How To Clean Ears With Ear Cleaner?

How To Clean Ears With Ear Cleaner

Ears are one of the most important sense organs in the human body. It is important to take care of your ears since it is the most sensible organ as well. Most people think that the presence of a yellow sticky substance in-ear is called dirt and it should be cleaned regularly. But actually it’s not, it’s just a protective layer for your ear from various infections, dirt and any kind of insert. Once it has done its function, the yellow substance is moved to the outer layer of your ear and it should be removed and cleaned occasionally. But before cleaning out your ear you need to know some important things.

How to Clean Your Ears?

How to Clean Your Ears

The yellow substance formed in the ear is called earwax, and it has a self-cleaning property and once it has visible to the outer ear, cleaning is needed at that time. Most people do not need to clean their ears. Sometimes the wax formed can affect your ear by causing any pain or discomfort and affect your hearing then it needs to be cleaned properly.

Things to Avoid while Cleaning

Many people use a cotton swab to clean the earwax, but it’s actually not a good practice. It is because while using a cotton swab, with the pressure on the tip, the ear wax may move to the inner ear and it may affect the eardrum and causes severe pain in your ear and may lead to loss of hearing also.

Also, some people use a safety pin, normal pins, or any other sharp objects to clean the ear. But it is completely wrong, the sharp objects directly affect the inner layer of ear and the eardrum which may lead to some severe issues.

If you are having any pain or discomfort in your ear, then you should not clean by yourself. You need to visit and consult a good ENT before it going to a serious problem.

Best Practices to Ear Cleaning

Removing your earwax by consulting your doctor is the first method. If you are willing to do ear cleaning on your own, then you can follow some of the best and safest practices. Read more here to know the important and best methods to clean the ear.

Damp Cotton Cloth

Even though the cotton swab is not the safest method to follow, you can clean only the outer layer of the ear with the cotton swab or you can use a wet cloth to remove the dirty substance in the outer ear.

Ear Cleaner

Ear Cleaner

Ear cleaner is the best and safest method to clean ears. Due to its user-friendly design, it can be used for all age group people. A small spiral-shaped head is attached to the ear cleaner tool. Need to insert the tool carefully inside the ear, since the tip of the tool is very soft it won’t cause any damage to the ear. By just turning the spiral head, it starts to rotate inside the ear and it absorbs all the ear wax thoroughly and cleaned.