5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

1. Do not overeat. Food is good but only to a certain amount. Eating the right amount of food is a very hard challenge. You need to educate yourself to eat the right food at the right time. Always think that you are eating for a purpose. It’s to fuel your body so you have energy to do what needs to be done. You are not eating to enjoy food; you are eating because you need food.

2. Exercise – Move. Moving will make you lose weight. Other people never like the thought of exercising. Think of something you like to do such as dancing, hiking, biking, martial arts, stretching. If you have a toddler, you have so many ways to exercise and enjoy at the same time. Play with your toddler and do the same thing they are doing, you will be surprise how it will work for you. It’s the best bonding moment too.

Lose Weight

3. Drink water- Water works wonder. Not just for weight loss but health wise in general. Ideally you need to drink half of your weight in pounds number of oz in water. Let’s say you weigh 140lbs, ideally you are supposed to drink 70oz of water a day or more but not more than 120oz, more helpful hints. Try to have a glass of water beside you every time and drink every hour or two hours. Keeps you hydrated and may help you not think of food as much.

4. Set a realistic goal and be consistent about reaching it. To avoid getting disappointed set a realistic goal. Remember that losing weight is a lifestyle change not a temporary. Do not feel obligated to lose weight very soon coz it will put a pressure on you. Make small changes every day and be consistent with it. The weight will started to lose when you started living the right way. Try not to concentrate with numbers or figures. Set your ideal weight but do not set when you want to be there, start your changes and be consistent with reaching it.

5. Be stable emotionally. Be happy. Sleep right. Sleeping has a big impact with your emotion. Trying to get a good amount of sleep every night will help you concentrate with your goal for the next day. If you feel light and bubbly, it’s very easy to be happy. Start your day with a morning prayer, meet yourself in the bathroom with a smile and have a very optimistic day ahead of you.

Now you get a paper and right a promise to yourself. First write your goal. Let’s say my goal is to reach my ideal weight of _______lbs. Do not set when you want to be at your ideal weight to avoid pressure so we can concentrate with it.

Next is making a list of good food you may eat without guilt such as your favorite fruits or vegetables. Make also list of your favorite food that you know you can only eat in moderation, or better make them your cheat food. A food you can eat when you’ve reach certain small goal. The idea is knowing the food you like so you can still enjoy eating.

Lastly make an appointment with yourself. Set 30 minutes every day to move or 1 ½ hours three times a week whichever is applicable to you. This is a time you allotted to meet your goal. Losing weight is a job you need to take seriously. Do something good to feel good about yourself. Everything will start in you. Be kind to yourself.