Ethan Allen Furniture Store Located in Bayport, New York

Highly Recommend

When my husband and I moved into our new home we needed some new furniture. We wanted to make sure we purchased high quality products because this needed to last a long time. A friend of mine highly recommended the furniture store Ethan Allen. I wasn’t so sure about this because I had always heard that they were very expensive. But my husband wanted to check it out and see the quality of the furniture.

One Sunday afternoon we took our son to Ethan Allen to just browse. I always know that just browsing with my husband usually leads to purchasing. We wanted to furnish two rooms, the living room and the family room. As soon as we walked in we knew it was going to be a good shopping experience. My husband usually doesn’t like to talk the salespeople too soon. He likes to walk around and take it all in and then ask someone for help. We were able to do just that. We browsed by ourselves for a few minutes until we decided to ask the saleslady for some help. We explained what we were looking for and she answered our questions right away.

Highly Recommend

First of all the store is huge. It has a widespread collection from modern to traditional to pretty much any design you were looking for. We sat on all of the couches until we found the most comfortable one. We ended up purchasing a leather couch and chair with ottoman for our living room. We wanted a more formal look for this room. We also purchased end table to match. For the family room we wanted to go a bit more casual. We ended up purchasing a couch and love seat in a fabric called micro-suede that would clean up easily since we have two dogs, one cat, and a toddler. The saleslady also recommended buying two swivel chairs that we didn’t set out to get. At this point my son was tired and had about enough so we just agreed to all of the furniture.

Looking back now I think we bought too much stuff. We opened up an Ethan Allen credit card and was able to receive a promotional discount. We will be paying this furniture off for quite some time but it was definitely worth it. The quality is great. The leather has really held up well. The micro-suede does clean up very easily. Just a little water if you are able to catch the stain in time. The end tables are solid and sturdy. To clean them you just need a pledge wipe, so simple.

Ethan Allen Furniture

Overall our experience with Ethan Allen of Bayport located on the south service road of Sunrise Highway was a pleasant one. The saleslady even came to our home once we had purchased the furniture to make sure all of the dimensions would fit correctly. She then walked around our house and gave me some decorating ideas. I know she just wanted me to purchase some more items from the store but it still helped to hear someone else’s ideas. We haven’t one back only because I want to pay off the original purchases first. I almost forgot to mention that their delivery service also was wonderful. They called ahead of time and didn’t even get lost. They came in and set up the furniture for us. I even asked if they could move some of my old stuff into the basement and they said yes. They packed up their garbage neatly and didn’t leave any mess.

Ethan Allen – great quality and great service. Highly Recommend!

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

1. Do not overeat. Food is good but only to a certain amount. Eating the right amount of food is a very hard challenge. You need to educate yourself to eat the right food at the right time. Always think that you are eating for a purpose. It’s to fuel your body so you have energy to do what needs to be done. You are not eating to enjoy food; you are eating because you need food.

2. Exercise – Move. Moving will make you lose weight. Other people never like the thought of exercising. Think of something you like to do such as dancing, hiking, biking, martial arts, stretching. If you have a toddler, you have so many ways to exercise and enjoy at the same time. Play with your toddler and do the same thing they are doing, you will be surprise how it will work for you. It’s the best bonding moment too.

Lose Weight

3. Drink water- Water works wonder. Not just for weight loss but health wise in general. Ideally you need to drink half of your weight in pounds number of oz in water. Let’s say you weigh 140lbs, ideally you are supposed to drink 70oz of water a day or more but not more than 120oz, more helpful hints. Try to have a glass of water beside you every time and drink every hour or two hours. Keeps you hydrated and may help you not think of food as much.

4. Set a realistic goal and be consistent about reaching it. To avoid getting disappointed set a realistic goal. Remember that losing weight is a lifestyle change not a temporary. Do not feel obligated to lose weight very soon coz it will put a pressure on you. Make small changes every day and be consistent with it. The weight will started to lose when you started living the right way. Try not to concentrate with numbers or figures. Set your ideal weight but do not set when you want to be there, start your changes and be consistent with reaching it.

