Ethan Allen Furniture Store Located in Bayport, New York

Ethan Allen Furniture Store Located in Bayport

Highly Recommend

When my husband and I moved into our new home we needed some new furniture. We wanted to make sure we purchased high quality products because this needed to last a long time. A friend of mine highly recommended the furniture store Ethan Allen. I wasn’t so sure about this because I had always heard that they were very expensive. But my husband wanted to check it out and see the quality of the furniture.

One Sunday afternoon we took our son to Ethan Allen to just browse. I always know that just browsing with my husband usually leads to purchasing. We wanted to furnish two rooms, the living room and the family room. As soon as we walked in we knew it was going to be a good shopping experience. My husband usually doesn’t like to talk the salespeople too soon. He likes to walk around and take it all in and then ask someone for help. We were able to do just that. We browsed by ourselves for a few minutes until we decided to ask the saleslady for some help. We explained what we were looking for and she answered our questions right away.

Highly Recommend

First of all the store is huge. It has a widespread collection from modern to traditional to pretty much any design you were looking for. We sat on all of the couches until we found the most comfortable one. We ended up purchasing a leather couch and chair with ottoman for our living room. We wanted a more formal look for this room. We also purchased end table to match. For the family room we wanted to go a bit more casual. We ended up purchasing a couch and love seat in a fabric called micro-suede that would clean up easily since we have two dogs, one cat, and a toddler. The saleslady also recommended buying two swivel chairs that we didn’t set out to get. At this point my son was tired and had about enough so we just agreed to all of the furniture.

Looking back now I think we bought too much stuff. We opened up an Ethan Allen credit card and was able to receive a promotional discount. We will be paying this furniture off for quite some time but it was definitely worth it. The quality is great. The leather has really held up well. The micro-suede does clean up very easily. Just a little water if you are able to catch the stain in time. The end tables are solid and sturdy. To clean them you just need a pledge wipe, so simple.

Ethan Allen Furniture

Overall our experience with Ethan Allen of Bayport located on the south service road of Sunrise Highway was a pleasant one. The saleslady even came to our home once we had purchased the furniture to make sure all of the dimensions would fit correctly. She then walked around our house and gave me some decorating ideas. I know she just wanted me to purchase some more items from the store but it still helped to hear someone else’s ideas. We haven’t one back only because I want to pay off the original purchases first. I almost forgot to mention that their delivery service also was wonderful. They called ahead of time and didn’t even get lost. They came in and set up the furniture for us. I even asked if they could move some of my old stuff into the basement and they said yes. They packed up their garbage neatly and didn’t leave any mess.

Ethan Allen – great quality and great service. Highly Recommend!