WordPress for Dummies – Easily Launch your Own Website

Even if you do not have any type of knowledge regarding online websites, you can still create your own website. There are many people who do not have proper information about websites and how to create them. That is why WordPress provides various types of convenient and user-friendly features, using which even a dummy can create a website on their own. So if you want some help with creating the website on WordPress, then you can follow the steps mentioned here. This will truly help you to create the best website for any type of business and ensure that you enjoy great results.

Buying a perfect domain name

Buying a perfect domain name

If you wish to start your own website, then you need to think of a domain name for your website. It should be something catchy so that people can easily remember it. So make sure that you spend a considerable amount of time thinking about a domain name for your website. This way you can easily find the best domain name for your website and make it more popular. It is essential that you must check out all the available domain names to find the best one.

Getting the best web hosting services

It is essential that you prefer getting the best web hosting services for your website so that you can remain online all the time. When you get the best hosting services for your website, then it will help in making your business to be active 24/7.

Adding a theme to your website

You have to order things to your website so that you can make it look more appealing to the visitors. There are so many theme options available in WordPress which will surely help in improving your experience. So you must select the best theme for your website, which will help in improving the appearance of content on your website.

Installing plugins to your website

Installing plugins to your website

One must always select the right plugins for their website. Even if you are looking at WordPress for dummies, you still need to take extra care of this step. This will help in improving your experience and ensure that you can easily create the best website for your business.

Start to Post different types of content

After creating a website, you can start to post various types of content on it. This way you can start to gain the attention of all the people on the Internet. Such things will help you to get more traffic on your website and ensure that you get positive results from the website. So you do not have to face any difficulties if you follow all the steps mention here so that you can easily create your own website.

So by following these steps, you can create WordPress for dummies. This you can start your own website and focus on promoting your business. If you want to become popular on the internet, then you have to use search engine optimization services for your website. This will surely help in improving your overall experience and ensure that you enjoy using the WordPress website.

Features that you can Get in SHAREit for PC

You can use SHAREit to transfer files, music, videos, applications, and many other things. This application helps the users to connect one device to another and share the files quickly. You do not require any kind of internet connection to share the files. In the past few years, share it has become one of the most popular applications on the Internet. You can find the application for Android smartphones and Windows operating system. This way you can interconnect between two different devices and share files. There are various types of features that you can enjoy and SHAREit for PC. If you want to learn more more about them, then you can get the details here.

Share data from the smartphone to computer wirelessly

One of the best things about share to that you can connect your smartphone and computer wirelessly. You do not require any kind of data cable wire to connect your smartphone to a computer. This helps you to get rid of all the traditional connectivity methods and ensure that you enjoy high-speed data transfer. It is one of the things that makes SHAREit one of the most popular applications on Android and computer.

Get high-speed transfer of files using WiFi or LAN

Get high-speed transfer of files using WiFi or LAN

As you already know that when you share something with Wi-Fi or the local area network, then it provides the highest transfer. SHAREit provides such high-speed transfer that you can share massive size files within few minutes. This is one of the reasons why SHAREit has become so popular all around the world.

Can share the files without using the internet

You do not require any type of internet connection when you use SHAREit as it is completely an offline application. This means that you do not have to worry about wasting your data as several data plans are costly. So you can simply use this application offline and share important files with your friends or family members.

Replicate the files from smartphone to computer

If you are using shareit for pc, then you can replicate your smartphone to your computer. If you want to make a complete backup of your smartphone, then you can share it to do it. This way if you lose your smartphone, then SHAREit can help you to transfer all your files to your new smartphone.

Available for multiple platforms

You can you shareit for pc on different operating systems. It is available for windows and MAC operating systems, which means that data transfer will be convenient. Such things help in providing a convenient experience to the users. You can share files from Android to Mac operating systems and Apple smartphone to a Windows operating system without any issues.

Easy to use and quick to connect

Easy to use and quick to connect

You won’t face any issues in using SHAREit as it how the user-friendly interface, which is quite easy to use. The connectivity is done within seconds so you do not have to waste any of your precious time. You can quickly connect and share the files from one device to another by using SHAREit.

So you can download shareit for pc from the official website. You won’t face any difficulty in connecting your smartphone to the computer. It is quite easy and you will get a user-friendly interface in SHAREit for PC. This way you can truly enjoy a convenient experience and share your files without any issues. Many people face problems in connecting the device with wires as they might not have their data cable with them all the time. By using hotspot of smartphone and connecting it with your laptop can surely help you to enjoy a great experience.

How you can Purchase the Best Power Bank?

