What time Should you Eat Dinner for Weight Loss?

What time Should you Eat Dinner for Weight Loss

Have you ever thought that your meals’ timings are also essential to make you healthy and fit? The proper schedule of your mealtime assists you to lose your weight fast.

Everybody seems to talk about what to eat and what not to eat and how much eat for losing your weight, but we found this vital thing that is a time of your meal which has great importance.

There is no doubt that a better diet plan helps you lose your weight by increasing healthy foods to decrease unhealthy foods. But the time to take your meal is equally essential for the people facing weight gain issues.

What should be your time for breakfast, lunch and dinner are necessary, but among these three, the more important one is the dinner.

Here we will help you to set what time you should eat dinner for weight loss?

Why dinner is more critical than Breakfast and Lunch:

Why dinner is more critical than Breakfast and Lunch

For a better diet plan, you also count this as part of your diet; you have proper timing for your meal. All the meal times, breakfast, lunch, and dinner important, but why doctors and experts give more importance to dinner.

It is common to see that after breakfast; most of the people in the world go for some activities like on their jobs, offices, and farmhouses for working. During work, they burn calories and use the energy that produces by the food in your body.

Lunchtime between 12 to 2 pm also allows you to perform physical activities as farmhouses work, and some people go to play games before evening.

But very few people in the world go for activity after dinner after doing tiresome duties; they feel fatigued and prefer to go in their beds to sleep.

Have you ever thought about how much percentage of people go for activity in the whole world? For your information, we tell you with support of a study that only less than 5% of people go for a walk or exercise after dinner.

While remaining 95% of people prefer to go to their beds that may cause the people to gain weight, and with time they fall in a dangerous stage.

How to Reduce the Effect of Dinner to gain weight:

How to Reduce the Effect of Dinner to gain weight

For limiting the effect of dinner on your weight gain, it is necessary to take less and light foods in the feast, which does not provide you calories more than 300.

Eat healthy foods and do importance to your time of dinner; it is best to take your meals early after evening.
What Should Be Time of Dinner?

If you are a person who needs to go early for your office, then what should be your time to take your dinner?

Most of the studies recommend that you take your dinner between 6 to 7 pm if you want to go to bed early. Make this sense that takes your meals 3 to 4 hours before going to your bed because your food takes time to digest.

If your food is not properly digested before going to bed, it may cause you digestive issues and increase your weight due to improper digestion.

Supporting with a study conducted by Brigham Young University, 29 men do not have any activity after dinner. After 7 weeks, they were asked to do some exercises before going to bed but not much better results.

They recommend the men take their meals 2 to 3 hours before 7 pm than shocked to see better results and their weight also starts decreasing.


Accept it or not, but if you want to shed your weight fast, you need to adopt proper routing to take your meals, especially for dinner.

With expert’s opinion supports, we guide you through setting your dinner time to take meals at night more than 2 hours before going to bed.

We hope our article “what time you should eat dinner for weight loss” teaches you in a better way. To know more about weight loss, visit https://www.thegymguides.com/jorge-garcia-weight-loss/.