A.O. Smith DRE-120-6 Commercial Tank Type Water Heater — Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

A.O. smith DRE-120-6 offers good performance. The commercial water heater has the best standards which help in improving the efficiency when in operation. A.O. Smith products are made using the latest technology. Their electric commercial lines come with innovative designs. It is important to know that the heaters provide maximum performance even in harsh waters. They have been provided with several features that ensure they perform effectively. One of the features provided is control system. Some heater models are provided with gold elements. One thing that you should know about the drain water heat recover. It has been made with quality materials that make it to last for long.

There are several features that are provided in the electric water heater. The features include:

the electric water heater
  • The DRE model has been provided with gold elements. The gold elements are beneficial. This is because they increase the longevity of the heater. The main advantage of the element is that it provides scaling resistance. There is more surface provided that helps in quick heating of the water. The model that is provided with gold elements comes with a warranty period of one year. The warranty is provided against building up of lime scale. During the warranty period, if the heater fails, you will be provided with free maintenance and repair service.
  • Another feature provided is the glass line tank. The internal area of the commercial tank water heater is coated using glass which is manufactured by A.O. Smith. This coating helps in reducing heat loss. In addition, the coating is resistant against vermin.
  • There is another feature that has been provided which helps in protection of internal circuits, thermostats and elements from excess flow of current. This feature is known as the fusing. A.O. smith DRE-120-6 meets the requirement of national electric code.
  • The heater has been installed with a terminal block
  • There are different controls that are provided. There is a temperature control whose range is from 1200 to 1800 Fahrenheit. Thermostat control is achieved through variation of temperature settings. For quick access, thermostat location is near hinge control
  • There are thermostats which are mounted on the surface
  • The circuits are color coded which enhance simple service
  • In order to ensure that there is maximum protection against corrosion, the electric water heater has been provided with anode rods.
  • Finally, a drain valve has been provided which is made using brass.