Learn How to Earn XP in League of Legends Faster

League of Legends

Do you love to play League of Legends? If yes, then you must be really competitive with the other players. Whether you are a new player or you are playing this game for a long time, you will never get bored of it. It is really crucial that you decide to play this game with one of your friends so that you can enjoy it more.

If you are playing the game with lots of players, then you must want to show your profile as a good one and that can happen with the nice XP points. The experience points in the game as basically called the XP and if you want to earn it, then you need to play the game with full dedication. There are a lot of players who get confused when they hear the word XP while playing this game. Here you can learn how does XP work in League of Legends?

It is not easy to gain XP points when you are in League of Legends but that’s why you are playing the game so that you can gain higher XP than other players. It shows your progress with the increasing levels and you need to complete certain missions if you want to get higher XP than the other players. Whenever you will level up, then you will be able to get reward capsules in which you will find the blue essence or champion shards. Visit this following site for more info: https://www.boostroyal.co.uk/.

Learn how to gain XP in LoL

how does XP work in League of Legends

Do you even know how to gain exp? Whenever you are dieing like a creep in the game, you are able to gain XP and when you will kill the creep, then you will get more experience. If you are able to kill any other champion, then there are better chances that you will get more experience as compared to killing creep. Whenever you are able to find the neutral monsters in the jungle map, you should kill them to get more XP as compared to the creep. The value of XP is basically associated with killings. The towers can help you to get global XP and the dragons have global and local XP components.

XP work in League of Legends

If you want to gain XP boosts, then you can purchase it from the RP store online. There are mainly two types of boosts present in LoL and those are ‘Per win’ and ‘Days’ boosts. When you will purchase an XP boost, then it will get extended whenever there will be a properly planned downtime server. If you have earned 200XP, then with the Days boost, you will be able to add more 200XP in your account having total 400XP. Isn’t that amazing? If you will choose to buy per win boosts, then you will get 210 XP for every game and it won’t affect your boost reward in the game at all. Now that you know the working of XP in LoL game, you can definitely start earning it. Either you can get it by playing the game with full dedication or you can also save your time by purchasing XP.