Knife Essentials

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to purchase the right knife, or knife set, for yourself. So whether you’ve ended up with a Henckels, Wusthof, Forschner, Global, Victorinox, or other brand, you want to make sure they maintain their quality and last, hopefully, a lifetime.

Knife Basics

The Parts of a Knife

The Parts of a Knife

For most people, a knife is simply a blade with a handle. To others, the knife is an essential part of their livelyhood, browse around this site: Although most people may only be familiar with the basic steak knife, butter knife and carving knife, there are a wide variety of knives each designed for a specific task. Some of these are:

  • Chefs Knife (shown in Image)
  • Boning Knife
  • Fillet Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Utility Knife
  • Slicer
  • Cleaver
  • Sashimi Knife
  • Reguardless of the function of the knife, they will all contain the same basic components.
  • So let’s start with a quick introduction to the basic parts of a knife.
  • Materials of Construction

The material of choice for many years has been carbon steel. Carbon steel knives take an edge better than either high carbon or stainless steel blades. The down side of carbon steel is that it tends to lose its edge quickly and requires frequent sharpening. The higher acidity of certain foods, such as tomatoes and onions, can discolor Carbon steel blades. As a result, they must be washed and thoroughly dried after use (and before storage) to avoid permanent discoloration, rusting, and pitting. Carbon steel also tends to be brittle and can break easily under excessive stress.

A popular option is stainless steel which is a steel alloy with a higher chromium content than regular steel. This makes the metal stronger than carbon steel and also highly resistant to discoloration and rust. This increased strength is also its main drawback since it is much harder to get a edge on a stainless steel blade. However, once properly sharpened, the edge will last longer than that of a carbon steel blade.

The most popular material today, for good quality blades is a high-carbon stainless steel (HCSS).

carbon steel and stainless steel

This particular alloy combines the advantages of both the carbon steel and stainless steel. The higher carbon content allows the HCSS to be easily sharpened (like carbon steel) and it will also maintain its edge longer (like stainless steel). Being a stainless steel (containing chromium), the blade is also highly resistant to discoloration, rust, and pitting when used on high acidity foods.

Knife Review: Case Sod Buster Jr. Folding Knife

Once you realize that you aren’t a commando, pirate, nuclear war survivor, Daniel Boone, or a ninja, shopping for pocket knives becomes a much simpler task. You can simply go down to the hardware store and look for a quality pocket knife that fits your budget.

One such knife is the Case Sod Buster Jr. from the W.R. Case working knife series. If you are looking for knife that reflects your personal values, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., definitely embodies the values the patriotism, thrift, simplicity, practicality, and moderation.

Case working knife series

The Case Sod Buster, Jr., doesn’t need engraved flags, embossed country music stars, or a military pedigree to reflect patriotism. The Sod Buster, Jr., isn’t clad in camouflage like my Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops folding knife.

However, the W.R. Case Company is over 160 years old and this pocket knife is made by American workers in an American factory. According to the Case website, the manufacture of each knife takes 160 steps. In an era of outsourcing, it’s nice to know that your purchase actually helps support an American worker and their family.

If you value thrift, you’ll probably like the $20 price range of the Case Sod Buster Jr. (I got mine for about $17 at a big box hardware store that has a blue color scheme.) For $20, you get a nice, American-made, pocket knife with a single skinner-style stainless steel blade.

While you can get a Chinese-made pocket knife for less, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., is made in the United States by a reputable company with a good reputation. It’s nice to know that a pocket knife made in this country is affordable for almost anyone. Since it is made of long-lasting, durable, materials, the Case Sod Buster, Jr., is a true value.

Of course, affordability goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. The Case Sod Buster Jr. provides a single 2 7/8-inch stainless steel blade in a skinner blade pattern. This knife is a lot more practical for day-to-day use than my Gordon Survival Knife with it’s 8-inch blade. The 3 5/8-inch handle panels are made of a black synthetic material that feels more like something organic or mineral than plastic, discover more.

