Do Global Chefs Knives Cut It?

Do Global Chefs Knives Cut It

Slice It Good With a Global Chef Knife

Being a wannabe chef, the best investment you could possibly make is in a good kitchen knife. Come into play the Global Chef Knife.

How annoying is it to cut vegetables, meats or fruits with a dull knife. I absolutely hate it!!! Sometimes, I secretly want to bring my own knives to parties when I’m asked to help prepare the food just because I’m afraid their knives will be dull and hard to use.

There are sooo many to choose from so I’m going to try my best to go through some knives and some do’s and don’ts when purchasing your set or single kitchen knife.

The Global Kitchen Knife is a great knife to start off with. The cost is average, but the results..fantastic!

5 Types Of Global Knife Products To Have In Your Kitchen 

5 Types Of Global Knife Products To Have In Your Kitchen

If you look at the vast number of global chef knives out there, it could make your head spin.

Here is a list of 5 main kitchen must have knives including a sharpener that you want to have in your kitchen when you’re starting to buy kitchen knives.

  1. A good Global chefs knife will probably be the one you would use the most. Look for a blade that goes at least 3/4 of the way through the handle and easily fits in your hands.
    Generally they come in different sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches. Hold some in your hands at different sizes and see how they feel.
    Make sure the balance in your hand is even. In other words you don’t want to be holding knife that feels like you’re holding a handle that is holding a knife. It should all feel like one unit.
    Looking for a blade that is forged and mainly stainless steel. Stamped blades are just not as strong but will still do a great job.
  2. A slicer is good for meats. It is normally has a longer, thinner blade and it won’t tear the meat as you are cutting it.
  3. A serrated knife has a grooved edge and cuts breads like butter. If you have a nice sharp serrated knife, cutting softer skinned fruits like tomatoes or mangos is easy to cut with and won’t cause the fruit to get squished.
  4. A boning knife is a good knife to have as you can de-bone meats and it is easy to use. Most likely, it will be the second most used kitchen knife in y.collection
  5. Don’t forget the good ol’ paring knife. Great for smaller items like fruits and vegetables. It’s a much smaller and shorter knife, easy to hold in your hands, and a jiffy to pull out and cut with.
  6. Finally a good steel is a must have. Every time you use one of your knives with a straight blade (not the serrated or slicer knife) it gets slightly duller. If you maintain your knife after every use, you’ll be surprised at how amazingly sharp your blades will stay. It doesn’t make the knife sharper…it keeps the knife sharp.

So Why Buy A Global Chef Knife? 

Whats The Skinny On Global

There are a number of reasons why a Global chef knife may be the right fit for you.

Price wise, they are a good investment piece if you’re looking for a truly great knife. Most of the Steel of the blades are made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel which retains edges for razor sharpness exceptionally well.

If you are new to a ‘sharp’ knife and have been using dull ones before, don’t be afraid of these new works of art.

One reviewer mentioned that they compared the knife with a high quality knife from Japan which was double the price and still loved the Global much more due to the design and balance of the knives. He felt like it was designed by and made for a chef.

If you maintain your knifes by washing them by hand, cleaning them right away and maintaining there sharpness with a good steel, your Global chef knives can last you a lifetime. You will love them once you get used to them.

Also it helps that they look so darned good! They are a fabulous looking knife!

Remember to be careful and watch your fingers as well as you finger tips, arms etc, because these Global knives are so sharp that cutting through a tomato and cutting through skin is a piece of cake for it and makes no difference to the knives if you are not paying attention.

How To Sharpen Your Global Chef Knife 

How To Sharpen Your Global Chef Knife

It is important to keep your Global chef knife in top working order. Keep it sharp by taking it to an expert or try to do it yourself using a ceramic whet stone.