Do Global Chefs Knives Cut It?

Slice It Good With a Global Chef Knife

Being a wannabe chef, the best investment you could possibly make is in a good kitchen knife. Come into play the Global Chef Knife.

How annoying is it to cut vegetables, meats or fruits with a dull knife. I absolutely hate it!!! Sometimes, I secretly want to bring my own knives to parties when I’m asked to help prepare the food just because I’m afraid their knives will be dull and hard to use.

There are sooo many to choose from so I’m going to try my best to go through some knives and some do’s and don’ts when purchasing your set or single kitchen knife.

The Global Kitchen Knife is a great knife to start off with. The cost is average, but the results..fantastic!

5 Types Of Global Knife Products To Have In Your Kitchen 

5 Types Of Global Knife Products To Have In Your Kitchen

If you look at the vast number of global chef knives out there, it could make your head spin.

Here is a list of 5 main kitchen must have knives including a sharpener that you want to have in your kitchen when you’re starting to buy kitchen knives.

  1. A good Global chefs knife will probably be the one you would use the most. Look for a blade that goes at least 3/4 of the way through the handle and easily fits in your hands.
    Generally they come in different sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches. Hold some in your hands at different sizes and see how they feel.
    Make sure the balance in your hand is even. In other words you don’t want to be holding knife that feels like you’re holding a handle that is holding a knife. It should all feel like one unit.
    Looking for a blade that is forged and mainly stainless steel. Stamped blades are just not as strong but will still do a great job.
  2. A slicer is good for meats. It is normally has a longer, thinner blade and it won’t tear the meat as you are cutting it.
  3. A serrated knife has a grooved edge and cuts breads like butter. If you have a nice sharp serrated knife, cutting softer skinned fruits like tomatoes or mangos is easy to cut with and won’t cause the fruit to get squished.
  4. A boning knife is a good knife to have as you can de-bone meats and it is easy to use. Most likely, it will be the second most used kitchen knife in y.collection
  5. Don’t forget the good ol’ paring knife. Great for smaller items like fruits and vegetables. It’s a much smaller and shorter knife, easy to hold in your hands, and a jiffy to pull out and cut with.
  6. Finally a good steel is a must have. Every time you use one of your knives with a straight blade (not the serrated or slicer knife) it gets slightly duller. If you maintain your knife after every use, you’ll be surprised at how amazingly sharp your blades will stay. It doesn’t make the knife sharper…it keeps the knife sharp.

So Why Buy A Global Chef Knife? 

Whats The Skinny On Global

There are a number of reasons why a Global chef knife may be the right fit for you.

Price wise, they are a good investment piece if you’re looking for a truly great knife. Most of the Steel of the blades are made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel which retains edges for razor sharpness exceptionally well.

If you are new to a ‘sharp’ knife and have been using dull ones before, don’t be afraid of these new works of art.

One reviewer mentioned that they compared the knife with a high quality knife from Japan which was double the price and still loved the Global much more due to the design and balance of the knives. He felt like it was designed by and made for a chef.

If you maintain your knifes by washing them by hand, cleaning them right away and maintaining there sharpness with a good steel, your Global chef knives can last you a lifetime. You will love them once you get used to them.

Also it helps that they look so darned good! They are a fabulous looking knife!

Remember to be careful and watch your fingers as well as you finger tips, arms etc, because these Global knives are so sharp that cutting through a tomato and cutting through skin is a piece of cake for it and makes no difference to the knives if you are not paying attention.

How To Sharpen Your Global Chef Knife 

How To Sharpen Your Global Chef Knife

It is important to keep your Global chef knife in top working order. Keep it sharp by taking it to an expert or try to do it yourself using a ceramic whet stone.

The Self Reproducing Meme

The word “meme” is relatively new. It was created, or at least given its current meaning, by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. For those who are not familiar with the term or need a quick refresher, the basic idea is as follows.

A meme is a piece of cultural information. The easiest way to think of it is as an idea or a behavior (and perhaps the idea associated with said behavior). There are many examples: behaviors like handshakes, phrases like “wassup, dawg”, slogans like “Live free or die”, and technology such as cars or computers are all examples. In fact, it may be more difficult to think of things that aren’t memes, though this debate will be saved for another article.