Are you looking for an external battery to charge a phone? There are different kinds of power bank models available on the internet. As a purchase, you can get the best model. Make sure, you check all the facts of these Power Bank models. There is needed to get the best model as per the capacity of the power bank. Even so, you have to look at the battery power of a smartphone to purchase the power bank.

You have to consider all these mentioned below facts to purchase the best quality Power Bank. It would help to get an excellent power bank to charge the mobile phone as soon as possible.

Input and output

The power banks are so advanced these days. Only some of the models have not correct output or input for mobile devices. But, you have to check the specifications of the power bank check the input or output and see the device is compatible or not.

Price or quality

Price or quality

Are you looking for the best power bank as per needs? You have to get a specification of the power bank and it’s important to choose the power bank. Sometimes, the cheaper model is not matching with needs. The cheap power banks are not last longer. So, you have to look out the price or quality ratio of the power bank. Some Power Banks can overload the device or damage the electronic devices. There is a need to test the best power bank and get the power bank with safety demands.


It is very easy to use a power bank without a wall socket. You will be able to charge the electronic device on the way of destination. It’s important to look at the size of a power bank. You need to get a power bank with you to charge the smartphones or tablets. The power bank is perfectly fit inside the pocket. You have to carry the extra bag for the largest laptop Power Bank.


It is also mandatory to check the ampere of the power bank. The ampere tells about the fastest charging of electronic devices. A normal power bank has ampere between 1 and 3.5. There is needed to get the faster Power Bank that is good to charge the device.

Use of power bank

Use of power bank

The power bank is used more than one purpose. A student can use the power bank in the bus school who are the socket is not available. A Traveller or climber can use the power bank to charge the smartphone as per need. Even they are using the power banks in emergencies. If you want to get other information about Power Bank then you can explore on this website https://myaccessoire.fr/.

The capacity of power bank

How many times you can charge the electronic device without charge the power bank? An important question when you are looking to purchase a power bank. Even so, you have to know about which device you are buying the power bank. As you know, a laptop needs more power than a smartphone. A smartphone is perfectly charged with a power bank of 3350. For a laptop, you have to use the power bank with a capacity of 30000 mah.

What is the Link Between the Router and the Proxy Server?

If you have a bunch of people in the office then you will be benefited by setting up a shared connection to the internet. There are several companies that use the dial-up modem to connect the internet. It works in an excellent way for individual users. But, in an office, it helps to share the action or offer better performance. It is a cost-saving process. It is an ideal idea to share the network rather than set up each user’s dial-up internet account.

You have to set up a single account that provides access to a better speed internet connection to the local area network of the company. There are several benefits approached by this process include cost-saving, shortened wiring, better performance or easy management. For example, if you have eight employees in the office and six of them using the internet on a daily basis. It means you have six internet dial-up accounts. It is much rather than set up an account Via Local area network.

Proxy Server

 You can provide faster access to your employees at the same price by using a shared connection. It provides a maximum speed of the internet. As well, it is faster than the older connection. You can pull up the internet connection by using the simple setup of wiring. You have to use the phone line for better internet connectivities. It provides numerous benefits include managed services are easier instead to have several separate accounts or workspaces.

 Is a proxy server a router? Yes, proxy server terms to be a router. As well, it is the easiest way to set up a shared internet connection. You will be able to set up the local area network to the internet in which all the employees of the office connects to the head system. It makes the process easier to get the connection of the internet when you connect to the LAN. As well, there are some tricks available to configure the individual PC network to this kind of connection.

 There is one more way and to set up the connection by a proxy server. A proxy server shares the network connection as a resource. It is a little bit complicated to set up but provides the limitless benefits include access control, secure network or obscurity. It provides security from the outside users to your connection. It means a proxy server works like a Firewall that protects you from hackers. Only you can connect to the computer outside the LAN or outsiders are not able to set up a connection. You can read more here to know about the proxy server or router linked up.



As you know, the proxy server provides one more benefit of anonymity. It secretes the network address of the machine that is located on the LAN. In order to break the computer, there is a need to know about the IP address of a computer. In addition, the proxy server provides additional security to prevent access to other websites or track the activity of the user. The proxy server has the ability to filter the websites. It prevents employees to waste time during office periods. It also boosts the performance of the PC.

How you can Know if Soundcloud Plays are Fake?

Currently, there are numerous music promoting platforms available. These platforms offer great chances to new musicians to promote their songs. As you know, SoundCloud is one of the popular music promoting platforms. You have to set up and at the counter to make the promotions or post the music material. As a musician, you have to track all the activities of your SoundCloud account. Sometimes, musicians got fake like or play on their songs. At this time, you need to report when you got fake plays or likes on your songs.

