Fall Decorating Candles for Your Bathroom

Fall Decorating Candles

Imagine walking through a Fall meadow full of flowers and the scent of moss and woods nearby. That vision can be as close as your bathroom, if you love having scented candles lit while you bathe after a long hard day at work. Of course, any of the candles on the list below can be lit any time during the day when you need a few moments alone for relaxing. If you prefer, you can set one of these candles on your vanity table instead of your bathroom. Try any of the candles below for the fall season:

This tea leaf pillar candle by Skeem comes in a clear glass holder with a pretty gold Renaissance design on the outside. The candle is pink in color. Light this when you want to take a long hot bath at night before going to bed. Available from Live on Sunset for $20.00. So, read this review article for bathroom products.

If you love chocolate, you’ll wish you could eat this Mayan Hot Chocolate candle. Part of the Andaluz collection by Skeem, the external decoration is purple, green, gold, and black in a Moorish style. Think Alhambra with this candle. Available from Live on Sunset for $20.00.

Roses and geraniums linger on until the end of the fall season. This candle made of vegetable wax contains this very blend of scents. Imagine yourself sitting in your garden while reading a Victorian romance story. By K. Hall Designs and available from Milk for $25.00.

Decorating Candles

Soy candles are popular with those who favor organic candles scented with natural oils. This Lucia thyme flower and coriander candle from Lucie Bernier is the perfect candle for de-stressing while in the tub or shower. Available from Pergolina for $24.00.

The Illume Glacial Jar candle in Kashmir Sun is made of paraffin wax with the scent of bergamot, moss, and white lilies. This can easily be paired with the Maya Hot Chocolate in its Moorish design holder. Kashmir Sun has the colors of gold and turquoise, also in that Middle Eastern design. Available from Anthropologie for $32.00.

Capri Fig Frangipani from Voluspa Japonica comes in a tin decorated in sunflowers. Rose notes are also included in this candle. The three small wicks can be lit while you get ready in the morning before going to work. Available from Anthropologie for $18.00.

L’Occitane offers a verbena candle in a small glass jar with the trademark name on the outside. The verbena used in this candle comes from Corsica, where the flower is used in perfumes. Available from Nordstrom for $23.00.