How to get Instagram likes without Hashtags?

How to get Instagram likes without Hashtags

It’s a known fact that hashtags are the best way of Instagram marketing. It’s easier to connect with people that have similar interests through hashtags.

There’s an option in Instagram where people explore contents with hashtags, and if your post has the correct hashtag and timing, it will be shown to people who have interests of the same kind and will surely follow you if you have quality content and feed.

Content is king. You can add all the hashtags in the world, but without appropriate content in your feed, you can’t expect to grow the follower numbers.

If you aren’t able to generate the expected number of followers despite having the best hashtag strategy, the problem must be in something else. So, whether or whether not deciding to use hashtags, there are some other things that you need to take care of. These could be your hashtag alternatives to generate followers.

Location tags

Location tags

Tagging the location can generate location-based followers. The people who live in that area or the people who want to know more about that area are the targeted audiences for you. They will follow if you’re able to provide sufficient information.


There are people on Instagram who will only follow you if you follow and interact with them first. For an influencer account, it is not possible to interact with a person randomly. So, what you can do is find people who share a similar interest as yours, try to engage with them via likes and comments.

The purpose of this method is to catch the attention of someone. If you can do that, you can generate followers.

If you want your profile to look more engaging than usual, you can take help from an automated like generating software. You can visit their website if you want to get more info.
Engaging story

Instagram is creating more and more options for people who want to generate followers. There are options like a poll, ask me a question, multiple-choice questions, etc. on stories.

These kinds of stories encourage the audiences to interact directly as it conveys the message that you want to interact with every audience individually.

This makes your audiences feel better about being your follower. They think they have a personal relationship with you when you interact with them directly.

Personal experiences in captions

When you write personal experiences in captions, the readers find it very amusing because they feel that they know you better. This gives them an idea of being close to you. When you share personal stories, it helps to build a trust that directly converts into following.

None of these methods requires any hashtags or whatsoever. When you add engaging stories and captions, people tend to share them, which organically helps to generate more followers.

This organic outreach is far more validating when it comes to using hashtags and creating redirection. Instead, people feel better when they think they found something on their own organically and not being spoon-fed. So, all these methods help to have more followers organically.


This is how you can get more followers without using hashtags. You can opt for any of the three methods, but our advice would be to use all three of them in an integrated way.

That will help you to get better results. If you can apply them correctly and continue, you will get better results in no time.