How to Make a Stand for Your Phone?

How to Make a Stand for Your Phone

Do you have an android phone? To enhance the life span of your phone, it needs to keep with proper care. You need the care to keep it, especially when you sleep or put your cell phone on charging.

The best way to keep your phone with proper care is to keep it in the stand and make it possible to keep your cell phone protective from damage or scratches.

If you are looking for the Phone and Tablet stand then, there are several options for you to get it. Most people prefer to buy a stand for a phone or tablet. But there are some ways which can help you to make your phone and tablet stand easily at home.

What are ways to make a phone stand?

What are ways to make a phone stand

We have found a simple way for you to make your phone and tablet stand at home with the help of paperclips.

Step one

First of all, arrange a paperclip of medium length; an average length for tablet and phone stands is 2.5 inches. But while purchasing, make sure your paperclip is coated with plastic or vinyl material, which keeps your phone free from any damage or scratches by the stand hard material.

You can increase or decrease the length of the paperclip according to the size of your phone or tablet. Sometimes for the tablets, we need 3 inches paperclips.

Step Two

In the second step, try to make your paperclip straighten. Make it as straight as much as you can make it. Press the bends on the paperclip with fingertips to make it straight.

Ensure all of the bumps and bends remove from the paperclip; if the paperclip is hard, you can also take help from the pliers to make the paperclip straighten.

Step Three

Now with the help of pliers, change the shape of the paperclip. Try to make two corners of the paperclip. Simply clamp the paperclip with the plier at that point you want to make a bend.

Ensure each bend makes 90 degrees angle with each other; if you see some bends or bumps, make them straighten.

phone and tablet stand

Step Four

In the fourth step, fold each end of the paper clip, which makes 90 degrees angle. With the pliers, close each end of the paper clip, but bend each tip upward. It will make a stand more perfect for holding the phone in the stand.

Step five

Now bend the two shorter edges of the paperclip with the pliers but make sure you bend it into 90 degrees angles. Try to bend the paperclip in the middle of the stand’s short edges.

Step Six

Almost your work has been done and checks the performance of your stand. Take your phone or tablet and place it in a horizontal position between the arms of the stand. Check it from each side and corner, make sure everything is ok.

Final Thoughts: We need stands for phone safety; most of the people prefer to buy. But you can also save your money by making your phone and tablet stand yourself at home.