This article is concerned with a very specific meme. Most people are familiar with reproduction, as this is how anyone reading this article was made. Self-reproduction (or asexual reproduction) is reproduction where something creates a copy of itself, as opposed to sexual reproduction, where the offspring takes part of the mother and part of the father. Self-reproduction can create an exact copy of the original. The idea of a meme was explained at the beginning of this article, which means the reader should now have all the necessary pieces to understand the self-reproducing meme.

The concept is simple. The self-reproducing meme reproduces itself. However, all memes spread this way. For instance, if you were to explain to a friend how and when to shake hands, you just helped the handshake meme to reproduce. What make the self-reproducing meme unique is that this is its whole purpose. It is an idea that exists only to spread itself. One possible way of writing this out formally: “The concept and purpose of the self-reproducing meme is to spread the self-reproducing meme,To find out more info about meme, you’ve to visit our website.

This meme is a small one. It only takes a sentence to communicate the basic idea. This article used four paragraphs to introduce the idea to a reader with little or no previous understanding of memes. Since it only has one purpose, spreading itself, it doesn’t have much complexity. It also is not concerned with how it should spread itself; this would be part of a separate meme.

One interesting fact is that anyone who reads and understands this article is now “infected” with the meme, and is now a carrier. Spreading memes is often compared to spreading a virus. Once a person is infected, they spread the virus through contact with other people. By talking about the meme with friends, writing about the meme, or even physically (or vitually) posting copies of this article, carriers spread the meme. The meme can also spread using the help of other memes. For instance, a group of researchers could start studying memes and include this meme, a community on the internet could make spreading this meme part of a game or contest, or a debate on the meme could surface.

Any memes directly related to this meme would be considered part of the same meme-complex, which is a set of related memes. If George Washington were a meme, he could be part of the U.S. Presidents meme-complex, which in turn might be part of the world leaders meme-complex. He also could be part of the Revolutionary War Generals meme-complex. Given the potential complexity, meme-complexes tend to be defined informally, and are more a matter of convenience than hard science.

It is up to the reader to decide what to do with the self-reproducing meme once they learn of it. Some will do nothing, only carrying the information without passing it along. A smaller subset may forget the information entirely. Some readers, on the other hand, will pass the information along by a variety of methods. Others will create new memes that will aid in the spread. If enough carriers do this, the meme could spread to millions of people. Perhaps it will eventually spread to every possible carrier on earth, and even beyond earth. In theory, there is no limit to how far an idea can spread. If you are interested in further discussion on this topic, the author of this article is expecting to write additional articles. Readers are also encouraged to write responses to this article both to further the academic discussion and because they will likely further aid the spread of the self-reproducing meme.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray Saves Money, Time, and Gives Me Peace of Mind

I think garbage cans in Florida, are one of the worst things to keep clean, and sanitized. For years I would individually bag up the garbage, or rubbish as we call it in England, and then put it in the trash can, or dustbin, which is another English word, that is lined with a garbage sack.

Well the garbage sacks, or bags are so expensive, that I told Len this is too much to pay. I didn’t want to keep them any longer for the fear of bacteria forming. So what was I to do.

I looked in the supermarket and came up with Lysol Disinfectant Spray that kills viruses, bacteria, mold & mildew. It kills 99.9% of germs and eliminates odors. The scent I chose was Crisp Linen. This is a huge spray can and weighs in at 19 ounces (l lb. 3 oz.) or 539 g.

Spray Saves Money

The first can I purchased almost a year ago. After cleaning the garbage can, I put a black liner/bag in it and taped it to the edges. I then gave the inside of the can a spray of Lysol, also the lid, and the outside too.

Both Len and I filled the garbage can with our tied bags of rubbish, and out went the trash can twice a week. Each time we brought it in to the garage we sprayed it again, with Lysol. Each month we changed the black sack/liner. So instead of using 8 bags, we only used 1 a month.

The garbage can always smells wonderful, is disinfected, with a beautiful fragrance, and all but .9% of germs are gone

Lysol does so much more too. It states on the can that it kills the flu virus. It kills and prevents mold and mildew on bathroom surfaces, shower curtain liners, sinks, and plastic mattress covers.

It is great for faucets, shower areas, toilet seats, bath tubs, sinks, fridge exteriors, counter tops, as well as, diaper pails, doorknobs, telephones, window sills, and the baby’s plastic toys.

