How Much Data does it take to Stream?

How Much Data does it take to Stream

In this present world of the internet, watching videos is one of the key methods that people consume through their payment. Today, you can watch any kind of video in the desired quality without any doubt. Whether you are fond of watching Live Sports Fixtures or you want to watch movies, there are lots of platforms available where you can watch the streaming. The platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime video are popular for streaming the videos.

On the other hand, it can be difficult for you to determine how much data does the streaming take. You are only enjoying the time watching your favorite videos but you do not know how much data you are spending. As the videos are available in different quality, you need to consume data for streaming differently.



In the beginning, you will have to keep in mind that the chosen videos can take an enormous amount of data per hour. Streaming the videos live on different platforms has become a popular way to make the most out of your free time. To collect details about the data taken by streaming, you have to go through the following paragraphs one after one.

Stream quality videos take data in different ways

How much data does it take to stream? Now, you have some basic details about the streaming of the videos. Consequently, you can take a short look at the following points that give you brief details about streaming data taken by different quality videos:

 The high-definition videos (720p) take 0.9GB data per hour
 The 1080p quality videos take 1.5GB per hour
 2K quality video takes 3GB per hour
 The ultra HD videos take more data
 4K quality videos take 7.2GB data per hour

Factors to determine data used by streaming

Factors to determine data used by streaming

How much data does it take to stream? Now, you have successfully known the things regarding the streaming of videos. In other words, you have to pay attention to some special factors that help you to know how much data you are going to use. Here are the factors that you can use to determine the data used by the streaming:

Quality of the video: quality is going to become the first important factor to determine the overall data used by the streaming. If you prefer watching the streaming or videos in an Ultra HD quality, you may need to spend more data. Similarly, the quality of a video determines the overall data consumption.

Chosen streaming platform: The chosen streaming platform can become another considerable factor to determine how much data you are going to use.

Internet Speed: Indeed, internet speed is going to be another important factor that can help you to know the overall data consumed by streaming.

Low-quality videos: if you prefer watching videos in low quality, you will be consuming small data in comparison to the HD video quality.

Hopefully, you have understood how much data it takes to stream videos. You have considered some important factors about the data consumption. So, it will be easy to know how much data you can spend on streaming.