Capturing Essence Through Portraiture

This visual literacy assignment consists of three creative stages, which will lead to the creation of a critical visual and literary emotional response. It has been set out as suggested in the article, “3 Stages of Teaching” Jerry Ameis, Ph. D.

Activating Stage of the Art Project

Activating Stage of the Art Project

In the introductory stage, ask the students to explore the qualities of characters. Ask students to find a well known person that interests them or who they admire. Give students a set time within which to introduce their character to the class as a presentation.

Ask them to talk about the contribution that character has made to society. If the student chooses a character whose behaviour and activities are seen by some to have harmed society, ask them to talk about this in a positive way. Do this by showing them how to critique actions without resorting to shaming or blaming.

Use an Example of Deconstruction

The cover of War Cry featured below is an example of a journalist drawing student attention to contrasting behaviour without shame or blame. Find magazines like War Cry and ask the students to look at the way the writers talk about people and their behaviour. As you do this, ask the students what they think the term role model means. Ask them to think about the people they choose to follow and why and visit here.

As you deconstruct the magazine cover, ask the students to think about whether the writers are making a point about the duties and role of famous people.

Look at the juxtaposition of people and the composition of the page and encourage the students to talk about the issues the writers are bringing forward.

The Acquiring Stage – Practical Application

By now the students will be ready to explore their ideas visually. Give the students materials and ask them to draw the subject of their research. This must be someone they can discuss later with regards qualities others might follow.

  1. Decide on the proposed dimensions of the work with the students before you begin. If you will need to scan the work so that you can enhance it in graphic software, keep the size to around A4 (8 *11 inch)
  2. Ask them to draw the person as realistically as possible. The drawing of Ghandi featured below, is an example of a simple pencil sketch with colour pencil enhancements in the background. Do encourage the student to keep the artwork simple.
  3. When they are happy with their drawing, ask them to pick out a dominant feature that belongs to this person. This is the feature to be amplified. In the case of the Ghandi, the feature finally selected to be amplified was the eyes behind the glasses. This is because the lens of the glasses magnified the way he looked out onto the world. A circle became the motif selected to be the dominant shape within the composition.

Contrast What Does Not Work

Give the students plenty of time to play in the graphic software. Ask them to cut and splice, mixing and matching bits and pieces the way Picasso did. Continually remind them that they are looking for a dominant motif to amplify as a way of capturing character.

This picture called Laughing Ghandi was rejected as not typical of the way that people think of Ghandi.

Drawing The Work Together With Text

When the students come up with a basic composition and are happy with the initial layout, lead them in the quest to find a word that captures the essence of the quality amplified. In this case the word was “Mobilise”. Ghandi was able to mobilise a whole nation because of his fresh insight about the way people experience the world. A simple play on words transformed this magnification into Mobileyes.

Ask them to introduce this word in a way that compliments the composition, giving it a final finished feeling. In this case, there was a need for one last addition in illustrator and that was people walking. Ghandi inspired a whole pilgrimage to the sea so that people could harvest salt.

Applying Stage of an Art Project

To keep learning alive and the conversations vibrant, print out the digital images and paste them to card or frame them. The whole class will benefit when they see the wide variety of ways students arrived at their final composition.

Here are some ways that you could conduct a class conversation around this body of work.

You could

  • conduct an appreciative inquiry
  • initiate a class discussion about the way the deconstruction and reconstruction process has changed student perceptions of models.
  • encourage the students to write a reflexive/reflective essay about how they have internalized critical visual literacy experience. A topic could be “What Kind Of Model Am I?” or “What Type of Model Do I Wish To Be?”

This project is designed to give students opportunities to master the skills required for portraiture and abstract composition. Emotional competence is encouraged when students explore critical emotional response through artistic process.

How you Can Choose the Right Dog Bed?

While choosing the dog bad for your dog, you have to make sure it will be comfortable. As you know, dogs spend most of the time lying down, relaxing or sleeping, you have to opt for the comfy spot for them. if he doesn’t have his personal bed, he will use your furniture. When the time comes to choose the dog by the home, there are several factors important to be considered. Let’s get a look at these facts to purchase a comfortable or washable dog bed.

It is not as simple when you visit the first shop or grab the bed that you first see. The best bats are available in a huge variety, you have to decide what kind of bed you want to shop.

