What Does Staff Augmentation Means?

What Does Staff Augmentation Means

Staff augmentation is a practical business strategy of making use of experienced personnel temporarily to get jobs done to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business. This helps the businessman to concentrate more on the main goals of their firm instead of implementing time not interested in administration jobs. Staff augmentation is a booming market now as both, the firms making use of augmentation staff and the employees themselves profit from this venture.

There are no strings attached and just as the employee can leave without any problems, the employer himself can remain, boss, till the person is working for him. The increase in IT resources and the reduction rates make it mandatory to make use of staff augmentation services today. Staff augmentation is in great demand due to the growing needs of companies. It is a popular and successful method making use of expert technology, resources and, professional skills to boost the company’s profits without having to take up the responsibility of increasing staff and other staff-related conditions.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation:

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation caters to the specific requirements of the company in terms of work efficiency, software development, and also in cost-effectiveness. It includes various services like software development, web development, customer support, technical writing, and even mainframe programming. Staff augmentation can be made use for long term or short term assignments. Even though they become part of the team, they can be removed as soon as the project is over thus, reducing the IT staff finance. It is more convenient and cost-effective. Apart from this, one does not have to bother about starting separate operations or even making use of any office equipment, especially for the employed personnel.

All other costs like conveyance are also deleted from bills saving time, money, and resources. For the timely delivery of the project, we must have a team of skilled professionals specific to the requirement of the project. Due to the dynamic nature of the IT industry, the employees don’t need to be capable of handling every other project. There are many IT skills set, and hiring people for every specific skill can be out of the budget. So, Staff Augmentation can be the best way through. Moreover, Staff Augmentation helps in cost reduction of software development by eliminating productivity slumps, which is caused because of time and money invested in training inexperienced personnel. Outsourcing Staff Augmentation serves the right experts to accomplish their specific project goals and hence there is no more spending on training the employees.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation:

There is an important factor in staff augmentation. There are two types of staff augmentation one is onshore and the other is nearshore augmentation. Hiring a nearshore staff augmentation is an added benefit. They may be supporting all phases of life cycle development and since they are in the same work day time zone, they can contribute their expertise in real-time.


The way nearshore teams contribute to initiatives makes it just as critically important to maintain a low churn. This is much different than working with distant shore teams who work-based. Nearshore software development teams can easily participate in the development or work with another team member. They can also easily be directed by onsite project managers. They can easily participate in scheduled meetings, formal or informal planning meetings, technical approach discussions, and joint problem-solving discussions.


Communication is made easy using tools like Skype or even a low cost by using a device for telephone communication. This creates a peer relationship and team bonding occurs in ways that seldom happen in distant shore engagements. In Short, nearshore staff augmentation empowers the business and helps to gain profit.