5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use A 3D Pen

A 3D pen is a device that melts and cools plastic to create three dimensional objects. It can be used to imitate clay, ink drawing, and even metalwork. The only limit is the user’s imagination! Given its capabilities, a 3D pen can be a great asset for artists, hobbyists and inventors of all types.

1. It’s Easy To Use

A 3D pen is very simple and intuitive to use, so anyone can pick it up and start having fun with it right away. It works just like a regular pen or pencil, but instead of using ink, the device heats up plastic filaments and then pushes them through its tip which prints out the melted thermoplastic material in shapes that harden as they cool off. These objects can be used in any way desired; you can make solid basic shapes out of them by moving the 3D pen around until you form what you want and even create more complicated models with interlocking parts if you really put your mind to it!

2. It’s Not Expensive

A 3D pen typically costs less than $100 CND. This is not adapted to everyone’s budget, but compared to other art tools, it is very affordable. Furthermore, you can use the same pen over and over again for many years if you take care of it properly. That means that after making your first purchase, you will only have to spend money on the plastic filaments which are generally available at a low cost too. When you wish to find out details on 3D pen, you must click over here at pick3dprinter website.

3. High Quality Artwork

The possibilities with pens like these go beyond just creating simple objects; they really let people unleash their creativity! The best part about using them is that even basic shapes can be turned into amazing works of art through various painting techniques like shading or highlighting. Since you can control the shape of every line that is produced, you end up with a more detailed and polished final product.

4. It Encourage Creativity

Since pens like these are so easy to use, they provide artists with the perfect entry point into 3D art. A lot of people imagine drawing in three dimensions to be difficult or complex without realizing that it is actually possible through regular pens and paper by just using various techniques. However, most people don’t know how to do this yet and many others might feel discouraged if they tried because of how hard they thought it was going to be! This device makes it simple again for anyone with an interest in this field to learn about 3 art and thus gain access to another way of expressing themselves.

5. You Can Make Your Own Toys with Them

If you are an inventor or a creative thinker, this device might have just what you need to start making your dreams come true! For example, if you wanted to create a toy for your kids, but couldn’t find anything good enough that was available in the market, then just use a pen like this one to handcraft whatever object suits their needs! Having access to these kinds of tools makes it possible for anyone to take matters into their own hands and fashion whatever they desire through 3D printing technology.


3D pens are a great way to bring your creative ideas into reality. Whether it’s for fun or profit, these devices open up new possibilities that weren’t previously available with traditional methods like clay modeling or ink drawing. Ultimately, there is no limit on what you can create, so get started today!

Neon Sign Cleaning – Tips For Keeping Your Neon Signs in Good Condition

A neon sign is a type of illuminated signage that uses electricity to excite gases in the tubes, which create light. The color and brightness depend on the gas used. A neon sign is a great way to bring attention and traffic to your business. It’s important for your neon sign to remain clean so it looks like new! Here are a few tips from NeonDirect on how to properly clean neon signs.

What You Will Need to Clean a Neon Sign?

What You Will Need to Clean a Neon Sign

In order to clean a neon sign, you’re going to need a few supplies. You’ll need water and vinegar to kill the mildew that dirties your sign, soap and water to scrub away the gunk, and if possible, an air compressor or hair dryer to dry it off.

How to Clean a Neon Sign?

Cleaning your neon sign not only makes it look better, but it also helps to extend its life. First, mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle and begin to clean the neon sign. Be sure to spray off all of the dirt that has accumulated since it was last cleaned. If there is light mildew on the sign, spray it with your vinegar solution and use a sturdy brush to scrub clean. Before you apply soap and water to the sign, spray off any remaining dirt with your vinegar solution. Then use a clean part of the sponge to wipe away all soap residues. Make sure you dry the sign to stop any unwanted mold from forming. If you have an air compressor available, use it to suck out all of the moisture. If you do not have an air compressor, use a hair dryer to push the water out of the signs entire tubing and wire. You can do this by positioning the hair dryer on the opposite end of the sign you are drying. Keep in mind that your neon sign will still be slightly wet after cleaning. Any excess moisture can be eliminated by leaving the sign in a cool, well-ventilated area overnight.