The directions for use differ depending on what you are using it for. Full directions are on the back of the can.

I now have one in the garage for the garbage can, and one upstairs for the bathrooms, and kitchen. Yes, I live in a townhouse, so have one bathroom downstairs, and a complete condo upstairs, see this here.

Disinfectant Spray

I know that whatever I touch will be safe. I just spray the area with the Lysol and know that my house is almost free of germs.

Do not use Lysol Disinfectant Spray on wooden surfaces.

The retail price can run from $5.99 to $7.99, but I was lucky enough to pick 2 up this week for $3.99, at Walgreen’s drugstore.

This is a product that saves me time, money, and keeps my home safe.

Shopping Guide for Antique Bedroom Furniture

What is antique bedroom furniture for one, is a childhood memory for someone else. To be accurate, anything over the of fifty is considered to be an antique, so to some antique bedroom furniture would be from the 1960’s. To others antique bedroom furniture would be from the 1930’s and 40’s and others back to the Victorian era. What ever your idea of antique bedroom furniture is, there are places where you can get just what you want.

For those who like to bargain hunt, there is the second hand or thrift store. Don’t pass them up because of the name. You can get some great finds there and in some cases help out a charity. They are not interested in getting antique prices for their products. Many of them are donated or they bought out an apartment or a house. You would probably have a better chance to find the younger aged antique bedroom furniture, but sometime you can find a great older piece of antique bedroom furniture at a great price. A place like the Angel Street Thrift Shop in New York is a good example. Every city, town and village has at least one, but call first tell them what you are looking for and if they have it go fast because if you do not the antique bedroom furniture will probably move even faster.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

Estate sales are another excellent choice and you can find some older, one of a kind items that were once considered to be family heirlooms. Your local paper will have listings and they are a great way to spend a day in the country, exploring a different place and hunting for the best antique bedroom furniture. The Estate Sale Network lists estate sales in all of the states. They list the contact information for the sales agents and there are complete descriptions and even pictures so you know what you will be seeing before you get there. Prices will vary greatly, but the fewer people who are looking, the better deal you may be able to find.

Auctions are another choice for finding items like antique bedroom furniture. You can get a great a deal if you don’t get carried away in a bidding war. Set your price and stick to it or you may spend the whole budget on just one piece. Again, the internet is a great resource for fining local auctions. Sites like Run Walk Jog have listings for auctions in all 50 states. On hint that goes for both the estate sales and auctions. Do not let bad weather hold you back. The crowds are usually smaller and you will have a better chance to get the antique bedroom furniture you want at a price you want to pay.

And of course there are the traditional stores. If you are looking for real antique bedroom furniture, not reproductions or copies, then you need to go to a store that specializes in antique bedroom furniture. This can be the most expensive option, but it can save you time. Again let your fingers do the walking first either through the phone book or on the net. Comparison shop and keep an eye out for condition. And when you find that one perfect piece, it will be the culmination of your own personal treasure hunt.

How to Work with Number Types When Programming: Looking at the Way in which Programming Languages Handle Numbers

There is one interesting difference between humans and computers. Most human beings with even a rudimentary grasp of mathematics can handle numbers quite happily. Some numbers may be harder to work with because of the size of them but, all in all, people know what to do with them.

However, while computers are very add up very quickly, sometimes they appear to do strange things numbers. A programmer must be aware that, to a computer, not all numbers are the same and that some programming languages can produce some quite surprising results. It is, therefore, worth looking at some of the pitfalls can can befall an application developer as they manipulate data in their programs.

An Unexpected Output

An Unexpected Output

A Java programmer, for example, may decide that the int (or integer) number type may be suitable for creating id numbers, for example:

int myId;

myId = 2147483646;

myId++; System.out.println (myId);

The new id is obviously 2147483647 (as shown in Figure 1 at the bottom of this article). However, something strange happens when then next id is generated:

int myId;

myId = 2147483647;

myId++; System.out.println (myId);

This time the answer is not 2147483648 as any human being would expect. It is -2147483648 (as shown in Figure 2). This is not some strange new kind of mathematics. It’s simply that the computer does not see the number in the same way that a human does. It sees it as an allocation of memory.

