Knife Review: Case Sod Buster Jr. Folding Knife

Knife Review: Case Sod Buster Jr. Folding Knife

Once you realize that you aren’t a commando, pirate, nuclear war survivor, Daniel Boone, or a ninja, shopping for pocket knives becomes a much simpler task. You can simply go down to the hardware store and look for a quality pocket knife that fits your budget.

One such knife is the Case Sod Buster Jr. from the W.R. Case working knife series. If you are looking for knife that reflects your personal values, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., definitely embodies the values the patriotism, thrift, simplicity, practicality, and moderation.

Case working knife series

The Case Sod Buster, Jr., doesn’t need engraved flags, embossed country music stars, or a military pedigree to reflect patriotism. The Sod Buster, Jr., isn’t clad in camouflage like my Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops folding knife.

However, the W.R. Case Company is over 160 years old and this pocket knife is made by American workers in an American factory. According to the Case website, the manufacture of each knife takes 160 steps. In an era of outsourcing, it’s nice to know that your purchase actually helps support an American worker and their family.

If you value thrift, you’ll probably like the $20 price range of the Case Sod Buster Jr. (I got mine for about $17 at a big box hardware store that has a blue color scheme.) For $20, you get a nice, American-made, pocket knife with a single skinner-style stainless steel blade.

While you can get a Chinese-made pocket knife for less, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., is made in the United States by a reputable company with a good reputation. It’s nice to know that a pocket knife made in this country is affordable for almost anyone. Since it is made of long-lasting, durable, materials, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., is a true value.

Of course, affordability goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. The Case Sod Buster Jr. provides a single 2 7/8-inch stainless steel blade in a skinner blade pattern. This knife is a lot more practical for day-to-day use than my Gordon Survival Knife with it’s 8-inch blade. The 3 5/8-inch handle panels are made of a black synthetic material that feels more like something organic or mineral than plastic, discover more.

The pattern stamp on the blade is 2137. According to the Case website, the code indicates that material ‘2’ (a smooth black synthetic – black thermoplastic or Delrin) was used in making this single blade knife. The handle panels are secured with bronze fittings. While “Sod Buster Jr.” and an image of a plow is engraved into the blade, this is truly a working knife rather than a fancy collectible. The finish of this knife is simply not as perfect and highly polished as you might find in a more expensive collectible.

Overall, the Case Sod Buster Jr. is an eminently practical pocket knife for cutting things. The handle is long enough to accommodate four fingers and a thumb comfortably. The contours of the handle are rounded for comfort and the synthetic material is resistant to slipping without resorting to dimpling and patterns.

knife a little nicer and more comfortable

I found this Case knife a little nicer and more comfortable to use than my similarly priced Case Mini Blackhorn Pocket knife. This Case pocket knife weighs in at only 2.1 ounces. This Case pocket knife isn’t fancy, it isn’t made with exotic materials, and it doesn’t cost too much. The Case Sod Buster, Jr., simply fits in the pocket easily and cuts well. The Case Sod Buster, Jr., proves that moderation is indeed a wonderful virtue.