Why It’s Important for Neon Signs To Be Cleaned Regularly?

The signs should be cleaned regularly to maintain their integrity and appearance. Cleaning is also important because dirt, dust, and pollution collect on the sign over time and begins to discolor it. The disks inside of a neon tube can only be lit for a few hours each day before they need to cool off. When these lights are on, they can become very hot and emit a dirty, yellowish light which further discolors the sign. Cleaning the sign with soap and water after dark will remove this lint from the tubes as well as any grime that has collected over time on the surface of the sign.


A clean neon sign is always better than a dirty one. It looks better, it attracts more attention, and it stays in good condition for much longer. Cleaning your neon sign doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of how to clean a neon sign.

How to Add a Contact in Whatsapp Aero

Whatsapp aero is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, with over 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. It’s also a great way to chat with one’s friends, family and acquaintances. It’s easy enough to add someone in Whatsapp aero, all you need is their phone number! In this blog post, we will go over how-to add a contact in Whatsapp aero and what the process entails.

Steps to add a contact in Whatsapp aero:

Steps to add a contact in Whatsapp aero

– Open Whatsapp aero.

– Go to “settings.”

– Scroll down to “account” and press the button with the three dots on top of it, also called “Menu.”

– Press “Whatsapp aero Web” where there are two options: “add contacts” and “manage contacts.”

– Tap the “Add contact” button on the chat screen

– You will be asked for permission to access your phonebook. Press “allow” (or yes) to give the app this permission.

– Now, search for a contact in your address book or enter their phone number and press call to add them as a contact in Whatsapp aero.

-Choose whether to make this person a friend or just an acquaintance.

– You may be asked to confirm the number.

 Press “yes” to confirm, or press on the option with three dots and select “no”.

-Tap the “Send Request” button when finished adding someone on Whatsapp aero

-If you want this person to be able to see your current location, tap “Share my Location”

– You will be given an extra confirmation message just in case. Press ‘no’ to decline adding them as a contact.

– If you have confirmed their number, they should now show up under your contacts list!

-You can also add contacts by scanning their QR code if they give it to you. This feature is also available in other chat services like WeChat.

Also, a person has an option if he/she wants to use Whatsapp aero from their PC. Whatsapp aero web can be installed as an application in windows and macOS PC. Reasons to do that are given below.

– They can be used as an alternative to the Whatsapp aero app or for users without Whatsapp aero installed on their phone.

– This feature also lets people chat from any browser even though they do not have an account in Whatsapp aero.

If one wants to add contact from his macOS / windows PC, the following steps are for them:

– To add a contact, open Whatsapp aero Web.

– Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

– Choose “New Contact.”

– Enter their phone number or name and press call to confirm it is correct before tapping on the send request button. In this blog post, we have shown you how to add a contact in Whatsapp aero. Whether it is for your personal or professional life, there are many benefits of adding contacts on the popular messaging app. We hope that these steps will help make this process easier and more straightforward! If you need more information about anything mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Software Review: Win Rar Software Compression Better Then Win Zip

I use win-rar software for fast, safe, and reliable compression of my files. Since I discovered this valuable program back in 1994, it has become like a trusted friend to me.

Originally, I download this program on the recommendation of a friend and it quickly became my favorite. It was even back then a free download so you could test out the software and see how it worked before you bought it. It was shareware back then and it still is shareware today. This is one piece of shareware software that is of great quality, and that quality is updated regularly free.

Each time I brought a new computer over the years, one of the first programs downloaded was of course win rar. I am now the one who recommends it to family, friends, and my students alike. I teach a course in basic computers and always include the use of this compression software because I feel it is very important for my students to know the best software out there.

