How You Can Delete Likes On Instagram?

How You Can Delete Likes On Instagram

Today, Instagram is a widely popular social media platform in the world. Around 700 million people use the Instagram platform to share pictures, videos. As well, it comes with numerous fundamental features. You will be able to post the story is and make great engagement with visitors as per choice.

As you know, not all the opinions stay over time and sometimes users want to unlike the old pictures. At this time, you have to open the Instagram account and find the settings to, unlike those pictures. Usually, unliking is a tedious process. You can follow these pretty steps to remove or Delete likes on Android or Apple devices.

Install The Instagram App

Install The Instagram App

Firstly, you have to install the Instagram app. You need to tap on the app and hit on the profile photo on the right bottom of the screen.

Select The Hamburger Icon

There is a need to open the menu and tap on the hamburger icon. The icon is also known as the name of the three-dot icon on the top right corner.

Go To Settings

You have to go on the settings option on the top bottom of the menu. Now, you need to click on it to get more options.

Click On Account

Click On Account

In the account menu feature, you will be able to track all the recent activities of your account. On there, you can select all the liked or preview your posts. Now, you can unlike all these posts.

Select The Post To Unlike

You have to swipe on the liked post and Tab on each post to remove the heart icon. The process is a little time-consuming. But it consumes more time when you want to want to unlike the pictures in bulk.

What To Do On The Desktop?

As you know, Instagram is a Smartphone Apple drive social media and it is also used on a desktop version. So, you have to follow the different procedures to unlike the pictures on the desktop. There is a need to remove all the posts from your saved list.

Go To Instagram

Firstly, you have to access the Instagram browser and log in.

Select The Profile Icon

You have to go on the Instagram profile page or click on the profile icon.

Click On The Saved Tab

It is the right time to click on the saved tab and preview all the pictures or on save these posts from your profile. If you also like these posts then you have to remove the heart or unlike it

Unsaved The Post

Unsaved The Post

You have to browse on the saved pictures and click on this Ribbon icon under the comment to unsaved it. Again, you have to repeat the process for individual post and you will be able to remove it.

There is needed to look at more info to delete the Instagram likes. Without, you will be able to find the information about different functions on Instagram. As well, you can delete the Instagram likes or if you want to purchase more likes then you can grab it easily from the right website.