It’s awesome when you got fake plays on your SoundCloud account and it makes your track popular. But, it creates a few problems when you have fake accounts for boards. Make sure that all the likes, followers are real on your account. In order to check it, you need to see who are following or liking your account and look at your profile. You have to track all the activities of your account. If you find any problem or unusual things happen on your account then you have to report for the fraud. As well, you will be able to block these people to watch your content. So, the blocking feature can help a lot to protect the content from these bots or fake people.


You have to check the activities on your SoundCloud account and see that it is real or not. You have to look out all the explanations of this account. As well, you have to look out all the people are featured in your playlist. Be sure that your account is not hacked and never get any fake plays on tracks. You have to check all your listeners and engage with uploads. This would help to know that the SoundCloud plays are fake or real.

Whenever you want to check out the place on your account are real or not then you have to discover more information. Firstly, you need to visit at the official website of the SoundCloud account find out the possible ways to check out these things. As it is mentioned, you need to track all the activities of your SoundCloud account. There is a need to occupy with all uploads listeners and check out their profile. It would help to block the haters or hackers on your SoundCloud account.

In order to boost the SoundCloud plays on your music albums, you have to purchase the place from reputed service providers. Make sure, they provide the right services of this place. With no doubt, you will be able to purchase the right Soundcloud plays. As well, you don’t need to face any troubles in the future. So, you have to switch on the best website to purchase this place instead to get a fake place. If you got any fake plays mistakenly on your SoundCloud account then you has to block it or report it in the SoundCloud help center.

Last confrontations

Last confrontations-

If you find that you are getting fake likes, please on your SoundCloud account in a few weeks then you need to request to solve these problems do Soundcloud help center.

How Does Instagram Count Views?

If you are using the Instagram platform for your personal or business purpose, you must be posting the videos and wants to get more views on it. Every Instagram user knows the value of more views on the videos and they want to improve it for better interaction with the audience on Instagram. If you are using the Instagram account for business or marketing purpose, you will take the views more serious and will look for the best ways to improve it. If you are a new user of Instagram, you must be looking for the complete information behind the views so that you can know what counts as views on your videos.

There are lots of users of Instagram who don’t know how does Instagram count views. If you also want to know about such kind of complete information, you continue reading at our site. You can check out the complete information about it below:

What Does Count As A Video View

What Does Count As A Video View?

If you are using the Instagram account and posting the videos, you will need to know about the secret behind views. If someone is viewing your video on Instagram for more than 3 seconds, it will be counted as a video view and you will get one more view on your video. It is the simple way of counting the views on Instagram videos. If the user is interacting with the video with likes and share, the views will not increase until someone else views it for more than 3 seconds.

As you know, there are options to play videos with or without audio. When the user is playing your video with or without audio, there will not be any effect on the number of views. If he is going to watch it for more than 3 seconds, it will be counted as a view.

Can You Get Multiple View Count From The Same Account?

You may also think about the situation when someone views your video for more than one time. As you know, when someone double tap on your photo on Instagram, there will be only one like and there is no way to hit more likes on the same photo with the same account. In the same way, on the Instagram user can give only one view on your video. Even if someone is watching your video more than one time, there will be count of only one view with one account.

Can You Get Multiple View Count From The Same Account

If you want to get additional information about the more secrets of your Instagram account, you can continue reading at our site. It is possible to grow your account by getting more views on your videos. If you want to get more views and want to reach more people with your videos, it will be better that you get the services for paid views. There are lots of service providers available who can help you in the best way to increase the number of views on your Instagram account. You should contact them and should ask for help. After that, you can get more followers and views on your account.

How You Can Delete Likes On Instagram?

Today, Instagram is a widely popular social media platform in the world. Around 700 million people use the Instagram platform to share pictures, videos. As well, it comes with numerous fundamental features. You will be able to post the story is and make great engagement with visitors as per choice.

As you know, not all the opinions stay over time and sometimes users want to unlike the old pictures. At this time, you have to open the Instagram account and find the settings to, unlike those pictures. Usually, unliking is a tedious process. You can follow these pretty steps to remove or Delete likes on Android or Apple devices.

Install The Instagram App

Install The Instagram App

Firstly, you have to install the Instagram app. You need to tap on the app and hit on the profile photo on the right bottom of the screen.

Select The Hamburger Icon

There is a need to open the menu and tap on the hamburger icon. The icon is also known as the name of the three-dot icon on the top right corner.

