Attune Probiotic Chocolate: The Easiest Way to Take Probiotics

Attune Probiotic Chocolate

What Is Attune?

Attune is a company that makes chocolate bars, granola bars and granola with probiotics in them. I tried three Attune chocolate bars to see how they tasted and whether they really worked. I tried the Attune chocolate bars right as I was in the middle of taking a round of antibiotics to see if they work as well as other probiotic products.

What Are The Health Benefits of Attune?


Attune chocolate bars contain probiotics, which help support digestion and protect your digestive tract from harmful bacteria. It is always good to have probiotics in your diet, but it is especially important to have them when you are on antibiotics because they can kill off the beneficial bacteria along with the harmful kinds. The probiotics in Attune chocolate bars do work, because I had no stomach pain from the antibiotics after I started eating the Attune bars. Click here at website to read review on attune probiotic.

The chocolate bars are also low calorie, each containing only 80, 90, or 100 calories depending on which flavor you try. The bars are fairly large and filling, so even 100 calories is not a bad amount at all.

What Does Attune Taste Like?

Attune Probiotic

Attune chocolate bars taste just like normal chocolate bars, only they are full of probiotics and have only a fraction of the calories of normal chocolate bars. If you like white chocolate and blueberries, the white chocolate blueberry bar is absolutely delicious. The chocolate mint bar is my favorite because it has just the right amount of mint flavor to balance the creamy chocolate. I also enjoyed the chocolate crisp bar, which had a nice crunch from the puffed brown rice to counter the creaminess of the chocolate. Overall, these chocolate bars were delicious and I look forward to trying all the other flavors as well.

Buying Attune

You can buy attune bars online or in a number of grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Safeway, and A&P.; Online, a single bar sells for $1.52, and a 28-pack sells for $38.86. This is not too expensive if you buy these bars as a replacement for your regular dessert, although the shipping will add up, so I suggest you check your local grocery stores before buying online.

The Verdict on Attune

I recommend Attune chocolate bars for anyone who needs more probiotics, or anyone looking for a healthier chocolate bar. These bars taste great, come in many different flavors, and provide real health benefits for only a few calories.