Hot Ladies’ Watches and Luxury Designer Watches for Women

Hot Ladies' Watches and Luxury Designer Watches for Women

It’s almost impossible to say which watches are the best or the cutest because there are so many price ranges and all women and girls have their own favorite looks. Also, there are cuffs, bracelet watches, leather straps, diamonds, crystals, ceramics, 18k gold watches, large sporty boyfriend watches, and that doesn’t even get into the different price ranges.

So, here are the coolest wristwatches that a London fashionista thinks are best. And, she covers all price points. I’m sure this will give you some ideas. And, people in The States should remember that stores in the UK and Europe are very fashion forward compared to most US counterparts, so you will be ahead of the curve if you follow their lead.

The 10 Best Women’s Watches

The 10 Best Women’s Watches

Here is the list from Harriet Walker in her article “The Ten Best Women’s Watches” at the online version of The Independent of London:

  1. Breil Globe from Milan: Breil’s Tribe Watch is a cross between a metallic watch and a sporty watch. (£180) When I looked this up, I found a similar style sold in the US, with a steel bezel plated in trendy rose gold and a leather strap, called the Breil Women’s Chronograph or the Breil Milano Watch Chronograph. ($720 at and other sites.)
  2. Dior’s La Mini D de Dior: This is a cute mini version of the beautiful La D de Dior, with diamonds and patent strap. It’s gorgeous and worth the money. (£1,550, converts today to $2480.77)
  3. Longines Conquest Chronograph with ceramic bezel and stainless steel bracelet. (£1,700) The closest thing that I see in The States is the Longines HydroConquest Stainless Steel & Diamond Women’s Watch. It is very similar and less expensive. ($1,789.99)
  4. Chanel J12 Marine: This style has a soft rubber strap. (Around $5,000). Ms Walker likes the white. All of them are hip, view website.
  5. Cartier Tank Française in 18k gold: This is subtly chic and luxurious. (£11,500, I have seen steep discounts on US sites.)
  6. Hip Hop Watches: Hip Hop is a London street-style watch made of rubbery material. The face can be clicked into different colored straps. Nice design. (£24.99, € 29,00, around $40 in US) You may need to buy this from a European or UK site. Cool watch that no one else will be wearing.)
  7. Red Herring Neon Watch from About $26, but look online for more of their goodies. Debenhams has US delivery for £7.
  8. Omega Constellation: Omega’s best-selling stainless steel (also gold) watch comes with a white mother of pearl dial. This is an elegant classic that looks good on everyone. (£1,480, $4,300) Check for sales, but don’t be fooled into buying a crummy replica.
  9. Asos in Rose Gold: Ms Walker likes this as a “nostalgic-looking, quirky alternative” at a great price. Funny, I see this oversized watch as a fashion-forward piece that’s cool to the max. (£20, $45)
  10. Swatch Watches: Swatches are great for budget fashionistas. I have loved these plastic timepieces since the 80s. Swatch designs change all the time. If you’re rich, find an old collector’s Swatch. (£29.50, $50)

I love Ms. Walker’s choices. I would add Michelle, Betsey Johnson, and TechnoMarine watches to the list, but Harriet Walker has put together an impressive set of timeless timepieces. There are many more brands of elegant and trendy watches but the list could fill a small book. If this is a gift, try to decide if your girl is hip or classic or both.