I create many graphics on my computer as a freelance artist. Rather then send these graphics separately to my boss, I quickly compress them into one folder and email it to my boss. It is fast and easy to send these graphics like this and the images do not lose any quality what so ever. It also quickly compresses photographs in a few easy steps, and the whole program is very user friendly.

Win-rar: Support to compress your Photos

Win-rar Support to compress your Photos

Over the years, I have compressed the photos of our holiday celebrations so that I could share them with my in laws who live across the country as well as friends around the world. Now days I can create short videos of my kids and I send them to the grandparents far away. Win rar compresses the files small enough so they can be quickly emailed and downloaded.

Win-rar: Support to compress your music files

Win-rar will even compress your music files if you ever have the need, which is great. It will automatically determine the compression rate by looking at the file extension. This comes in handy if you are migrating from one computer to another. Any of your files on your computer can be compressed quickly and easily when you are switching from one computer to a newer model computer.

My teenagers will do their homework at home, compress it using win-rar, and email it to their school email account. This way their homework can be opened and printed off easily.

Win rar compresses all the files at 128-bit encryption compression making each file as small as it can be which is great if you are going email the files in your favorite email client. There are many great reasons to use win-rar and with a lifetime of free upgrades it is money saving. It also saves time because it is so easy to compress and email these files. Personally, I think this is one of the best compression shareware programs out there on the internet in my opinion.

How to Open Whatsapp Aero without a Smartphone: Alternative Methods

Whatsapp Aero is an excellent way to communicate with friends, family and coworkers. The only problem is that Whatsapp Aero requires a smartphone in order to open it. If you don’t have a phone or just want to be able to use your messages without having your phone on hand, there are still ways for you to read and send messages through the app! If this isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to open up Whatsapp Aero without having a smartphone.

Log into Whatsapp Aero online without smartphone

Log into Whatsapp Aero online without smartphone

If you lost your smartphone then its a big query to access your  Whatsapp Aero account. But it is not a big issue to open Whatsapp Aero without a smartphone as there are many ways to do so.  At first open your personal computer or laptop.

And Type your username and password in the login page, after entering them click on “sign-in” button. You will find yourself logged into Whatsapp Aero without a smartphone successfully with all your chats and conversations.

Benefits of Whatsapp Aero Web

Use the web browser on your computer or laptop to open Whatsapp Aero. This is good for when you are at home and want to read messages, but don’t have a smartphone nearby.

No need to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while typing out a response; use your keyboard instead!

You can also send photos using the Photo Library in Safari (Mac) or Chrome (Windows). Just go into Settings > Storage and Sharing > Upload media files with Whatsapp Aero > Choose file from desktop storage. The photo will be uploaded automatically as an attachment in one message.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Aero Without Mobile Phone?

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Aero Without Mobile Phone

To use Whatsapp Aero messanger safely without a smart phone there are few ways that you should know. When you want to use the  Whatsapp Aero messenger on your computer or laptop, you will need to download and install the whatsap application.

The first way is by joining a website that allows users to connect with one another via Whatsapp Aero’s text chat without using their smartphones. The second option is by downloading an app called Whatsapp Aero Web which enables iOS or Android smartphone owners who do not have access to a desktop browser use web-based Whats App messaging in Chrome from a mobile device. There are many other options available for those of us who may want some privacy through our phone conversations but don’t have access to a cell phone such as making free calls over wifi networks; however, these methods should only be used if there aren’t any alternative means at all since they can put people at risk.


If you don’t have a smartphone or need to keep your phone safe, there are still ways for you to chat on Whatsapp Aero. The easiest way is by using the web browser version of the app. You can also use a desktop computer and download this free software called “Whatsapp Aero Web” that will let you text with friends without downloading anything else. Another option would be to install Whats App as an app on your tablet or laptop- it works in much the same way as it does on smartphones! Whatever solution you choose, we hope these tips help make chatting easier no matter what device you’re using.