The pattern stamp on the blade is 2137. According to the Case website, the code indicates that material ‘2’ (a smooth black synthetic – black thermoplastic or Delrin) was used in making this single blade knife. The handle panels are secured with bronze fittings. While “Sod Buster Jr.” and an image of a plow is engraved into the blade, this is truly a working knife rather than a fancy collectible. The finish of this knife is simply not as perfect and highly polished as you might find in a more expensive collectible.

Overall, the Case Sod Buster Jr. is an eminently practical pocket knife for cutting things. The handle is long enough to accommodate four fingers and a thumb comfortably. The contours of the handle are rounded for comfort and the synthetic material is resistant to slipping without resorting to dimpling and patterns.

knife a little nicer and more comfortable

I found this Case knife a little nicer and more comfortable to use than my similarly priced Case Mini Blackhorn Pocket knife. This Case pocket knife weighs in at only 2.1 ounces. This Case pocket knife isn’t fancy, it isn’t made with exotic materials, and it doesn’t cost too much. The Case Sod Buster, Jr., simply fits in the pocket easily and cuts well. The Case Sod Buster, Jr., proves that moderation is indeed a wonderful virtue.

Soultravelers3 Take an Extended Vacation: The Challenges and Rewards of the Extended Family Vacation

In Part I of this interview, Jeanne talked about their decision to take a family sabbatical vacation and some of the benefits for their daughter. Here she discusses some of the unique challenges and amazing experiences from their travels.

Q: What is the hardest part of being on a lengthy sabbatical with a child?

What is the hardest part of being on a lengthy sabbatical with a child

There are very few downsides, that i can think of. Some people might not like the extended time together, day in and day out, but we thrive on it and it is one of the biggest benefits in our way of thinking since childhood passes so fast. We are especially grateful for the time our daughter has with her father and how much easier life is with a young child, when both parents are around full time.

We adults do not get to linger at museums the way we might if we were just a couple, more helpful hints, we find ways around this often by taking turns. Dealing with English books and her two musical instruments are probably the biggest challenges, but we have managed to find ways around that as well. We were really missing English libraries, but then went to Ireland, UK and Scandinavia this year where we went to many and got our fill again! We also love online libraries which helps so much in non-English speaking countries.

Being away from relatives and friends is a downside, although we have found we are even closer now with our blog and talk almost daily with family via the internet and through free webcam calls using Skype. We also use Skype for her piano lessons even though her teacher is on another continent.

Our child is very outgoing and makes friends almost instantly with people of every age and despite language differences. Still, I do think a consistency and time for building solid friendships is important. That is why we travel for 6 or 7 months and remain in one area for 5 or 6 months. I just made this system up, but it works really well.

Q: What is your favorite memory of your travels?

What is your favorite memory of your travels

There are so very many favorite memories that it is very hard to pick one. I guess it would have to be our unnique expereince in the Sahara. Our 6 year old daughter rode into the orange dunes of the Sahara on a camel to play a violin for 60 Berber nomad children who had never seen a violin and live without running water. They were so excited by her visit and were clapping and singing French songs as she arrived.It was like a scene out of a movie and here we are just an ordinary family. They all loved playing together afterwards in the nearby oasis and we bought a nutritious snack for all of them.

The people there were so special and the Sahara is exceedingly beautiful, so that added to our overnight camel trek into the Sahara had to be our most cherished memory. We enjoyed getting to know a Berber family, visiting their house made from the earth and watching how they bake their bread in a community oven. The people live on almost nothing, but are so generous and pure hearted.

Q: What Advice Would You Give Others who would like to go on an extended travel experience such as yours?

Go for it, you will never regret it. Time flies by so fast with children, start saving and planning now for a trip of a lifetime. It is much easier and less expensive than most people realize. We live large on only 25, 000 dollars a year, despite spending most of our time so far in “expensive” Europe. If there is a will, there is a way. We found that travel is not really expensive, maintaining stuff is.

We love traveling by RV and renting places by the month off season, which really saves money.We actually live on much less traveling the world than we did living at home. We have lots of how-to information on our website and I encourage you to read all the information out there on taking sabbaticals and doing extended travel.

Q: What was Your Favorite Destination so far?