Numbers and Memory

Most programming languages will support the number types:

  • short (16 bits) – signed integer (-32768 to 32767)
  • int (32 bits) – signed integer (-2147483648 to 214783647)
  • long (64 bits) – signed integer (-9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807)
  • float (32 bits) – floating point (approximately -1038.53 to 1038.53 )
  • double (64 bits) – floating point (approximately -10308.25 to 10308.25)

Some programming languages will support additional number definitions, for example Java supports the byte (8 bits) which is a signed integer from -128 to 217. And it’s worth noting that although some of the number ranges are very large, none of them are infinite.

A Better Solution

The programmer must, therefore, choose a number type appropriate for the data that they expect to use, for example:

long myId;

myId = 2147483646;


myId++; System.out.println (myId);

This time the correct result will be displayed (a shown in figure 3).

Not All Programming Languages are the Same

Of course, not all programming languages are as concerned about the number type being used. VBScript (or Visual Basic Script) will assign and reassign the number type as required:

Dim myID: myID = 2147483646

myID = myID + 1

wscript.echo myID

myID = myID + 1 wscript.echo myID

Even though the programmer has not defined the the number type to be used, the correct number is calculated (as shown in figure 4). However, it must be remembered that:

Programming Languages are the Same
  • no number range is infinite
  • an application that uses only doubles will handle number correctly but may use a lot of memory
  • a program that uses only shorts will not use much memory but will only be able to handle small numbers

For the programmer, therefore, there is a trade off between the amount of the memory to be used and the size of the number that can be used. However, if they are aware of the limitations of the number types that they are using then they will be able to create an accurate and efficient number crunching application.

Ethan Allen Furniture Store Located in Bayport, New York

Highly Recommend

When my husband and I moved into our new home we needed some new furniture. We wanted to make sure we purchased high quality products because this needed to last a long time. A friend of mine highly recommended the furniture store Ethan Allen. I wasn’t so sure about this because I had always heard that they were very expensive. But my husband wanted to check it out and see the quality of the furniture.

One Sunday afternoon we took our son to Ethan Allen to just browse. I always know that just browsing with my husband usually leads to purchasing. We wanted to furnish two rooms, the living room and the family room. As soon as we walked in we knew it was going to be a good shopping experience. My husband usually doesn’t like to talk the salespeople too soon. He likes to walk around and take it all in and then ask someone for help. We were able to do just that. We browsed by ourselves for a few minutes until we decided to ask the saleslady for some help. We explained what we were looking for and she answered our questions right away.

Highly Recommend

First of all the store is huge. It has a widespread collection from modern to traditional to pretty much any design you were looking for. We sat on all of the couches until we found the most comfortable one. We ended up purchasing a leather couch and chair with ottoman for our living room. We wanted a more formal look for this room. We also purchased end table to match. For the family room we wanted to go a bit more casual. We ended up purchasing a couch and love seat in a fabric called micro-suede that would clean up easily since we have two dogs, one cat, and a toddler. The saleslady also recommended buying two swivel chairs that we didn’t set out to get. At this point my son was tired and had about enough so we just agreed to all of the furniture.

Looking back now I think we bought too much stuff. We opened up an Ethan Allen credit card and was able to receive a promotional discount. We will be paying this furniture off for quite some time but it was definitely worth it. The quality is great. The leather has really held up well. The micro-suede does clean up very easily. Just a little water if you are able to catch the stain in time. The end tables are solid and sturdy. To clean them you just need a pledge wipe, so simple.

Ethan Allen Furniture

Overall our experience with Ethan Allen of Bayport located on the south service road of Sunrise Highway was a pleasant one. The saleslady even came to our home once we had purchased the furniture to make sure all of the dimensions would fit correctly. She then walked around our house and gave me some decorating ideas. I know she just wanted me to purchase some more items from the store but it still helped to hear someone else’s ideas. We haven’t one back only because I want to pay off the original purchases first. I almost forgot to mention that their delivery service also was wonderful. They called ahead of time and didn’t even get lost. They came in and set up the furniture for us. I even asked if they could move some of my old stuff into the basement and they said yes. They packed up their garbage neatly and didn’t leave any mess.

Ethan Allen – great quality and great service. Highly Recommend!

