Complete Guide To Indian Premier League Over The Years

Indian Premier League Over The Years

If you’re new to the IPL and want to learn everything you can about this popular sport, you should start by learning about the history and current teams of the Indian Premier League. The IPL began in 2003 and since then, it has grown into one of the largest global sports leagues. There are ten teams competing each year in IPL, split into two groups of five. Each team will play fourteen league games during the course of the tournament. They’ll play the teams within their group twice and four teams from the other pool. The fifth team will play each other twice.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

There are 10 teams competing in the 2018 IPL. These teams will be split into two groups of five, one each for home and away games. Each team will play a total of 14 league games, playing other teams in their group twice and the remaining four once. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams from each group will make it to the playoffs. 

For the ultimate in cricket, this is a must-read. While the game has undergone several ups and downs over the years, it has been a constant source of excitement for fans. Its popularity has grown to the point where it has become the biggest Twenty20 tournament in the world. But how does it all work? It’s not just a competition between teams; it’s an institution, and it attracts some of the world’s top players,  ipl winners list.

Mumbai Indians

If you are a cricket fan, you will love this complete guide to the Mumbai Indians team. The Mumbai Indians are the reigning IPL champions and are under pressure to repeat their triumph. After losing their season opener to Chennai, they focus on team bonding and a key injury leads to a comeback by an Australian newcomer. A crucial match against the Delhi Capitals in front of 21,000 underprivileged children in Mumbai also has a moving ending.

The season will include seven playoff matches and a Wankhede Stadium. All seven stadiums will be home to at least two league matches. In addition, there will be games in Pune and Brabourne. There will be a total of seven stadiums in each city. The 10 teams will play 14 league matches, with seven home matches and seven away games. Each team will play five opponents twice, and the other four teams will play two home and two away matches.

Delhi Daredevils

The IPL, or Indian Premier League, is a major cricket tournament in India. It is organized annually and is played between teams in the T20 format. Traditionally, the IPL runs from April to June. Ten teams will compete in the 2022 edition. The season starts with a round-robin tournament, during which each team plays the other four teams once and each team in the other group once. The top four teams advance to the playoffs.


The IPL is a global cricket tournament with a large fan base. In the past, the IPL has attracted international attention. For the first time, teams from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have been selected to play in the tournament. The Indian Premier League has spawned many successful international players. In addition to Shane Warne, the IPL has also produced many world-class bowlers like David Warner, Moeen Ali, and Brad Haddin.