Gee, that is such a hard question because we have been to so many places that we have just loved that i do not think I could narrow it down to just one. Can I pick a few favorite destinations? We have become very attached to Spain since we have spent the most time there, speak the language and it is such a beautiful and diverse country with a culture that is nurturing for families. We adore all the festivals too and might even eventually settle down someday in Spain.

What was Your Favorite Destination so far

We also loved Croatia, Santorini, Capaddocia, much of France and Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Morocco. If I have to pick just one, I would have to say our experience in the Sahara and Fez in Morocco. We love the luxury, comfort and beauty of France, italy and Sweden, but the exotic travel in Morocco and Turkey was so thrilling that we want to do more of that! We had no idea that exotic travel could be so wonderful and educational for families.

Types of Transportation in Tourism?

Tourism is one of the most accessing system in the vacation and holidays. For every tourism, you just need a transportation facility to fulfill your expectation. If you are having kids or aged people, definitely there is a need for the best and safe transportation. You can have four different transportation facilities such as railway transportation, air transportation, water transportation, and road transportation. Most of the people are capable of using road transportation. Road transportation may traffic, but it is the best way to enjoy nature. It will need a few extra times to reach your destiny or destination. It just contains a few rules, less money, and procedures. If you are traveling to another country means, there is a need for a passport, visa, and so on. If you are traveling to another state means the vehicle driver is supposed to pay the tollgate fee. Road transportation having the vehicles like bikes, cars, travels, bus, and so on. If you are taking your traveling tool as a bus, pay the specified bus fee only. In every roadway, transportation takes less money ever. But you should travel for a long time when compared to other transportation. Because it is little slow, traffic, tollgate, petrol filling and so on. But it is a very popular and widely used transport service in the world.

Benefits of using railway transportation for tourism

Benefits of using railway transportation for tourism

Railway is one of the fasted methods when compared to road transportation. It is also less cost-effective, less sophisticated transport. It is suitable for every people, but you did not stop the rail at any places. Nowadays the railway transportation gets a dramatic growth. They are introducing technologically improved rails, metro trains, and so on. It is the latest technology in railway transportation. Most of the peoples are using the railway for their day to day traveling such as colleges and office traveling. It is the best idea for tourism also. If you are taking a travel at night time means, there is a possibility to take rest in the trans. But these facilities are difficult on the bus and car.

Benefits of using air and water transportation for tourism

Air transportation is a very fast and sophisticated system for tourism. It is one of the best methods to take tourism with a full-fledged and happier vacation tour. It is not popular, because of the high rate. If you want to reach the tourism place quickly it is the suitable transportation. There are no traffic issues in the air transportation. It is an amazing way to enjoy your vacation. Air transportation like an airplane is sophisticated tourism. It gives you a newer and wonderful experience. The final transportation method is water. Water transportation is such a best option for the tour. Because it provides quicker and also traffic less travel ever. If you want to enjoy every natural scenery try to choose water transportation. Also, read more info here about the different types of transportation methods for tourism.

How to Make Waterproof Socks?

The cold weather season is the time to wear waterproof socks. It can become more comfortable at the time of rainy. Socks are snug which will keep the feet dry during the outside activity. The healthy feet can possible with the help of socks. To keep warm and dry the feet the pair of socks are awesomely used by many people in the world. Nowadays waterproof socks are available in the market. The socks are made with thickness material to protect the absorbing water. Many athletics socks are manufactured in the type of waterproof. Sportspeople always recommended using this kind of socks. Because socks are the starting point for those sportspeople. The feet stay dry at any condition as they expected. This is an absolute necessity for the people during rain in cold weather. Not like regular ordinary socks, waterproof socks are made the feet especially soft. These kinds of socks are reducing breathability. This is the extra protection for the feet. Normally, this kind of socks is used a waterproof membrane at the middle of the inner and outer layer. The socks are made with the help of both synthetic material and mixing of merino material.

The warmth feeling protection at winter season of your feet:

The warmth feeling protection at winter season of your feet

The feet need the hot or warm feeling in winter. At the time, the waterproof socks provide comfortable protection. To protect the feet properly, these socks keep dry always. They are greatly expected as much the people want. It avoids the water running down in the leg at the rain time. The good choice for the socks can absorb wetness is only wool. The quality of outdoor socks depends on the weather condition. These socks will last within several months. Especially rain boot is used to keep the feet clean and dry. Merino wool and synthetic fibres are helped the feet to keep the water barrier and which protect properly. The performances of these are highly excellent. The enjoyable freedom at the cold season happens only with the help of waterproof socks.