How you Can Choose the Right Dog Bed

 It is the most important to purchase that will be large for your four-legged friend. Preferably, you have to purchase bad that perfectly fit for your dog. You have to purchase the bed as comparable for large breeds or miniature breeds. For example, if you get a small bed for a large breed, he wouldn’t be comfortable on the bed.

 You have to also check out the material the bed is covered with. Be sure to purchase the heavy-duty material that is quite good for every day and wear suitable.

 You must consider the dog’s breed, areas climate before keeping the bed. If you have a large dog breed, it is appropriate to purchase the cotton or Canvas bed. It will be more comfortable or cooler. On the other hand, you have to purchase the washable dog bed. It’s quite easy to wash these dog beds with a single wipe of wet cloth.

 If you are looking bad for your dog to use outside, check out the fabric is especially important. You should also be considered the location, temperature when you are purchasing the bed for your dog inside or outside.

 You have to measure the available space. When your dog sleeps in a crate for you need to purchase a great style home but that’s the perfect home for your dog. At that moment, you have to choose the corner style bed that is used for the limited space.

 If it’s possible, go with a washable dog bed. But if you can’t get the bed that is laundered, it is your next best option to purchase the washable bed cover. If the cover is dirty or has the smell of doggy, just throw in the washing machine to clean it.

 It is essential to choose an excellent quality bad for dogs that never give the joint pain. Orthopedic dog beds are made up of high-density foam. It provides extra comfort, relief from the joint pain. It’s easier for dogs to come up from an Orthopedic bad because the form is giving relaxation. Moreover, it puts less pressure on the joints.

Choose the Right Dog Bed


Here are all the things that you have to consider when it’s time to purchase the bad for your dog. It could be so difficult to purchase a dog bed for your adult or puppy dog. Make sure, you choose the word that is comfortable or convenient to move.

What To Do About Barking Dogs

Who doesn’t love to have dogs as pets, they are such innocent and loyal creatures. Dogs, in general, are the most loved pets with good training they become the most disciplined too. Sometimes dogs start barking and they just don’t stop even after you give them whatever they want. There can be many reasons behind a barking dog, it is important to understand the reasons and treat them accordingly.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Barking is a vocal activity for dogs, they communicate through it hence there can be many reasons behind a barking dog. Dogs are very particular about their territory, if they feel that someone is tress-passing their place then they will start barking nonstop unless that person gets out of their territory. Dogs bark when they feel scared and lonely. Dogs love to be in a shelter, they don’t like being alone. They get scared when they are left alone and start barking. Dogs also bark when they are sad.

Why Do Dogs Bark

Dogs are attention-seeking animals, when not given required attention they start to crave for it and this results in barking, the barking gets loud with time unless somebody addresses them. Dogs start barking at the sound of any alarm or when they come across their favourite person. Just like humans, dogs also undergo anxiety problems and thus bark.

How To Control A Barking Dog?

You will not like a constant barking happening around your head, it is annoying especially when you are working or sleeping, you want a peaceful environment. There are techniques to control the barking of a dog, t takes time and efforts but with practice, it can be solved. To control the barking you must keep in mind a few things like-

  • Dogs catch the activities of their owners, so the owner has to talk in a very calm way, you must not shot in front of your dog. You must train the dog with several words like quiet so that they understand the word when told to be quiet.
  • Sometimes your dog barks because he is too active so take him for a walk or play with the dog, tire him a little so that he also needs rest.
  • There can be medical reasons too behind a barking dog, if you have tried every alternative and still the dog’s barking has not stopped, don’t hesitate taking him to a veterinarian.
  • In the initial months, teach the dog to stop barking at people. Teach him to bark just once or twice when he needs something and as an owner, you have to understand his need. Don’t make him bark for a longer time as that will become a habit later.

Once you understand the various causes that make a dog bark, you will automatically understand the treatment of them. Sometimes the sound of the bark even changes with the occasion to know more about barking dogs you can reach and understand your dog more.

Excellent Methods to Train a dog

These days, keeping dogs is becoming a trend that people all over the world follow. A dog undoubtedly brings happiness and cheerfulness in your existence especially when you don’t have a big family. You can play with your dog and spend your quality time. It is also stated fact that the dogs can help you to get rid of the stress and annoyance you are having due to other reasons.

However, you would love to keep dogs that are well trained. The dogs that are not having proper training can become drastically dangerous for your visitors as well as your family members. If you have not trained your dog, you can stay ready to face some problems due to the bad behavior, actions, and other activities, of your dog.