Bulova Desk Clocks

Bulova desk clocks make the ideal accessory. Whether you are a well-established CEO, or have just moved out of the mailroom, a good desk clock is a workplace necessity. Why not make it a nice one?

Anyone with an office job can appreciate the importance of having your own workspace. Even if it is small, having a place that is your own is important, both for productivity and comfort. When you get that desk of your own, a setting it up with items that make you feel at home is a critical first step.

Bulova Desk Clocks for the Workplace

Bulova Desk Clocks for the Workplace

Now, people vary in terms of their comfort expressing themselves in the workplace. Some will adorn their desk with pictures of loved ones, potted plants, or pithy sayings. Others prefer a more minimalist approach, favoring only a coffee cup and pencil holder. However, everyone needs a desk clock.

If you are going to invest in a desk clock, you might as well make it something you will hold on to for a while. Bulova desk clocks are ideal for the workplace because they reflect both good taste and professionalism. Better still, Bulova desk clocks will stand the test of time, reliably ticking while you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Bulova Gold Watches

Bulova gold watches are the traditional choice for those who want an upscale timepiece, without the flash of diamonds or jewels. Elegant and understated, they are still prestige pieces that are sure to attract the admiration and envy of your peers. Further, their sleek design means that they can be worn in all sorts of settings.

Diamonds are, of course, a perennial favorite when it comes to luxury watches. However, a significant difficulty rests in the fact that you can’t wear diamond gold watches everywhere. There are some settings where they are out of place or simply unsafe.

Bulova Gold Watches for All Occasions

Bulova Gold Watches for All Occasions

At the same time, when you spend a lot of money on a timepiece, you’d like to get as much mileage out of it as possible. You should be able to wear your watch at gala events, PTA meetings, and sporting events without thinking twice. With Bulova gold watches, you can do just that. The beauty of gold watches is their versatility. Discerning customers purchase Bulova gold watches knowing that they are investments that will get more than their share of use. When viewed from this perspective, many would suggest that the prices you pay are, in fact, quite reasonable.

Fall Decorating Candles for Your Bathroom

Imagine walking through a Fall meadow full of flowers and the scent of moss and woods nearby. That vision can be as close as your bathroom, if you love having scented candles lit while you bathe after a long hard day at work. Of course, any of the candles on the list below can be lit any time during the day when you need a few moments alone for relaxing. If you prefer, you can set one of these candles on your vanity table instead of your bathroom. Try any of the candles below for the fall season:

This tea leaf pillar candle by Skeem comes in a clear glass holder with a pretty gold Renaissance design on the outside. The candle is pink in color. Light this when you want to take a long hot bath at night before going to bed. Available from Live on Sunset for $20.00. So, read this review article for bathroom products.

If you love chocolate, you’ll wish you could eat this Mayan Hot Chocolate candle. Part of the Andaluz collection by Skeem, the external decoration is purple, green, gold, and black in a Moorish style. Think Alhambra with this candle. Available from Live on Sunset for $20.00.

Roses and geraniums linger on until the end of the fall season. This candle made of vegetable wax contains this very blend of scents. Imagine yourself sitting in your garden while reading a Victorian romance story. By K. Hall Designs and available from Milk for $25.00.

Decorating Candles

Soy candles are popular with those who favor organic candles scented with natural oils. This Lucia thyme flower and coriander candle from Lucie Bernier is the perfect candle for de-stressing while in the tub or shower. Available from Pergolina for $24.00.

The Illume Glacial Jar candle in Kashmir Sun is made of paraffin wax with the scent of bergamot, moss, and white lilies. This can easily be paired with the Maya Hot Chocolate in its Moorish design holder. Kashmir Sun has the colors of gold and turquoise, also in that Middle Eastern design. Available from Anthropologie for $32.00.

Capri Fig Frangipani from Voluspa Japonica comes in a tin decorated in sunflowers. Rose notes are also included in this candle. The three small wicks can be lit while you get ready in the morning before going to work. Available from Anthropologie for $18.00.

L’Occitane offers a verbena candle in a small glass jar with the trademark name on the outside. The verbena used in this candle comes from Corsica, where the flower is used in perfumes. Available from Nordstrom for $23.00.

