Tips For The Beginner To Create An Android Application

how to develop android app

Everyone wants to at least try making an android app of their own as it is quite fascinating to create and run your own program. Even if you create a simple program you will fee quite amazing when it works properly. Well, the process for developing an android application is not easy and you cannot make any errors as the application will not work properly. If you like to try creating an application on your own then you need to use certain codes and learn some basic things about JAVA and coding.

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend On Creating An Android Application?

Developing an application is never an easy project even for an expert with proper knowledge as the final program will have a lot of bugs and issues. You need to make adjustments with the programs as you create the program, visit our website Sometimes if you fix an issue it might lead to many other issues which can truly ruin your experience. So you need to be ready as it will take many hours for you to create an android application.

Steps To Create An Android Application

Here are some of the steps you need to follow in order to learn how to develop android app. Make sure that you follow all the instructions and do not make any errors during the work.

1. Install The Android Maker Application –

The first thing you need to do is download a developer program which can help you in creating the android application. This will really help you to get the best solutions without too many troubles. Make sure to download the program from trusted sources and install is using proper steps.

2. Open A Fresh New Project –
Open A Fresh New Project

Now you need to run the program and open a new project. You can found this setting when you run the program.

3. Edit The Introductory Message –

For the android app, you need to add some introductory message to it. You can assign any message that you want for your users.

4. Add The Buttons For The App –

Now you need to add a button to the android app which will help the users to navigate through various functions.

5. Enter The Activities Of Application –

After that, you need to add more activities to your programs or you can call it features available for the users. You can create another page for your android application.

6. Add Designation And Functions To The Button –

You need to assign the functions to the buttons to make sure that they work perfectly for the purpose they are created for.

7. Test The Application If It’s Working Properly –

For the people who want to learn how to develop android app, you need to follow these steps. After completing all the above steps you can test if the app is running properly or not. If there are any errors then you need to make adjustments otherwise you are ready to try out your program.

Test The Application If It's Working Properly

After following all the steps you have completed the process of creating an android application. You can run your program and if you want to include some new features then you need to enter it using the programming.