Top methods to train a dog

Top methods to train a dog

At the present moment, you have some basic details about the importance of training a dog. In other words, you know what training a dog can provide. If you are ready to train your dog, you should go with BarxStop right now without asking anyone else.

Train your dogs with electronic equipment- in the starting you can start training a dog with the help of electronic equipment. Honestly speaking, there are a number of electronic equipment available in the market that is prescribed by the professionals to train a dog. Make sure that you will give preference to the electronic equipment after consulting with a dog specialist.

Go with science-based training- you can moreover consider the science-based training for your dog that can help the dogs to become more mature. If you want to train a dog in a more secure and reliable way, you can give preference to science-based training. You can collect more significant details about the science-based training for a dog by visiting your nearest specialist who tackles the matters of dogs.

Train a dog

Positive strengthening- similarly, you can consider the positive strengthening method that is quite popular all over the world when it comes to training a dog details about the benefits of training a dog. You should also collect details about BarxStop right now because you want to have the rest of the benefits with a dog training method.

Electronic teaching method- You can make use of this method when your dogs are not performing the things that you want from them. According to the professionals, you can make use of the electric collars that are popular to train your dog with electronic training.

The consequences of the electronic training can be different for your dogs and that’s why you have to be cautious. With the help of such training, you can help your dog in learning how to hunt work and find the work.

With the help of the above-mentioned details, it might be easy for you to train a dog without facing too many problems. In easy words, the above-suggested ideas will help you to choose the best kind of training for your dog. In the end, you will definitely have the rest of the benefits.

How do Ultrasonic Dog Trainers Work?

Generally speaking, most of the people love to keep the dog inside their home for spending some quality time and having fun. It’s great to have dog-like a pet inside your home for various purposes. In the same situation, taking care of your dog can become an extremely difficult process for you if you have not kept dog before. There could be some situations when your dog can become angry and you have to handle him. In easy words, you will have to think about some specialized devices and methods that you can use to train your dog.

Without any kind of doubt, dog training has become a significant thing for the people who have dogs inside their home. With the right and accurate dog training, you can help your dog to be more socialized. Regardless of, you can provide a number of beneficial qualities in your dog. You may have heard something about the ultrasonic dog trainer which helps your dogs in a number of ways.

Benefits of using ultrasonic dog trainers

Benefits of using ultrasonic dog trainers

How do ultrasonic dog trainers work? In the beginning, you may have such questions before you start using the ultrasonic dog trainer. As mentioned, such types of devices can be extremely beneficial for your dog especially when he is dealing with excessive barking. Let’s take a brief look at the benefits of using the ultrasonic dog trainer for your dogs:

Bark control- bark control is going to be the most important benefit of using the ultrasonic dog trainer. It simply means that you can control the barking of your dog with the help of the ultrasonic dog trainer without any kind of doubt.

Correct the unwanted behavior- when you see some changes in the behavior of your dog, you should always try to correct the behavior of your dog. In a situation when you want to correct the unwanted behavior of your dog, you can consider using the ultrasonic dog trainers.

Helpful in basic obedience commands- likewise, the ultrasonic dog trainers can help your dog in basic obedience commands.

Now, you may have understood the real significance of using the ultrasonic dog trainer for your dog. So it might be easy for you to determine whether you should use the ultrasonic dog trainer for your dog or not.

How actually the ultrasonic dog trainer works?

How actually the ultrasonic dog trainer works

How do ultrasonic dog trainers work? After collecting information about the benefits of using the ultrasonic dog trainer now, you should know how actually such devices work. Once you will become familiar with the working procedure, you make sure great trust in this device for improving some qualities in your dog. Here are the special things that you can consider the working scenario of the ultrasonic dog trainers:

Start the negative tone button

In the beginning, you will have to start the negative tone buttons of the ultrasonic dog trainer. This is the first thing that the dog trainer will use whenever you will use it for your dog.

Activate the ultrasonic sound

Next, you need to activate the ultrasonic sound in the ultrasonic dog trainer device.

The microphone emits ultrasonic sounds

As soon as you activate the ultrasonic sound in the ultrasonic trainer device, the microphone will emit the ultrasonic sounds. This procedure gets continued and your dogs can learn what you really want.

That’s how the ultrasonic dog trainer works

That’s how the ultrasonic dog trainer works

This is the simple and easy working procedure of the ultrasonic dog trainers that you can understand easily. Now, you may have understood the overall working procedure of the ultrasonic dog trainer. If you still have any kind of doubt, you can visit similar platforms.