Go To Settings

You have to go on the settings option on the top bottom of the menu. Now, you need to click on it to get more options.

Click On Account

Click On Account

In the account menu feature, you will be able to track all the recent activities of your account. On there, you can select all the liked or preview your posts. Now, you can unlike all these posts.

Select The Post To Unlike

You have to swipe on the liked post and Tab on each post to remove the heart icon. The process is a little time-consuming. But it consumes more time when you want to want to unlike the pictures in bulk.

What To Do On The Desktop?

As you know, Instagram is a Smartphone Apple drive social media and it is also used on a desktop version. So, you have to follow the different procedures to unlike the pictures on the desktop. There is a need to remove all the posts from your saved list.

Go To Instagram

Firstly, you have to access the Instagram browser and log in.

Select The Profile Icon

You have to go on the Instagram profile page or click on the profile icon.

Click On The Saved Tab

It is the right time to click on the saved tab and preview all the pictures or on save these posts from your profile. If you also like these posts then you have to remove the heart or unlike it

Unsaved The Post

Unsaved The Post

You have to browse on the saved pictures and click on this Ribbon icon under the comment to unsaved it. Again, you have to repeat the process for individual post and you will be able to remove it.

There is needed to look at more info to delete the Instagram likes. Without, you will be able to find the information about different functions on Instagram. As well, you can delete the Instagram likes or if you want to purchase more likes then you can grab it easily from the right website.

How Does A Random Name Picker Wheel Works?

As the name suggests, this feature works randomly. All that you need to do is spin the wheel and get a name chosen randomly. The other option you could certainly opt is to enter certain names that you are confused about and let the wheel select one name among the entered names for you.

Anyone who has access to the Internet can use this feature. Mostly it benefits the teachers or any other person who has to make a decision or either for a team of people without involving any personal choice or preferences.

What is A Random Name Picker Wheel?

What is A Random Name Picker Wheel

A random name picker wheel is an online feature that consists of a rotating or spinning wheel with a sort of bookmark at one end. The spinning wheel contains a certain number of names in each column and gets rotated by the person who wants the final decision by tapping on the start button. As soon as the wheel stops, any of the column that stops at the bookmark gets selected. By this process, the decision making is purely random, free from any biased choice or personal preference.

Why Do People Use Such Features?

The idea of googling random name picker wheel and using it for certain purpose might sound hilarious to some people, but people who have used it surely knows how wonderfully this feature works and helps in certain situations when making a personal choice becomes difficult.

There could be situations when you are bound to make a decision but you certainly know that the decision involves two or more of your loved ones and making a decision could benefit one of them and hurt the other one. Those situations could be terrifying, right? As you could clearly see that your decision or choice could affect your relationship with the other person.

In those situations, this random spinning wheel could easily help you out. As it is mentioned that such feature works randomly and on its own without involving anyone’s personal choice, you can easily make a decision and that too by ensuring that none of your friends have gone angry and you have saved the situation from unfair trading.

Why Should You Choose This Feature Rather Than Any Other Mode?

Surely, there are other options that let you do the work. For example, when you need to build a team of four people out of ten. You can write down the name of all the ten people in different pieces of paper and put it in a jar or a hat and pick out for names randomly. But, isn’t it easy to just input 10 names through your keypad on the spinning wheel and let it do the work.

It surely saves your time and any risk of creating a personal decision that includes biased opinions while picking the name. It is more trustworthy source instead of any other means to make a decision or choice.

Why Should You Choose This Feature Rather Than Any Other Mode

When technology is providing people with so many sources to make every work easier then why not use it for a better choice. This feature is certainly very helpful when you badly need to make a choice that doesn’t include your personal preference or when you need someone else to make a choice and want them to not include their personal opinion in it. Also, when you use this wheel very often, you could save the earlier data for later reference.

So, whenever you are confused about making a choice or deciding something, go on and use this online feature of a random name picker wheel and make the situation easy for you as well as for the people around you.

What Is The Best Remote Desktop Software For Windows

When your business or company needs a certain software that could help the users to access the data and resources of the host computer on the client’s system, you might be looking for what is the best remote desktop software for windows. A remote desktop is basically a program or an operating system that would allow you to connect to a computer that is in some other location, see that computer’s desktop, and also interact with it as if it were local.

A remote desktop connection relies or depends on several protocols. These protocols include Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), NX technology, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).

A remote desktop software should get installed on the remote computer (i.e., the host) as well as on any other computer that you want to use to access the host computer (also known as the client). While certain latest versions of Windows now have their own built-in remote desktop software, still several remote access tools could help you to do a better job and offer certain more features, You may read here http://blog.windstyle.cn/bumptop-released-the-disappointing-test-version/.

