Learn the Various Ways To Earn Blue Essence In Lol

how you get blue essence in LoL

If you are a great fan of video games and haven’t played LoL, then you are losing out a lot. It is really important that you try playing this game because your life would be changed. If you get free time every day in which you want to get relaxed, then playing League of Legends can be a great option. When you want to get ahead of the other players, you can purchase various items for your champion. Whenever you want to purchase anything in League of Legends, then you just need to have Blue Essence.

With the help of blue essence, your gaming experience would be improved to the next level and that’s why there are a lot of people who decide to collect blue essence while playing the game, see more. If you are beginner, they might not be known with the blue essence but you can ask it to the experienced players or you can find out about it when you are playing the game. Make sure that whenever you get the chance to collect it, you should never leave that precious chance.

What Is The Blue Essence?

First of all, you need to know a little bit about blue essence and then you can learn how you get blue essence in LoL. Blue essence is a kind of currency in LoL which can let you buy various items in this game. Whether you want to get champion shards you want to get champion capsules, you can definitely get it by playing LoL. If you are able to get a hand on Blue essence stash, then you can spend it on your champions. It is represented by the blue shard logo and you can say that it is a really important currency in League of Legends. When you want to unlock new champions, this can be really useful.

What Is The Blue Essence

How Can You Get Blue Essence In League Of Legends?

There are various methods with which you can get a hold on the blue essence. If you want to begin it, then you can play lots of matches so that you can earn XP in order to reach to the Summoner 5th level. When you will do this, you will be able to receive items which are known as champion capsules. When you will reach this level, you will be able to receive the champion capsule whenever you will level up in the game. After you will crack it one, you will have the chance to get all kinds of things in key fragments. There are total three uses of champion shards and one is that you can combine it to your blue essence in order to unlock any champion. When you will complete certain missions in this game, you will be able to earn blue essence and it is true.

Tips For Blue Essence

Tips For Blue Essence

There are some tips with which you can be able to get Blue essence to build up your own champion pool and you can also earn it in a faster way. If you want to expand the champion pool, then it can be really costly but you can buy it at a lower price if you consider purchasing it with blue essence. If you want to get blue essence faster, then you can disenchant champion shards which are earned by you. You will learn to earn blue essence when you will continue playing the game more and more. You can also purchase XP boosts from the Riot store in order to level up and you can earn blue essence with it.