These are keeping cool the feet during physical activities at the sports which increase comfort during the workout time. Because dry feet are the key to playing longer sports and can enjoy more. Amazingly, this winter months need to buy these socks for the best fitness and comfort feel. Some waterproofing spray with the paper towel roll is used to away the sweaty feet. Then multiple coating of the spray is applied to the socks will provide the softness to the feet. But need some time to let it dry. After that, the socks can be used and this complete process is recommended before washing the socks. Then the ventilation space is used to make this process fulfilled. Then the numbers of best waterproof socks are available in the market. Always the people expected to use the best brand. To eliminate the moisture inside the feet during every season, this method of feet protection technique is necessary. Moreover, long-distance travel needs this kind of socks.

What to Look for in a Hybrid Bike?

If you have a quality brand bike that is done well like trek 700 multitrack, it will be a fine piece of combination for your daily ride, providing you with a smooth and peaceful experience.

But if you choose a poor quality bike, it will become a problem for you, it becomes a mess for you that will irritate you whenever you take a ride on it.

Hybrid bikes have gained much popularity globally, and many manufacturers entered the market.

At the time of purchasing a bike can become a confusing decision when you see many varieties for you.

The only key to getting a good quality hybrid bike while your shopping is to know what you look for in a hybrid bike?

What you Look in Hybrid Bike?

What you Look in Hybrid Bike

• Comfortability plays an essential role in a bike; when you buy a bike, make sure it should be comfortable.

• Your Hybrid bike should be a dual-sport; it will help you to take a similar ride both on smooth roads and in a way to the mountain.

• When you buy a hybrid bike that gives you a fast ride, check it should be lightweight and well assembled.

• While looking at the design of the hybrid bike, you should concentrate on the design and give attention to the performance of the bike. Always try to purchase a performance-oriented designed hybrid bike like Trek 700 Multitrack.

• The frame of the hybrid bike has great importance in the bike’s performance regarding a comfortable ride. You should look to the frame with great suspension and saddles. Such frames will help you long distances without fatigue to your legs, back, and glutes.

• When you buy a hybrid bike, make sure their brakes are well designed and strong. Hybrid bikes give you high speed during a ride, so you need very good brakes to keep you safe from accidents. You should pay much attention to the brakes of the hybrid bike.

• Check the handlebars that are easy to adjust; handle bars should be in such design while you ride you remain comfortable, and your angle on your seat be proper. It is also a good choice if your handlebars are flat; these bars will give you upright riding posture and full control over the hybrid bike.

• It is also important to see while purchasing a hybrid bike is its suspension, the suspension is not much important on the hybrid bike in some people’s opinion. But when you are going to the mountains and want further less weight, you can remove extra parts. You want these features in one bike, then purchase the Trek 700 Multitrack.


Hybrid bikes are a fine piece of accomplishment if you succeed in purchasing a good brand, and it becomes a ghost for you if you’re dodged with low quality.

We have provided you some necessary things to look at while purchasing a hybrid bike in the above content.

In our suggestion, one that is the best is Trek 700 Multitrack, which is a perfect piece for you.

How to Cancel a Flight ticket

Travelling through flight has become a necessity nowadays, rather than a luxury.Also, the task has become simpler with the Airlines offering various deals, as their marketing strategies.The bookings can be done at sitting at your office or home or through a travel agent.Similarly, cancellation can also be done online, here you can talk to the customer support in the Airline or else you can talk to a travel agent and he will complete the rest.

Cancelling a flight ticket,has now become quite easy.In this era of internet and technology, where everything is done online.The process itself is quite simple and hassle free.The Airlines now provide customer support services 24 hours a day.In case of any issues or concern you can immediately contact the toll free numbers that are provided on the Airlines website.

