How to Clean and Maintain Your Airphysio Device

How to Clean and Maintain Your Airphysio Device

Airphysio devices are one of the most innovative pieces of equipment for improving your breathing. However, after a while, you need to know how to clean these machines. Airphysio is not like other home appliances it needs to be cleaned with specific cleaning agents and using certain techniques. If you don’t know how to clean your Airphysio, this article will teach you everything you need to know!

What is AirPhysio?

What is AirPhysio

AirPhysio is a device that improves the breathing of individuals with respiratory or pulmonary conditions. It can be fitted with masks, hoods and pillows to provide a more comfortable breath.

There are four main components of the AirPhysio: A compressor, A fan, A flow meter and valves. The compressor is what provides the airflow for patients to breathe, while the fan’s main function is to evenly distribute the air into particle form. The valve determines how much air is coming in from the compressor, and lastly, the flow meter measures how much air has been released from the device.

Why Should I Clean My AirPhysio?

Your AirPhysio device can be heavily contaminated. It has been found that people who use an AirPhysio device inhale three times as much bacteria, viruses, and mold as those who don’t. When you clean your Airphysio device professionally with a service company, you can avoid these problems. It is always good to have the right tools to avoid any damage.

How Often Should I Clean My Airphysio?

It is good to have your Airphysio cleaned every 4-6 months. If you are using it for respiratory therapy, more frequent cleaning will be required. Consult your service provider for specific recommendations.

How do I clean my AirPhysio?

First, you will need to make sure the AirPhysio is not plugged in before you do anything. Next, remove all the covers from your AirPhysio and wipe it down with a damp cloth that has a small amount of mild dish soap in it. The soap should be about 1 drop per 10mls of water in order to be effective. Then rinse the cover off thoroughly and let them air dry. It is important to clean your AirPhysio because airflow can become restricted if there is buildup on any of the components such as the fan blades or filters.

Maintaining Your Airphysio

As long as your machine stays clean, there isn’t any reason for scheduled maintenance apart from replacing parts such as the filters. If the machine breaks, then you will need to contact your company for warranty or repairs. You can prevent breakage by making sure that the machine is not knocked around and treated with care and respect! If you follow these simple instructions, your Airphysio device should last a long time!


Airphysio devices are innovative pieces of equipment for improving your breathing, but they need to be cleaned regularly.  Although it might be tempting to clean your Airphysio device as you would any other appliance, the manufacturers warn against using cleaning agents that contain alcohol or ammonia. When cleaning Airphysio, never submerge your device in water or use a steam cleaner on it. Read this article on how to clean and maintain your AirPhysio device!