5. Be stable emotionally. Be happy. Sleep right. Sleeping has a big impact with your emotion. Trying to get a good amount of sleep every night will help you concentrate with your goal for the next day. If you feel light and bubbly, it’s very easy to be happy. Start your day with a morning prayer, meet yourself in the bathroom with a smile and have a very optimistic day ahead of you.

Now you get a paper and right a promise to yourself. First write your goal. Let’s say my goal is to reach my ideal weight of _______lbs. Do not set when you want to be at your ideal weight to avoid pressure so we can concentrate with it.

Next is making a list of good food you may eat without guilt such as your favorite fruits or vegetables. Make also list of your favorite food that you know you can only eat in moderation, or better make them your cheat food. A food you can eat when you’ve reach certain small goal. The idea is knowing the food you like so you can still enjoy eating.

Lastly make an appointment with yourself. Set 30 minutes every day to move or 1 ½ hours three times a week whichever is applicable to you. This is a time you allotted to meet your goal. Losing weight is a job you need to take seriously. Do something good to feel good about yourself. Everything will start in you. Be kind to yourself.

Soultravelers3 Take an Extended Vacation: The Challenges and Rewards of the Extended Family Vacation

In Part I of this interview, Jeanne talked about their decision to take a family sabbatical vacation and some of the benefits for their daughter. Here she discusses some of the unique challenges and amazing experiences from their travels.

Q: What is the hardest part of being on a lengthy sabbatical with a child?

What is the hardest part of being on a lengthy sabbatical with a child

There are very few downsides, that i can think of. Some people might not like the extended time together, day in and day out, but we thrive on it and it is one of the biggest benefits in our way of thinking since childhood passes so fast. We are especially grateful for the time our daughter has with her father and how much easier life is with a young child, when both parents are around full time.

We adults do not get to linger at museums the way we might if we were just a couple, more helpful hints, we find ways around this often by taking turns. Dealing with English books and her two musical instruments are probably the biggest challenges, but we have managed to find ways around that as well. We were really missing English libraries, but then went to Ireland, UK and Scandinavia this year where we went to many and got our fill again! We also love online libraries which helps so much in non-English speaking countries.

Being away from relatives and friends is a downside, although we have found we are even closer now with our blog and talk almost daily with family via the internet and through free webcam calls using Skype. We also use Skype for her piano lessons even though her teacher is on another continent.

Our child is very outgoing and makes friends almost instantly with people of every age and despite language differences. Still, I do think a consistency and time for building solid friendships is important. That is why we travel for 6 or 7 months and remain in one area for 5 or 6 months. I just made this system up, but it works really well.

Q: What is your favorite memory of your travels?

What is your favorite memory of your travels

There are so very many favorite memories that it is very hard to pick one. I guess it would have to be our unnique expereince in the Sahara. Our 6 year old daughter rode into the orange dunes of the Sahara on a camel to play a violin for 60 Berber nomad children who had never seen a violin and live without running water. They were so excited by her visit and were clapping and singing French songs as she arrived.It was like a scene out of a movie and here we are just an ordinary family. They all loved playing together afterwards in the nearby oasis and we bought a nutritious snack for all of them.

The people there were so special and the Sahara is exceedingly beautiful, so that added to our overnight camel trek into the Sahara had to be our most cherished memory. We enjoyed getting to know a Berber family, visiting their house made from the earth and watching how they bake their bread in a community oven. The people live on almost nothing, but are so generous and pure hearted.

Q: What Advice Would You Give Others who would like to go on an extended travel experience such as yours?

Go for it, you will never regret it. Time flies by so fast with children, start saving and planning now for a trip of a lifetime. It is much easier and less expensive than most people realize. We live large on only 25, 000 dollars a year, despite spending most of our time so far in “expensive” Europe. If there is a will, there is a way. We found that travel is not really expensive, maintaining stuff is.

We love traveling by RV and renting places by the month off season, which really saves money.We actually live on much less traveling the world than we did living at home. We have lots of how-to information on our website and I encourage you to read all the information out there on taking sabbaticals and doing extended travel.

