How to Lose Weight If You Are Fat, Lazy and Hate Exercising with a Passion

How to Lose Weight If You Are Fat

Let us be honest. Not everyone loves exercising, in fact the majority of the people who are overweight hate exercising. If you go to any gym you will not find heavy people sweating on the treadmill, mostly they will be thin people who look like they need to gain weight. It is therefore very intelligent for us to ask the question how to lose weight if you are fat and lazy and hate exercising.

You already know the cliche, if you want to lose weight, then change your diet, eat healthy more fruits and vegetables and exercise at least thirty minutes a day four to six days a week. However, here is case where you want to lose the pounds but you want the exercise part out.

Lose Weight

If you want to leave the exercise out then you have to find something that will keep you moving just do not call it exercise. Find a job that will make you be on your feet, like working in big clothes stores. Avoid working in a fast food place and restaurant. You can leave the exercise part out but being mobile is essential for survival, click this over here now.

Make window shopping a hobby, just make sure you carry a small amount of cash and you leave your credit card at home. Window shopping is fun and can even lift your spirits looking at all the things displayed. If you walk around shops for one hour everyday for six days a week for six months,you will lose weight.

Walk around shopping malls daily in the morning. Trust me this works, I know a couple who wakes up early and drive to a nearby shopping mall, then, they walk around for one hour up and down the stairs everyday and that way they stay healthy. They do not go to the gym, they do not run or exercise this is their hobby and their way of keeping fit.

Get a pet, a dog is perfect. Now make sure you walk the dog, daily, three times a day. You are not exercising you are walking the dog. Now, if you will not wake up to walk the dog, then do not even try to have a dog, it is crime on your part to make the dog obese too.

To keep you motivated, print a photo of the most obese person on the earth, yes there is one. Put it next to your bed and one next to your TV, you got to see it. This is what will happen if you do not go to work or you do not walk out of the house. Visualization is powerful and it can help you lose weight.

So there you have it if you really are serious and want to know how to lose weight when you are lazy and fat and hate exercising with a passion, do the things mentioned and you will be on your way to staying healthy In addition do not buy junk, just do not do it, eat healthy more vegetables on your menu and be happy, life is not a rehearsal. If you believe you can lose weight and try to lose weight guess what will happen, you will lose weight.