What is A 3D Printer?

We are from the site e3dprinter.org check us out! There are some great products as well as general information about 3d Printers. Our focus is to give you guys the right tools and information to help you decide what the right 3D printer is for you. 3D printing is a part of the future and the time to get ahead of the curve is now! 3D printers are expensive so it is important to know which one is right for you to buy. Below is some great information all about 3D printers and how they work. You can look at some of the best 3D printers available from Amazon after you’re comfortable with the information!

What Is A 3D Printer?

3D Printer

A 3D Printer is (as simple as it sounds) a printer that uses a 3D Design Software to fabricate real 3 Dimensional objects. Users are able to create their own designs using such softwares (search link) which are uploaded to the printer either via wires of wifi.

What is used instead of ink? 3D printers creates the object using spools of different materials called a filament.There are several types of filaments including PLA, ABS and Polycarbonate. Check out some 3D Printers here with this search.

What make 3D Printers different from each other?

What makes 3-D printers different from each other are the printer’s interface, easiness, precision and building platform (size of creations). This site focuses more on a printers whose functions are more domestic instead of industrial such as the great 3D Touch Printer.

What are the two types of 3D Printers you can buy?

There are two different type of ways to buy 3D printers. If you want to get started right way you can buy a pre-built 3D Printer. If you’d like to save some money you can buy DIY Printer Kits. These kits come with all the necessary components but putting them together may not be an easy task. Otherwise you can buy a ready-to-use 3-D printer like the the Afinia Printer.

What is the future of 3D Printing?

These printers are still new to the market and those who have seen their potential know that they come to stay. 3D printing is an industry that will grow exponentially and will become much more prevalent. Don’t get left behind!

Get Shorty – Travolta and Hackman on Netflix: What to Put on Your Netflix list to ensure you are having fun

In this 1995 Barry Sonnenfeld-directed film, John Travolta stars as Chili Palmer, the loan shark in pursuit of a dry cleaner who has skipped on a debt in a unique fashion. Gene Hackman shines as a shady producer in this movie about making movies. It is hard to say who steals more scenes, Travolta, Hackman or Rene Russo as the B-movie scream queen. But Get Shorty is a hilarious flip-flopping rollercoaster ride that proves that loan sharking is great training for making movies, except that in Hollywood they really play rough. Visit this site for effective information on VPN Netflix.

Travolta has a great idea for a movie that he pitches to Hackman when he comes to collect a debt, and Russo gets involved when they try to interest her ex-husband, Danny DeVito. He portrays a top actor who can get film made just by being attached to the project. Imagine Hugh Jackman, only shorter and older. You have to love Delroy Lindo’s line “What’s the point of living in LA, if you aren’t in the movie business.” The hook is that we never find out what the great idea for the movie is. We see all the back-stabbing, the moves, the facades of the moves and that is the meat of the film. John Travolta won a Golden Globe for his fast-paced patter and sheer charisma.

Writer as Screenwriter

Writer as Screenwriter

Get Shorty is based on the Elmore Leonard novel, which he penned after being exposed to the vagaries of Hollywood when his books were being optioned. He wrote the original story 3:10 to Yuma which has been made into films twice. But crime novels have always been his passion. Even though Paul Newman starred in the film version of his Hombre, Leonard was always aiming at the twists and turns of crime. Mr. Majestyk starring Charles Bronson was the film transition into that world after years of Western novels. Our of his nearly four dozen novels, fourteen have become films or tv movies. With an ear for dialogue and eye for the underside of life, Leonard has contributed to the creativity of Hollywood in ways that would make Chili Palmer proud.

Oh, there really is a Chili Palmer too! He plays one of the Dennis Farina’s cronies in the film. Chili gave author, Elmore Leonard, lots of background information on being a loan shark. The “real” Chili left “the life” in the sixties and became a private investigator. Truth is almost stranger than fiction.