Q: What was Your Favorite Destination so far?

Gee, that is such a hard question because we have been to so many places that we have just loved that i do not think I could narrow it down to just one. Can I pick a few favorite destinations? We have become very attached to Spain since we have spent the most time there, speak the language and it is such a beautiful and diverse country with a culture that is nurturing for families. We adore all the festivals too and might even eventually settle down someday in Spain.

What was Your Favorite Destination so far

We also loved Croatia, Santorini, Capaddocia, much of France and Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Morocco. If I have to pick just one, I would have to say our experience in the Sahara and Fez in Morocco. We love the luxury, comfort and beauty of France, italy and Sweden, but the exotic travel in Morocco and Turkey was so thrilling that we want to do more of that! We had no idea that exotic travel could be so wonderful and educational for families.

Bulova Desk Clocks

Bulova desk clocks make the ideal accessory. Whether you are a well-established CEO, or have just moved out of the mailroom, a good desk clock is a workplace necessity. Why not make it a nice one?

Anyone with an office job can appreciate the importance of having your own workspace. Even if it is small, having a place that is your own is important, both for productivity and comfort. When you get that desk of your own, a setting it up with items that make you feel at home is a critical first step.

Bulova Desk Clocks for the Workplace

Bulova Desk Clocks for the Workplace

Now, people vary in terms of their comfort expressing themselves in the workplace. Some will adorn their desk with pictures of loved ones, potted plants, or pithy sayings. Others prefer a more minimalist approach, favoring only a coffee cup and pencil holder. However, everyone needs a desk clock.

If you are going to invest in a desk clock, you might as well make it something you will hold on to for a while. Bulova desk clocks are ideal for the workplace because they reflect both good taste and professionalism. Better still, Bulova desk clocks will stand the test of time, reliably ticking while you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Bulova Gold Watches

Bulova gold watches are the traditional choice for those who want an upscale timepiece, without the flash of diamonds or jewels. Elegant and understated, they are still prestige pieces that are sure to attract the admiration and envy of your peers. Further, their sleek design means that they can be worn in all sorts of settings.

Diamonds are, of course, a perennial favorite when it comes to luxury watches. However, a significant difficulty rests in the fact that you can’t wear diamond gold watches everywhere. There are some settings where they are out of place or simply unsafe.

Bulova Gold Watches for All Occasions

Bulova Gold Watches for All Occasions

At the same time, when you spend a lot of money on a timepiece, you’d like to get as much mileage out of it as possible. You should be able to wear your watch at gala events, PTA meetings, and sporting events without thinking twice. With Bulova gold watches, you can do just that. The beauty of gold watches is their versatility. Discerning customers purchase Bulova gold watches knowing that they are investments that will get more than their share of use. When viewed from this perspective, many would suggest that the prices you pay are, in fact, quite reasonable.

Lose Weight – the 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

I am a distance runner, yet still had issues with maintaining weight. I fell into a mindset shared by many; if I worked out a lot I didn’t have to worry about what and how I ate. Nothing could be further from the truth! Active or not, below are 10 lifestyle changes that have made all the difference for me in losing and maintaining weight also see details.

1. Eat smaller meals but more frequently through the day. Each time you eat you fire up the furnace, so to speak, you burn more calories. It’s a way of revving up metabolism.

2. Cut back on carbohydrates and eat more protein, fruits, and vegetables. You can load your plate with the right foods, achieve that “full” feeling (protein stays with you longer), and not come away feeling cheated by small portions. Carbohydrates that aren’t burned in activity get stored by the body as fat.

Lose Weight

3. Move! Walk, run, bike, garden, take the steps rather than the elevator, swim, anything that gets you up and moving. And don’t allow your exercise to be your only attempt at weight loss. Exercise is not enough. Let me say that again…EXERCISE IS NOT ENOUGH! Many people adopt an exercise routine and then reward themselves with treats, which negate all that they did. Keep in mind when you eat that Oreo cookie it will require almost a mile on the treadmill. Is it worth it?

