How to Identify the Raw Crystals?


The crystals are the find from the rocks because any rocks have the crystals within their surface. The crystals vary in size and shape; this can easily be modified to different shapes for your use. But the crystals may have adulteration in it, but all the crystal sellers and buyers are want to get the pure crystals. This adulteration may occur for their profit but this is not a good way. There are plenty of ways to find or test the crystals is this pure crystal or the adulterated crystal. The streak tester is a surface like tiles this will be used to find the fake crystal to identify the original crystals.

How to Test or Identify the Raw Crystal By Using The Streak Tester

How to Test or Identify the Raw Crystal By Using The Streak Tester?

Streak test is some kind of plate; this will be flat in appearance. Place this streak test on the table or any flat surface to test the crystal. The streak test is some kind of process that will help to measure the size, find the color of the stone, and the shape of the crystal. Some crystals or not pure in color and quality there are some adulteration process made on the crystals. To identify the unpolished, quality, unadulterated, raw crystal uses this streak tester. The streak tester is used to identify the exact color and quality crystal. Almost all the rocks, crystals, gold is made from the minerals.

These kinds of high valued materials are mining from the ground to get the better quality crystals. After that mining process is done, the crystals or other materials carry out to make the different kinds of jewels. From that time the intermediaries reduce the quality of the crystal to get high profit. The streak tester is used to reduce those kinds of issues, also used to get the quality and raw crystals. After placing the streak tester on the flat surface wash the crystal and swipe on the streak tester. And there are some catalogs available to identify the quality or adulterated or contamination process is made on the crystal. After swiping the crystal compare the color of the crystal with that catalog and get a conclusion from that. There are plenty of designs in raw crystals for sale that are available in the market.

Steps to Measure the Raw Crystal

Steps to Measure the Raw Crystal

Almost all the rocks, crystals, and gold are made of minerals. These minerals are collected using the mining process inside the ground. The learning basic process of crystal and mineral identification is easy. All you need are some simple tools like a magnet, streak tester, magnifying glass, and your powers of careful observation. You just prepare a pen and pencil to notice the measurement of the minerals called crystals. All the minerals and crystals are not the same so the testing process is so important to get clarification. Pick a crystal wash it and place it on the tool which has, observed the crystals to get the exact measurement.