Whatsapp, the Mobile Messaging App that Everyone Should Use

Apps come and go like fashion fads and seasons. One day an app could be “the next big thing” and the next no one will know about it. Then there are some apps that come and stay. They change the way that people would normally do things and help users in a way no other app can. One of these rare and exciting apps is Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is a messaging app that allows users to send messages to any other user that uses the app. It’s lean and flawless, with plenty of perks for the everyday user. Designed and ran by two former Yahoo! employees the app has made it over 500 million active users today. Their focus is on keeping a functioning app with the user in mind and have thus far kept their focus and goals intact.

Whatsapp is not an SMS app

Whatsapp is not an SMS app like many other 3rd party apps. It doesn’t require any charges for the messages and, just like email, it doesn’t charge extra for international messages. As long as a user has Whatsapp they can send and receive messages from anywhere in the globe as long as they have a 3G signal or better. The app was designed to help users save money on text and data charges.

Whatsapp was designed with a simple concept that owner/operators kept taped to their desks through development and creation.

  • No Ads!
  • No Games!
  • No Gimmicks!

They have been true to this simple hand-written note since the first day they set out from Yahoo! to start their own thing. They weren’t in the market for making a business and selling ads like they did at their previous job. They wanted to give users a simple, hassle-free application that everyone could use.

With Whatsapp, instead of creating a profile and username the app requires only a cell phone number for authentication before you can be on your way to messaging your friends and family. It doesn’t sore any personal information and their servers delete the messages after they are delivered.

Since it runs off of your phone number it is constantly connected! You don’t have to worry about messages not being sent or being returned to you because the other user wasn’t online. The message holds until the user gets a connection and then sends it to them so you don’t have to continue rewriting or checking the message to see if it delivered.

The first year of Whatsapp is free to use after which you will be charged a yearly rate of $1.

Because they have no ads and no games they have to build revenue in some way to help continue supporting the growth and maintenance of this amazing app. The Whatsapp team is constantly developing fixes for bugs and updates to the app to better the user experience. With its 500 million users growing daily this app is a must have. It can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for android users and the iTunes store for iPhone users.

It is a truly cross-platform application and also comes on the Windows phone, Blackberry and the Nokia Symbian operation system. Try the app for free for the first year and tell your friends about it so you can experience the next lever of messaging on your smart phone.

What You Need To Know About an At Home Business Website

Network marketers generally seek to avoid speaking to prospects, simply because they hate approaching someone with an opportunity and possibly end up being labeled a serial pest also known as a Spammer. That’s understandable, but contacting prospects the main avenue for MLMers up until several years ago, when spamming got so bad, marketers had to find another channel. So what’s the answer?

A website can make an amazing difference to both the quality of leads generated through it and to a marketer’s ability and confidence to build their business. The best benefit comes in the shape of highly targeted leads. Your prospects will be ready to receive your offer because of the ability to be able to target specific lead groups.

business offline

You may not get the picture just yet if you are still working your business offline but understand, with an home based business site you virtually decide who you want to deal with. It’s true, but you still need to know how to use your website the correct way. There is a right and wrong way and we provide you a starting point with how to leverage off your piece of online real estate in the most effective manner.

Attraction Marketing + Pre-selling = The Magic Formula

1 . Your site must be used to promote useful take away content for the visitor. In other words, articles on your chosen network marketing niche whether it be health or technology. Provide articles or content that educate the reader.

2.Provide something of value to the visitor which doesn’t cost them anything . A free report offering tips and training. For example, you could put together a small report about the dangers of not taking nutrition. Mention problems and then provide a possible solution. Make sure to include links to valuable resources such and where they can get more information.

3. You will want to create a leads capture area and this can be easily done by using the free report in conjunction with it. People provide their email address for the report.