4. At the same time, don’t cut yourself off from all the foods you love. Anything in moderation. You are not on a “diet”: A diet is a temporary plan. Lasting weight loss requires a commitment to a lifestyle change. Who wants (or who can) forego ice cream for a lifetime? Really, you don’t have to. Just don’t make it an every day occurrence.

5. Drink more water. Drink an eight ounce glass before a meal to help you feel full faster. Water cleanses our insides, helping us flush waste products. Many of us don’t drink enough.

6. Avoid yo-yo dieting. “Diet” should not be in your vocabulary. A common mistake is to fast, wanting quick results, only to gain everything back and then some when we start eating again. We train our body to conserve when we fast. Yo-yo dieters eventually find themselves unable to lose weight, even when they cut back, because the body has been trained to hold on to what it takes in.

Best Ways to Lose Weight

7. Buy good foods and have them available for snacking. If there are no cookies in the house it’s hard to eat them. If there are cleaned fruits or veggies on hand, that is what you will reach for. And once you get in the habit of snacking on those you learn to love them and crave them rather than the starchy, sweet snacks you once craved.

8. Avoid processed foods. Most have the preservatives, starches, and carbohydrates that will sabotage your goals. Eat fresh!

9. Eat off a plate rather than from a container. Watch portion sizes by reading labels. It’s so easy to forget how much has been eaten when you snack directly from the package.

10. Limit alcohol. It’s full of calories, dehydrating, and lowers metabolism. Drinking alcohol usually is accompanied by some sort of noshing, too. Double whammy! Have that occasional glass of wine or beer but remember, liquids count as calories.

Follow these basic, easy, common-sense habits and you will be amazed at the results. I can attest to their success and know you will be successful, as well. To your health!

Neck Pain, Painkillers and your Mercedes Car

When it comes to neck pain or any pain for that matter and you go to see your doctor he will normally spend an hour or so with you. He will give you some massage for about twenty minutes, heat packs to ease muscular tension, talk to you about your posture and the effect it has on neck pain, show you how to do some self myofacial release techniques to ease neck pain and give you a whole host of other information about how you can remove the causes of your neck pain to help you become Pain free.

Yeah right.

If you are reading this and have seen a doctor for your neck pain I will almost guarantee you that this is how your visit site:

You walk in and waited for what seemed like eternity, you finally finish waiting and get out of the ‘waiting room’ because its now your chance to see the doctor. Sure, its now 30 minutes later than your scheduled appointment but that’s what is considered normal when seeing a doctor. You have to wait. The you see the doctor, he may press around your neck somewhat for a few moments, tell you that you have lots of tension and you are given a long list of drugs to take, muscle relaxants, pain killers and anti inflammatories. You are told to see how that goes and if you are no better you will be then prescribed stronger pain killers, perhaps now steroidal ones and maybe even some new ‘nerve healing’ drugs whether you have nerve impingement or not.

If that doesn’t work, then you will probably be recommended to see an orthopaedic surgeon who will ask for an xray or, if you have good insurance or look like you can afford it, schedule an MRI to see whats going on. The problem with getting an MRI or an xray is that it can show degenerative changes and/or disc bulges but this too does not mean that your pain is coming from these structures. You could have a MRI and it shows disc bulges at C6-7(for example) and he recommends that you have surgery( with him of course) when the pain is coming from several trigger points in your sub occipital muscles- a few good trigger point sessions with a good myofacial therapist  and corrective postural advice would have been your answer instead of surgery.

In fact, 95% of people over the age of 60 have degenerative changes in their necks. Its simply wear and tear which may or may not be causing you pain-and more often than not is not causing your pain. When you look at the major cause of neck pain on any website you will see consistently that the major cause is postural-this should immediately give you a heads up to your pain. the first question I would have for you is ‘is your pain worse when you are at the computer or driving or reading?’ If the answer is yes to any of these I would immediately start looking at fixing your posture to help ease your pain.

But lets take a look at what you are doing when you take painkillers to help your pain.

If you have pain coming from poor posture(the most common cause) which is straining your ligaments, pushing your discs against nerves and causing chronic muscular pain and tension what is a pain killer doing to help this?