The Process Of Cancelling A Flight Ticket Online Is

The Process Of Cancelling A Flight Ticket Online Is:

  1. Log on to the website of the Airline.
  2. Click on the cancellation or customer support link, it differs according to the Airlines.
  3. Click on the Flights section and choose cancel flight.
  4. Enter the flight number and the relevant details.
  5. Choose cancel booking,you can cancel your whole booking or even a part like if a specific person only has to cancel a flight from the team,even that can be done.
  6. Before cancellation, check the Cancellation and refund policy of the particular Airline.

In some cases where travel agencies or agents are used, you can either contact the particular person or let them know the matter at hand.

Airlines have different policies regarding the timeline for cancellations, and compensations accordingly.A few Airlines have a 12 hour policy,means you have to cancel the flight before 12 hours of your flight time, only than you will be eligible for the refund.A few Airlines have 24 hours timeline, some others have different. The refund will be available only if you have purchased a refundable ticket,there is no refund available if you have bought a non-refundable ticket.If you have a travel flight insurance,the charges that you face for cancellation will be repaid to you.

At times you have such contingencies that you have to cancel the ticket at the last minute and even from the Airport. You only have to approach the ticket counter of the particular online and request to cancel the ticket. They will cancel your ticket in an option of booking an alternate flight at a different time or they will ask for some penalty to be paid.

Important Instructions:

Important Instructions

Some important suggestions to be kept in mind while making aticket cancellation are:

  1. The person under whose name the ticket has been purchased and if he has insurance, only that person would be able to avail the compensation.The person has to provide precise information of his identification, along with the proof.Also include their E-mail address and phone number.
  2. Respect the company’s agreement and policies with regard to cancellation charges.
  3. The policies for domestic and International flight booking will differ.

There may be some Airline, who will cancel the ticket and instead of giving you a refund, they will give you some credit to travel in the future. A timeline will be set for the same .For example you have to use the particular credits in 12 months from the date the tickets have been purchased. Airline Industry is a very competitive one; they always have different marketing strategies going on for their business. Their first and foremost thoughtis toimpart great customer service and give them a hassle free and enjoyable experience. They would always try to accommodate you and also decrease your issues regarding any flight related experience. They always try to ensure that the customers do not have any bad experiences.

Things you Have to Prepare Before Starting the Trip

Are you excited for your trip? Therefore, you have to prepare everything which requires on your trip. For this purpose, you can visit this website to make the checklist and see what things you have to pack. Before takeoff, you have to get everything which can help you in finance and travel. After that, you can make your traveling experience perfect and less expensive. Even you can travel without a hitch and you don’t need to face troubles anymore.


First of all, you have to pack everything. It includes clothes of passport and of various other stuff. With perfect backing, you can make your trip good. Even, you don’t need to look for any stuff on your trip. It is highly advisable to know about what do I need to do before traveling. After that, you can prepare everything before to start your travel. Even, you can see what things you have to buy when you are going to travel.

Get important ID’s or documents

Get important ID’s or documents

It is highly recommended to take all your important documents for ID cards. In a new city, you can’t register for room and hotels without showing your ID cards and passport. You have to take it unless you can’t get rooms on there and in some places you can’t enter. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get these documents and ID card so will you are paying attention to plan your trip. Now, you can help plan the trip as soon as possible when you are taking all the IDS or documents. Especially, you have to take all your IDS when you are traveling from plane.

Take medicines

There are number of people who are suffering from health traumas on their vocational trip. You have to get medicines with you. Therefore, you have to take all the prescriptions which can help you to get rid out from overall health hazards. Even, it is good to take medicines and you can provide better safety and wellbeing to your family. So, you have to be responsible and you can hold your family when you are going on a trip. On the vacation, you have to check the mandatory medicines with you which can help you to get rid out from fever and headache.

Registration for trip

Registration for trip

It is highly advisable to know about what do I need to do before traveling. First of all, you have to register for your trip. When you registered for the trip then you can make your trip for effective. It can help you to choose the destination already and you can plan trip with your friends and family. With registration in, you don’t need to look for any facilities at a sudden moment. Now, you can make the booking of all the facilities on a trip when you are working on the registration. The registration of trip is mandatory to keep your family secure. Therefore, you have to register the trip with reputed company. Even, you can choose the reputed airline which can provide the best facilities to their clients.