that pump, everyday new muscle group. They think that the more they pump the bigger the will get. Wrong. That pump is a lot like a lot of problems I see in the gym today. Quick. I need muscles fast. New cable machine and everyone is on it. Waiting there turn. New supplement came in and everyone is trying to get there hands on it. New bodybuilder in town and everyone is trying his routine. Latest and greatest. Funny how it never seems to stay around. I remeber pre-exhaution with Arthur Jones and the Joe Wieder principles. All that is gone now. What is left is what works and that is the best for muscle growth.

Muscle Growth

So what is left? The basics. How boring. Yeah, I know, but it works. Always has and always will. The big basic multi joint exercises. Low reps. high reps. The bench press and the deadlift. The power clean and the squat. Full reps. No half ass stuff. That is the best muscle growth, when you stop training and you have dieted down. What stayed? Protein powders, they stayed, whey and all. The multi vitiamns stayed. The pro-hormones are gone( but not because they did not work, thanks big brother). Gaint sets are gone.

Fast never works, it just will not stay long enough to prove itself. But the best always stays around. Regroup with the basics. Three days a week, full body workouts. Protein powder shakes with milk , that stayed. Twice a day routines left, who has time for that. Give me one heavy set of deadlifts for max reps, to the point of passing out that will build real muscle and the real muscle is what stays. That is the best.

Best Car Rentals Around the Istanbul Airport

The largest privately owned car rental company in Istanbul has a large amount of cars to choose from, whether you want something standard, something more luxurious, or something that is eco and gas-consumption friendly like a hybrid or a Smart car.

The prices range depending on the type of car you’re getting, but there is definitely something for everyone’s budget. The customer service is great and accommodating, as well as very responsive if you have any concerns.
Specials: Has some nice extra deals for ordering online, such as 10% off internet booking or 15% off internet booking for those in the military.

Best Car Rentals

Not as expensive as the luxury rental companies, but a bit more pricey than popular competition, you definitely get what you pay for with National Car Rental. With a wide selection of cars to choose from (standard and lovely imported cars galore) and great service that is very quick and accommodating, it’s hard to go wrong here.

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This popular rental car company holds some of the best deals you’ll find, although the service and car selection probably isn’t as great as the others. However, if you just need a car for a cheap price and don’t care about spending time hassling over which one you get, this is the perfect choice. The rental counter is located right at the terminal (with a shuttle to the parking lot) and open 24 hours, which makes this a most convenient choice.

A plethora of different coupons and specials are available on their website.

Car Rentals

A low-cost rental car service that also offers really fast, accomodating service, which is a major plus for any car rental company, nevertheless an airport one. There may not be a huge selection of cars you can choose from here (you generally need to take what you can get), but if you want bargains and quick service, then this is for you.

For those with a more luxurious taste, Beverly Hills Rental Car is an awesome choice – the premier place to have a rental car experience that’s as pleasurable as possible. This company offers everything from motorcycles to exotic sports cars, SUVs to huge trucks, and of course even standard vehicles. Hybrids are also available.

The service is as prestige as the types of vehicles and selection; you’re paying for luxury, and luxury service is exactly what you’re going to get.