Is a Pain Killer Getting to the Cause of your problems?

Is a Pain Killer Getting to the Cause of your problems

No. in fact, its allowing you to get away with your bad habits which is making your problems worse in the long run. The same goes for those of you who suffer from lower back pain. if your lower back pain is caused from sitting badly in your  chair at the computer and/or lifting badly then taking a pain killer is just allowing you to mask the bad habits and is setting you up for a big injury.

Pain is your warning system that something is wrong!

And what are you doing to your body’s natural warning system that is there to help you?

Deadening it.

I don’t know about you but I think this is just a little bit STUPID!!!!

Think About this for a Moment:

You are driving along in your nice Mercedes car and your oil light comes on whilst you are driving. You know that the oil light coming on is your cars way of telling you that the engine has a problem-it’s the cars warning system so that you don’t do major damage to your engine which will cost you thousands more if you don’t do something about it. So what do you do?

 Of course you go to a mechanic to see what is wrong. However, your mechanic says he will tape some masking tape over the oil light on the dash board so that you can no longer see the light anymore. He tells you to come back in two weeks if you still have a problem.

Now, you may not know much about mechanics and cars but you do know that putting masking tape over the oil light so that you can no longer see the light has not fixed the problem and that you will still have this problem in two weeks. You also know that if it doesn’t get fixed properly( by fixing the cause) you will do some major damage to your engine. This will then cost you thousands!


Anyone See a Pattern Emerging Here?

But wait I hear you cry, my car is worth thousands of dollars and I wouldn’t put it at risk. It cost me a lot of money I hear you say and you wouldn’t be that stupid I hear you tell me. Hmm..ever wondered just how much you have spent on your body over the years? Food, clothing, education, health-shall I go on?

Anyone See a Pattern Emerging Here

Your body is the most sophisticated, most expensive thing you own. And you are happy to just tape over your body’s oil light time and time again by taking pain killers and hoping that the pain will go away. There is a much better way.

Remove the causes of your pain. Fix the problem rather than masking the symptoms. For this you need to know what is causing your pain first and foremost rather than guessing and hoping right? Right. For more on this read these articles to become more aware of how to fix your own pain.

Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement Review

A similarity Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement shares with many other supplements is its foul taste, something VPX isn’t about to apologize anytime soon, nor is there need to because it still gets the job done. Bear in mind Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement does not cater to every consumer type and only meant for those of steel resolve.

Fat Burning Supplement

Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement is more geared towards people of active lifestyles, such as athletes and others of the like, who wish to keep their bodies in pristine shape year round. Its purpose is more that of a weight maintainer and allowing for the desired single digit body fat of the elite achievers. Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement does share a likeness with Meltdown in regards to ingredients used fat dissolving characteristics, clicking here though it does take an edge over it by adding a few new fat burning compounds.

I came across this fat burning supplement a few months after giving birth to my daughter and since then I have been telling everyone about the Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement. In less than a week of using the product I found that I lost three pounds and in less than a month I lost a total of twelve pounds without having to starve myself during the process of taking this supplement.

Not only did I just lose weight I ended up encountering the other science proven benefits that came with using this fat burning supplement such as; clearer mental focus ability and a boost of energy that was sure to keep any single mom up on her feet all day to get things done.

The best way to take this product would be to measure out 3ml after you have taken the time to shake the product up. Once you have measured out the Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement it is then time to swallow the product and suck up to the taste, since it has a horrible taste.

Liquid Clenbutrx

The reason why so many people avoid this product would be the taste, but it is very effective and will always get the job done. All you have to do is take the product twice a day to get the best results and never take more than 5.5 ml for any reason. Also the Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Fat Burning Supplement has been proven to help speed up metabolism when taken once daily and many studies have proven it can help keep fat off the body.

Kingdom Come Review: Commentary on Themes From DC Comic’s Elseworlds Graphic Novel

Kingdom Come is a landmark story that depicts a bleak future for DC Comic’s characters. Published in 1996, Alex Ross conceived and painted the book with Mark Waid serving as writer. Yes, painted: The realistic characters and luminous hues shows how much of this project was a labor of love. At the same time, Kingdom Come may work better as a vision and visual than as a narrative.

