Intelligence quotient or IQ is name of the earned scores by the measurement of the intelligence ensuing from the intelligence tests. The educational and professional achievements are measured by it. These achievements are measured in the numbers that is called IQ SCORE.IQ score is made the source of study of the standard of thoughts of the people.

IQ is employed to assess the performance of the employees, their income and social status. It is assumed that certain people and certain races are possessors of the higher IQ and others are owner of the lower intelligence quotient. Moreover it is said that IQ tells us about state of mind and way of logical thinking of a person. The people who are supposed to have higher IQ are considered superior to those who have lower IQ. This discrimination became the source of controversy.

performance of the employees

There appeared the opposites of this supposition who think that it is only a raw source of measuring a personality. IQ theory has been opposed since the very beginning. The opponents say that this score and theory are biased and do not evaluate a person completely. They think and put forward that there are many other thing that are not taken into account while counting the IQ score of a person. The evidences put forward by the contending persons are not wholly incorrect. Both the sides are adamant and are not ready to find out an acceptable standard of the IQ SCORE.

IQ Not Reasonable

Alfred Binet assumed that IQ scales are not suitable to measure intelligence. He did not fabricate the term intelligence quotient and its demonstrations.

Intelligence is not a numerical quantity

According to Binet the I Q scales are not able to measure intelligence, because intelligence is not mathematical quantity. These cannot be measured as some mathematical formula.

Intelligence is not a fixed entity .

The Binet-Simon intelligence scales demonstrate that those who are measured as dull or possessor of lower IQ might become to those people who have higher IQ SCALES. He says that suitable remedial programs might make their IQ higher because intelligence is not a calculable stable thing, find out more.

IQ might be increased

Binet says and challenges the psychologists that intelligence is not permanent thing .Its quantity might be increased with the help of certain therapies.

Controversy over psychometrics

Some psychologists believe that psychometrics is correct or absolutely correct. In his book “The Mismeasuere of Man” Professor Gould has said the intelligence tests as defective or based on such suppositions.

Intelligence is not a detached entity

The place, quantity and exploitation of intelligence in the brain for each individual are different and are a complete whole.

IQ TESTS dive humans into artificial categories and made some the second-rate person due to false suppositions about the intelligence.

Professor Gould criticizes the ‘IQ’as well as the Bell Curve. He is of the view that these ignore many other significant features of mental abilities. IQ TESTS MIGHT BE BIASED

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association’s says that IQ tests are biased except school achievements. Outdated Methods of IQ are also a point to ponder as far as their application is concerned. They ignore the latest developments in the field of personality, attitudes, cognitive development, and intelligence.