How to Put Grease In a Grease Gun?


If you try to accept the truth, grease guns are used to provide lubricant to the moving mechanical parts. Grease guns can become an essential tool when you talk about top garages and machine shops. Lubrication is a very important process for the mechanical parts to improve their overall service life. It would be easy to avoid abrasions if you are properly lubricating the moving mechanical parts. Overall, there are plenty of benefits mechanical parts get through the lubrication process.

Somehow, you can understand the worth of lubricating the moving mechanical parts with a grease gun. It can be challenging for you to learn how you should load a grease gun. It does not matter if you have a reservoir-style gun or a cartridge-style grease gun, loading a grease gun is always difficult. To learn how to load a grease gun, you can go to the following paragraphs right now without any doubt:

Easy Steps to Put Grease In a Grease Gun

Easy Steps to Put Grease In a Grease Gun

So far, you have collected basic details about a grease gun and its importance.  Using a grease gun can become one of the top ways to lubricate the moving mechanical parts. However, you can get in touch with plenty of problems due to a lack of knowledge about putting grease in a grease gun. If you want to avoid further problems while putting grease in your grease gun, here are the steps you need to follow:

Untie The Head Of Grease Guns

If you have to load a grease gun quite carefully, make sure you will untie the head of the grease guns. While loosening the head of the grease gun, make sure and think about not slip out.

Lock The Plungers

Once you pull back the plunger of your grease gun, you have to lock it carefully. You can take a look at the notch located at the end of your grease gun for locking the plunger rod.

Remove the Head & Push Empty Cartridges

This is a very important step you need to understand while loading your grease gun. You have to remove the head and push out the empty cartridge from the plunger. You should not apply too much force just to unscrew the head.

Remove the Plastic Cap From New Grease Cartridge

Now, can move to the new grease cartridge you have purchased from the market. Here, you have to remove the plastic cap from the new bridge cartridge to fill it into your empty cartridge.

Install New Cartridge to Grease Gun

In this step, you have to install the new grease cartridge in the grease gun. While installing the new grease, ensure to stabilize the grease gun to avoid any inconvenience. Once after following this step, you have to remove the metal tab without applying excessive force.

Place Head Back On The Grease Gun

After installing the new cartridge to your grease gun, you have to place the head back on the grease gun cautiously. If you have successfully place the head back on the grease gun, you can push the plunger back into the gun.  

Fasten the Head of Grease Guns Back

Fasten the Head of Grease Guns Back

While learning how to load a grease gun,make sure you will complete the entire procedure by fastening the head of grease gun back. This will be the last step you have to recall for putting grease in your grease gun.

Now, you only need to follow the mentioned above steps carefully for loading your grease gun without any expert support and assistance. If you cannot to put grease in your gun with these steps, you can reunderstand the step without any doubt.