Graphic Novel Synopsis

Graphic Novel Synopsis

Kingdom Come takes place in a future where a new crop of heroes takes the place of the old guard. However, the new blood fight crime without any concern for morals or public safety. The early heroes retreat to their fantastical ivory towers, and even Superman isolates himself in a farmland. But when a group of heroes cause a nuclear-level accident, Superman and company return to teach the new generation some values.

Meanwhile, priest Norman McCay experiences visions of an apocalypse caused by superheroes. He is taken by The Spectre, God’s Spirit of Vengeance, to witness the events that lead to this catastrophe, from Superman’s group to an alliance led by Batman to Lex Luthor and his cabal supported by Captain Marvel. Norman serves as the reader’s point of view and as the creators’ voice on the story’s events.

Painting a Vision

Ross is best known for painting realistic versions of superheroes, and Kingdom Come is what happens when Ross goes beyond the cover and paints the entire comic. The characters have supple expressions enhanced by the wrinkles and grays of old age, and each panel carries more weight than a single page of most comic books.

Lighting is also a major factor of the presentation. Contrasts between light and dark become more apparent, from the glow of Norman in the darkness of The Spectre’s realm to Wonder Woman’s golden armor against the fire and death of the climatic battleground. It’s a longer process than conventional drawing, but visually Kingdom Come is unlike any other comic book.

Making Statements

Kingdom Come is a reaction to the grittier heroes and elements that have been the norm for comic books since Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Dressed in stereotypical armor and leather, the new heroes are power-hungry jerks. By contrast the old guard are redesigned to look authoritative, such as Superman with the yellow in his symbol replaced by a remorseful black or Green Lantern in emerald armor instead of spandex.

The book’s other theme is how the people view superheroes as gods. The novel is strewn with biblical passages, and each chapter opens up with murky images foreshadowing the apocalyptic conclusion. The use of painting instead of line drawings and the POV device of a priest speaking to someone who works for God contribute to the grandeur given to the DC heroes. While the superheroes-as-gods concept can be pretentious for some readers, Kingdom Come revels in it even as it distances itself in the end.

Superhero Seniority

Superhero Seniority

However, while Ross and Waid are adept at creating these themes and the world, Kingdom Come doesn’t provide a solution of how to deal with the new heroes. The young heroes are straw men pushed around by Superman using means as silly as lecturing them at their club to something that’s definitely outside of The Man of Steel’s character. Not even Magog, the reason for Superman’s retreat from public life, proves to be a credible threat, article source.

With no new character strong enough to counter Superman’s team, the story devolves into pre-established characters battling each other. The climatic war is an excuse for Superman and Captain Marvel to fight, and the conclusion is an attempt to shut Pandora’s Box that doesn’t give hope to new heroes in a genre dominated by characters created before the 60s.

Continuity and Impact

While Kingdom Come was not part of DC’s official continuity at first, the book has taken a larger presence in the company and characters like Magog and the book’s darker version of Superman are now regulars in the company’s titles. Kingdom Come might not have the best answers for the questions it asks, but as an exploration of ideas and visual storytelling it remains a distinctive take on DC’s superheroes.

Building Bootable USB: Discern Why It Is Important

Is there anybody who would disagree when I say that computer is an ultimate invention? I bet none because this technology is now a way of life for almost every individual. It seems that we could not subsist a day without tapping the PC keyboard or clicking the mouse. There are a lot of people who are like me whose one of the first activities in the morning is to turn on the computer to check the e-mails or at least the latest news at Yahoo. But, how would you feel when turning on your PC’s power, the PC would not come alive – it would not boot. This means you cannot open your files or you cannot log on the internet.

So what do you do when your computer fails to boot? The untoward thing is that you do not have a back-up for your files. You do not even have an emergency CD with an OS. The worst thing is when your laptop or your netbook does not have a CD drive. In this scenario, say adieu to your data for you cannot access them unless you are able to boot your computer.

