Microtech Ultratech Knife

Microtech Ultratech Knife

Microtech’s out-the-front knives are undisputedly the best within the industry today. These knives are innovative products that are specifically created to provide the most fulfilling and safest knife-using experience and their fine quality and excellent features make them a symbol of excellence in the knife-making industry.

One of the first out-the-front knives to be manufactured by Microtech is the Ultratech knife, going here. This knife is widely considered as the flagship knife of Microtech and has gained cult status among knife enthusiasts across the globe.

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The Microtech Ultratech knife is the first dual action out-the-front knife to be created by the Microtech brand. When first debuted within the industry, it drew immediate attention from knife enthusiasts and manufacturers, quickly establishing Microtech as one of the forerunners in out-the-front knife manufacturing.

As more and more automatic knives were introduced to the market, the company modified the Ultratech knife several times to maintain its popularity among knife buyers. These modifications further improved the performance of the knife and presently, the Ultratech knife is recognized as one of the most sought after Microtech out-the-front knives and is particularly popular among military personnel.

The Microtech Ultratech knife is a slim automatic tactical knife with a timeless design. Despite its simple appearance, it features some of the most sophisticated mechanisms that can found in out-the-front knives today. Every part of the knife is designed with meticulous attention to provide the best solutions possible for knife-users.

The Ultratech knife boasts a black handle that is made from durable material called 6061-T6 aluminum. This type of aluminum is lightweight and extremely tough and has high resistance against scratches. The handle measures about 4.80 inches long, and it is 0.64 inch thick with grooved sections on its sides to prevent slippage.

The blade of the Ultratech knife is around 3.46 inches in length and has a thickness of 0.125 inch. It can be single, double, or tanto edged and its edges can be without serration, or fully or partially serrated. The blade finish options that are available for the knife include bead blast, satin, stonewash, black, and black tactical. While some Ultratech knife models come with S30V blades, others have D2 stainless steel blades. Both types of steels are highly corrosive resistant and they have outstanding edge-holding qualities.

The Microtech Ultratech knife houses a fire-and-retract trigger on one side of its handle. To launch the blade, the user simply requires pushing the trigger forward. It can then be closed by pulling the trigger back. This mechanism is guaranteed to amaze any user in terms of how fast and smooth the blade launch and retraction is.

Ultratech knife

The Ultratech knife also comes with a special feature that can prolong the life of the fire-and-retract mechanism. When the blade is retracted, the firing spring will be automatically put in a ‘rest’ position so that it will not become fatigued unnecessarily. This will ensure that the fire-and-retract mechanism will remain efficient over a prolonged period of time.