What Is The Need For A Remote Desktop Software

What Is The Need For A Remote Desktop Software?

There must be some reasons why people prefer operating the best remote desktop software. The basic function of the software includes connecting, controlling, and accessing the data and resources of your destination/remote computer in a way that the user would be able to access it locally. This software allows the user to do a variety of things, including:

• Access your workplace’s computer from your home or even when traveling
• Access your home’s computer from any other location
• Perform administrative tasks
• IT development and support to end-customers

What Features Make A Software The Best Remote Desktop Software?

What Features Make A Software The Best Remote Desktop Software

When you are looking for what is the best remote desktop software for windows, you should be aware of your requirements. You should select a remote desktop software that has lots of features and is easy to access or deploy. The software should contain two key options, i.e., support and access.

A remote desktop software could also be very useful for IT admins so that they can remotely take control of a PC to help, identify and fix any problems and provide IT support to end-user customers or to help manage the devices in an IT department.

In this context, the software should be able to allow for on-demand connections without any need to pre-install the software. For IT trouble-shooting, the software should allow screen sharing, online video conferencing and other important features.

Additionally, a standard remote desktop software should include the ability to auto-detect whether or not the multiple monitors are being used and display it according to preferences.

There are many reasons why your business or your company or you individually want to use one of the best remote desktop software. From using a PC in one office to access a PC in another one in order to grab important files to fix a particular desktop issue, it is relevant to select and install the best remote desktop software.

Tips to Overcome the Harmful Radiation Emitted by Smartwatches

What is a Smart Watch?

Did you get bore wearing the same watch on your wrist? Want to buy all-new collection of the smartwatch that tells you time and does your work easily. Then you much first be aware of the fact that smartwatches don’t emit any sort of radiation as microwaves do. They just pass on the visible light to help you know the time and few notifications related to WhatsApp and email account. However, be cautious as they can generate heat when wearing whole day to the point of burning. If you happen to visit the site of smore.com/4ugea-ewatch-reviews-price-facts there is no doubt that the efficiency and convenience of smartwatches are abundant, which can later in the future raise alarm to many health risks when using this type of technology. The radiation depends on the device using such as mobile phones, laptops, and smartwatches which emit EMF radiation that show the harmful impact on one’s health and not safe to utilize in all situations.

Few Tips to Eliminate the Risk of Smartwatch Radiation:

Few Tips to Eliminate the Risk of Smartwatch Radiation

• It is a matter of fact that many gadgets emit radiation which directly or indirectly affects us when exposed to them on a daily basis. No matter the duration few studies showed results that mobile phones are a prime cause to affect the human reproductive system that disrupts their sleep, causes mood swings, nausea, headaches, reduced concentration, and productivity. Therefore, at one given point of time when these gadgets are coming in physical contact with your body, one needs to consider the impact of radiation such as blue light emitted by these items to safeguard their life.

• It is advisable to shut down the devices or technology when not in use to minimize the effect before you get on your bed to sleep. Because the radiation will leave you awake at night that can harm your brain. Hence try to engage yourself doing other activities such as reading books to give your brain the rest it deserves.

• If left ignored it may also cause body dysmorphia that is nothing but distractions as these devices pass on instant notifications and information that is easy to access right on your wrist, without the need of gathering the information from other available sources. See how much you are eating and realize that your tummy is full otherwise overeating and overindulging may result in unnecessary weight gain.

• Despite this gadget keeps you connected with the entire world they have gained significant drawback which affects real human relationships. Hence read on smore.com/4ugea-ewatch-reviews-price-facts to know how and when it is safe to wear your smartwatch to benefit its uses. Try to turn off your smartwatch when at work or engaged in any social activity to focus on your work. This will help you avoid unnecessary calls and eliminate radiation from Bluetooth connection.

• If you can’t turn off your smartwatch entirely, then try to put it on airplane mode to disable its cellular and Bluetooth connections to stay away from unnecessary notifications or messaging capabilities. Ensure your smartwatch comes with a protected case that helps you stay away from direct contact with the radiation.



Most of us are addicted to the latest gadgets that ease our daily tasks to get done in a simpler manner. Even though they are convenient to use they lead to a variety of health risks. But as every problem has a solution there are few tips which help you get rid of harmful radiation emitted by such the latest gadgets. Reduce their usage to live a healthy lifestyle that improves your memory, enhances your mood, improves your eating habits, irrespective of condition your state of mind is present.