If you have a bootable USB flash drive, then you would not be so frantic when your PC would not boot. Your bootable USB will be able to work because of the Window-based operating system in this tiny USB.

What bootable USB is

What bootable USB is

You were saved by your bootable USB; you will be able to work with your computer. But what exactly do you understand when you think of bootable? This is from the word “boot” which simply means to start. So – your bootable USB is you device that will enable you to start up your computer even if the built-in operating system fails to work.

The importance of bootable USB flash drive

Perhaps you can consider the bootable USB flash drive as one other magnificent invention relative to the use of the computer. If you would recall, the USB had taken the place of floppy disks or CDs as computer data storage. The bootable flash drive became more important than the bootable CDs that were used some decades ago. Although they performed the same function, the bootable USB offers some useful and important features – portability, faster speed and reusable features.

The bootable USB flash drive is very compact and small making it very portable. You can easily put it inside your pocket or safely stash it inside your small purse unlike the CD that would require more space and protection. The bootable USB is less fragile. This is easier to carry along making it very convenient to carry an operating system anywhere you go – as a stand-by OS in the event that your computer would not boot.

The computer can read the bootable flash drive faster than the CD which makes your computer start almost instantly. This then will require less time for the installation of your operating system and eventual start of your computer task.

Your USB is reusable wherein you are able to change the data it boots into. When you want the drive to contain newer data, a new bootable USB with different OS, you can just replace the previous content with new data.

Building bootable USB – the requirements

You do not need to be an expert computer technician to be able to build your reliable bootable USB flash drive. One major requirement is for your computer or laptop to have a USB port. To start building the bootable USB, you need to first format your USB flash drive, just like what you need to do with your CD. Next, you can create your bootable USB through the use of Windows command line. There are OS builders who would prefer using graphical user interface or GUI which is easier to use.

The bootable USB is a saving device which you can use when your computer would not boot through its installed or built-in OS. There are some necessary requirements to be able to build your bootable USB. And – it is paramount that you have this emergency device which is better to use than the bootable CD.

Company Invents USB Stick that Removes All Viruses

A company calling itself FixMeStick has announced a product of the same name that it claims can clean a computer of every virus simply by plugging it in and rebooting. UberGizmo says the new device appears to be the best product available to consumers and Net.Security says the new stick uses software from several well known vendors to perform its tricks, including some that up till now have only been available to computer security firms. Mail Online says it’s better than any other produce they’ve seen.

USB Stick that Removes All Viruses

The trouble with most anti-virus software, UberGizmo says, is that while most of them are pretty good at detecting viruses and preventing them from attacking a computer, very few if any of the commercial products score very well when tested to see how well they get rid of viruses that do manage to make it past the security measures in place. That’s why consumers need something like the FixMeStick, because it does what it does very cleanly without the user having to know or understand anything regarding viruses and other malware software, see details.

Net.Security explains that from the user’s perspective, all they have to do is plug the tiny device into any USB port on their computer. After a moment, they’ll get a message telling them that the FixMeStick is recognized and is ready to get started. Users are prompted to close all other applications and then allow FixMeStick to reboot their computer. Also, because the analysis and fixing can take several hours, users are advised to set aside an appropriate time for the device to do its work. Most would likely choose to do so overnight when the computer is not normally in use anyway.

Once the FixMeStick starts its work, it cannot be interrupted. It runs the various routines embedded on it after actually booting to the stick rather than the hard drive, ensuring that no malware can interfere with its processes. And because it’s a pure hardware device that doesn’t rely on any information being saved to it, it’s impossible for it be infected itself.

Mail Online reports that some test cases have reported that the little device sometimes is a little overzealous in relegating files to quarantine status. Doing so causes them to be unusable by the system until a human being verifies that they are safe for use. Thus, some have found that when some operating system files became quarantined, their computer wouldn’t boot until they went through and okay’d the files that were displayed on the screen as possibly infected. The problem of course as that the human person looking at them had no way of knowing if they were actually safe or not, so they simply agreed to allow them to be used without knowing if doing so caused their computer to become re-infected with something.