Review of the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Space Heater

A space heater can be life-saver if you have a home that isn’t particularly energy efficient, spend a lot of time in just one particular room of your home, or just need to heat a less or unheated area of your home. We purchased the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater to help heat our family room during the winter months. Here is our experience.

How well does it work? The biggest reason for owning a space heater such as the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater is so it will warm up an area of your home. We have a large family room that was an addition to our older home. It has vaulted ceilings and lots of windows. It is a lovely room but it gets very cold in the winter. We purchased the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater to try and warm this particular room. The heating ability of this space heater is excellent. We have French doors leading to this room so we are able to close it off from the rest of the house. This single space heater is able to heat our 25 by 26 foot family room without any trouble at all, see details.

Is it built to last? We went through two space heaters before purchasing the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater. Both space heaters burned up within months of owning them. Our Lasko 758000 is going on its third winter and it is still working just as well as the day we bought it. We use this space heater daily during the winter and it typically stays on for at least 5 hours at a time.

Ceramic Space Heater

Is it affordable? The Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater is in the middle range for price when compared to other ceramic heaters of the same basic size and wattage. At around $69.99 you can certainly find space heaters that are less expensive and some that are more expensive. The excellent heating capability and the durability make the $69.99 price tag of the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater quite reasonable.

How energy efficient is it? The Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater features a thermostat design so it will cycle on and off if you set it to do so. This should help with the energy efficiency of this space heater. Other than that feature I cannot really attest to the energy efficiency of this model. I did not notice a change in our heating bill.

What are the features? The Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater is slim and sleek in design. It fits easily into smaller spaces and blends in nicely with most decors. The controls are easy to use and the electronic display is easy to read. Because the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater is cyclonic it does a better job of circulating heat around the room than heaters than utilize a fan. There is an overheat protection to keep your family safe built into this space heater as well. Overall I give the Lasko 758000 Ceramic Heater an “A” for its excellent heating ability, durability, affordability, and ease of use.

Tips for Choosing a Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Size Matters

When shopping for a side-by-side refrigerator in an effort to get the most for your money, it is important to keep a few tips in mind. This style of refrigerator tends to look larger than it actually is, and after buying one and beginning to use it, you just might find out it is not as large as it looked on the sales floor. Side-by-side refrigerators have more freezer room than standard refrigerator/freezers, and they are more expensive in more ways than one. Unbeknownst to many, it can cost up to twenty percent more to run this style of refrigerator/freezer. Consider the following information before choosing a refrigerator, and do not be fooled by the appearance of the exterior, click this over here now.


Refrigerator Shelf Space

A side-by-side unit is generally just as deep as a regular refrigerator, but it is considerably narrower, and this can be a problem for those who refrigerate larger items. Large side-by-side refrigerators offer plenty of shelf space, but the models with the least amount of square footage might not be adequate – even with a small family.

Square Footage

Although even the smallest side door refrigerators offer considerably more than eight cubic feet, this is the smallest size recommended to accommodate two people. Add a cubic foot for each additional family member, and four more cubic feet if guests visit regularly. No matter the square footage, consider the width of refrigerator shelf space very carefully before deciding on a model or you might not be happy after stocking the shelves.

A Personal Experience

My husband and I ended up choosing a side-by-side refrigerator with a little over fourteen cubic feet in the refrigerated section alone, but it was not adequate for our family of six. Matter of fact I would not have considered it adequate if I were living alone. A large pizza box would not fit on any of the shelves because it was too wide, and some of my baking pans would not fit either. The freezer section was more than adequate since it was larger than what we previously had, but overall the refrigerator was a disappointment, and I regretted choosing it.

The narrow shelves were just as deep as a unit of average size, but even though the shelves were glass, many items ended up hidden in back. Dishes of food spoiled many times because they were behind other items, and hidden food ended up going to waste. It was a style of refrigerator that I knew I would never end up choosing again, at least not with shelves that narrow.

My husband and I sold our small side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, and I do not miss it in the least. We ended up choosing an eighteen cubic foot unit with the freezer on top after moving into our current home, and it provides plenty of space for everything from baking pans to large pizza boxes. Having a larger and more open refrigerator section is something I prefer over having ice and water in the door and a larger freezer. When in the market for a refrigerator, this is definitely something to consider before choosing a side door unit that could end up costing more in every way.