Why Rehab is so Common Among Celebrities

Why Rehab is so Common Among Celebrities

Rehab seems to definitely be the new trend for celebrities. Whether it’s their desperate need, or their publicists’ wishes, or even a publicity stunt, rehab seems to be as hot as The Ivy.

First, it is important to consider the fact that rehab might seem more popular among celebrities than it actually might be. Since they are in the public eye and often in our magazines and news stories, we always hear when a celebrity is heading to rehab, and rarely when everything is just fine.


But celebrity culture does undoubtedly add to the common stints at Promises and The Betty Ford Center. Celebrities have a lot of access to drugs, and they have a lot of money to spend on drugs. But statistically, drug use among celebrities is not too different from drug use in the general population. What sets celebrities apart is that they can also afford rehab, and when a celebrity has a drinking problem they have tons of people advising them to seek treatment, more helpful hints.

Many times, this leads to return trips to rehab. If someone goes to rehab to appease their family members or entourage, they will not get better. Rehab is really only effective when you recognize your problem and want to fix it. Since this is not true for a lot of celebrities, they will be out of rehab in a couple of months and back to their old reckless behavior soon thereafter.

Aside from genuine concerns from their peers, some celebrities use rehab to get back in the public eye. People think kindly of those who are going through rough times and trying to get better. Many actors revitalize their careers after getting clean. They are more hirable when sober and more interesting than the average actor because they have a success story to share. This sells like hotcakes.

Arguably, amidst the drug addicts that are unwilling to change there are some true innocents in Hollywood. Addiction is a disease and when a regular person suffers from alcoholism, we are quick to offer a helping hand, but when it’s a celebrity, we are often judgmental and quick to point fingers.

Being suddenly famous can be stressful and the life of an actor or touring rock star does not suit many people. If newfound fame is handled incorrectly, it can lead to drug and alcohol use. Some stars, like Drew Barrymore, use rehab to get cleaned up and go on to have a successful career without relapse.

It doesn’t look like this pattern of celebrities in rehab is going to slow down anytime soon. As long as there are drugs and as long as celebrities can afford them, rehab facilities around the country will have plenty of business.