Building Bootable USB: Discern Why It Is Important

Building Bootable USB

Is there anybody who would disagree when I say that computer is an ultimate invention? I bet none because this technology is now a way of life for almost every individual. It seems that we could not subsist a day without tapping the PC keyboard or clicking the mouse. There are a lot of people who are like me whose one of the first activities in the morning is to turn on the computer to check the e-mails or at least the latest news at Yahoo. But, how would you feel when turning on your PC’s power, the PC would not come alive – it would not boot. This means you cannot open your files or you cannot log on the internet.

So what do you do when your computer fails to boot? The untoward thing is that you do not have a back-up for your files. You do not even have an emergency CD with an OS. The worst thing is when your laptop or your netbook does not have a CD drive. In this scenario, say adieu to your data for you cannot access them unless you are able to boot your computer.

If you have a bootable USB flash drive, then you would not be so frantic when your PC would not boot. Your bootable USB will be able to work because of the Window-based operating system in this tiny USB.

What bootable USB is

What bootable USB is

You were saved by your bootable USB; you will be able to work with your computer. But what exactly do you understand when you think of bootable? This is from the word “boot” which simply means to start. So – your bootable USB is you device that will enable you to start up your computer even if the built-in operating system fails to work.

The importance of bootable USB flash drive

Perhaps you can consider the bootable USB flash drive as one other magnificent invention relative to the use of the computer. If you would recall, the USB had taken the place of floppy disks or CDs as computer data storage. The bootable flash drive became more important than the bootable CDs that were used some decades ago. Although they performed the same function, the bootable USB offers some useful and important features – portability, faster speed and reusable features.

The bootable USB flash drive is very compact and small making it very portable. You can easily put it inside your pocket or safely stash it inside your small purse unlike the CD that would require more space and protection. The bootable USB is less fragile. This is easier to carry along making it very convenient to carry an operating system anywhere you go – as a stand-by OS in the event that your computer would not boot.

The computer can read the bootable flash drive faster than the CD which makes your computer start almost instantly. This then will require less time for the installation of your operating system and eventual start of your computer task.

Your USB is reusable wherein you are able to change the data it boots into. When you want the drive to contain newer data, a new bootable USB with different OS, you can just replace the previous content with new data.

Building bootable USB – the requirements

You do not need to be an expert computer technician to be able to build your reliable bootable USB flash drive. One major requirement is for your computer or laptop to have a USB port. To start building the bootable USB, you need to first format your USB flash drive, just like what you need to do with your CD. Next, you can create your bootable USB through the use of Windows command line. There are OS builders who would prefer using graphical user interface or GUI which is easier to use.

The bootable USB is a saving device which you can use when your computer would not boot through its installed or built-in OS. There are some necessary requirements to be able to build your bootable USB. And – it is paramount that you have this emergency device which is better to use than the bootable CD.