Lose Weight with a Natural Snack That’s More Powerful Than Diet Pills

Lose Weight with a Natural Snack That's More Powerful Than Diet Pills

There is a natural snack that can help you lose weight, cut your hunger, is very cheap and more powerful than diet pills! I guess you can say it is a miracle of nature. So what could it possibly be you say? As unbelievable as it may seem it is simply apples. Stay with me because it may seem hard to believe that an apple can help that much but it really can. I will explain why and how.

The trick is to eat an apple 15 minutes before every meal. Just doing that is five times more effective than taking a diet pill. An apple “appetizer” will make you eat 200 fewer calories per meal. Compare this to the diet pill Alli that only blocks 34 calories per sitting. The money savings is great also, three apples a day will run you about $1.00. That is quite a bargain compared to the average $4.00 a day you could spend on some prescription appetite suppressants. And when you opt for the apples you can also forget the scary pill side effects like gastric distress, insomnia, and increased heart rate. Apples provide only health benefits, including better digestion, lower cholesterol and cancer protection.

Lose Weight with Natural Snack

So why does this work? It is not just because eating an apple before a meal takes away some of your hunger, there is more to it than that. Three apples will boost your fiber intake by about 15 grams. That is a great advantage because fiber expands in the body, enhancing your feeling of fullness and reducing the likelihood that you’ll over eat other higher calorie foods. Also apples contain pectin, a particularly powerful form of fiber used as a thickener in jams and sauces. Pectin helps keep food in your system longer and is proven to eliminate the urge to eat for up to four hours. Perhaps more important pectin also steadies blood sugar levels, reducing the release of fattening blood sugar hormones. There is no doubting pectins slimming effect on blood sugar and an added bonus is that pectin also helps destroy colon cancer cells.

So how much weight can apple eaters lose? A study took two groups of people who were dieting and had one group use the apple appetizer method. The group who had apples lost an average of 19 pounds of body fat in six weeks. The group that did not averaged only a 3 pound loss. That is an amazing difference.

So if you are ready to start on the apple appetizer plan I suggest that you buy a couple different types of apples so you can switch up if you like. For example if your in the mood for sweet, then gala, golden delicious, or red delicious are the way to go. Change it up to tart with a granny smith, idared, or McIntosh. There are lots of other types you can add, check more details here.

So the bottom line is that three apples a day can keep the fat pants away! If you have always associated dieting with hunger then this is a whole new approach and you may find it to be what finally works for you. Plus you are loading yourself up with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is just a great solution all around!