4. Once you start building a list you can then start providing them with more valuable information but be careful not to use it as an opportunity to bombard them with sales messages.

5. Every time you update your home based business site you can alert your list that you’ve posted new content . This is a great way to stay in touch with them and you are creating a good bond with them.

educating and training

6. The main aim of using this strategy is to create trust with your prospect . Sales messages create resistance on your prospect’s part. By educating and training them instead, you break down these barriers and become more and more important in their eyes eventually leading to business sign ups.

Properly executed, building a masakor can be the best way to confidently make money online over a long term. The ability to target specific leads with your niche site means you are more likely to have those leads converted into paying and repeat customers.

A Mathematical Proof for Prince Prasad’s Number Trick

A Mathematical Proof for Prince Prasad’s Number Trick

9x =9 ({ [ ( x – 1 ) – { 9x – [ 10 ( x – 1 ) ] } + 5 ] / 2 } + 3)

In my younger days, I was often intrigued by magicians and their mysterious ability of making things appear and disappear but when I got older, it was the other things that made magic a success that truly intrigued me. Just like you, I tend to question the angle of perception directors don’t wish but force into the eyes of audiences and all the dry-ice smoke about a magician they want us to feel the spell we’re under.

Mathematical Proof for Prince Prasad's

Perhaps you’re a fan of David Blaine and you’re most intrigued by his mentalist feats, unfortunately, I am not here to discuss the sort of magic David Blaine performs. However, I am certain this simple “mind-reader” trick would work as well as David’s when you do it with K-6 math students.

I am not really into the magic within this trick but the magic is the formula that makes this trick work. I invented this process when I was 14 about 9 years ago and have reused the method in performing card tricks with additional constant component operations to obtain the suit of the cards. The effect of this trick is a divined number that happens to be the number chosen by the spectator


1) First find a willing and participating spectator.

2) Get him/her to choose and think of a single digit number between 0 – 9 without having to say it out loud.

3) Tell the spectator to multiply the number they chose by 9.

4) Tell them their product is a two digit number even if they chose the selected number was 1. Tell them why: because 1 x 9 = 09.

5) Now that they know they have a two digit product, tell them to subtract the digits of the product from left to right. For example: 2 x 9 = 18 =>1 – 8 = -7

6) Tell them that they should never throw away the negative sign.

7) Now tell them to multiply the result by 5.

8) Then get them to divide that product by 2.

9) Finally tell the spectator that if you were going to reverse the process to obtain the number they were thinking of it would take as long it took to get to the last step which is the quotient of the result of the process with a denominator of 2. With that get them to tell you the result in step 8.

10) Quickly add 3 to the number the spectator gives you and there you have it, the number they were thinking of.

Just one piece of advice don’t repeat this trick in the same place with the same person twice or you’ll get busted and that won’t be such a nice trick after all when it’s a K-6student you are trying to con.

Anyways, here’s what’s more interesting than the trick itself, the mathematical proof for the process.

Assuming the number the spectator is thinking of is denoted by the a single letter x, to represent the variable and the multiplier given is 9, then the process described above can be represented mathematically as below:

From 9x =9 ({ [ ( x – 1 ) – { 9x – [ 10 ( x – 1 ) ] } + 5 ] / 2 } + 3)

If 9 * x = 9x,

then x =9 ({ [ ( x – 1 ) – { 9x – [ 10 ( x – 1 ) ] } + 5 ] / 2 } + 3)/9.

Further expanding the function gives us;

x = [2x – (11 – 5)]/2 +3

= x – 3 + 3x = x, hence the function of the trick is proven.

Prince Prasad's Number Trick

Hope you enjoyed this and I would be glad if you could share some trick functions/proofs with me. Contact me anytime via e-mail or by clicking on the contact me link at the top. By the way the alter-moral of my story is: Don’t lie! You can keep adding to a lie but eventually you’ll blow the truth up out in the open. Magic is nothing without mathematics!