Pet Safe Pest Control You Can Make at Home

Fleas are a common problem for dogs and cats, and they can cause incessant itching. Besides causing irritation, fleas also carry bacteria and tapeworms. Cats can develop cat scratch fever when they become infested. In addition to irritating your pet, fleas can also be dangerous for your family. To combat fleas in your home, you can make your own natural pest control products.

Diatomaceous earth

If you have a garden, diatomaceous earth is a great pesticide substitute. Not only does it kill external pests like fleas, but it can also keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. The powder can be added to your chickens’ dust baths to help them avoid lice. In addition to using it on your pets, it is also an effective natural pesticide for horses and pigs.


While pyrethrins are generally safe for humans, a small amount can cause skin irritation or numbness. In some cases, children have gotten lice shampoo in their eyes and experienced irritation, burns, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing. If you do use pyrethrins to control pests, it is important to wear gloves when handling the product and to follow the instructions on the label.


Precor IGR is a product used to kill fleas and other insects by disrupting their life cycle. This product is considered safe for children and pets and has become a popular pest control choice for schools, daycares and dog kennels. It is safe for indoor and outdoor use, and can be sprayed on pets and children without risking toxicity to pets. Insect growth regulators are easy to find and can be mixed with liquid soap or water in the sprayer and applied to the flea problem, Sneak a peek at this website.


Ultrasonic devices for pest control do not harm pets, but they may disturb indoor animals, such as cats and dogs. The sound they emit may be disturbing to small rodents and indoor animals, but most dogs and cats can hear the sound, and most studies have not found any negative impact on the safety of pets. Nevertheless, some people are unsure if this is a safe way to control pests in their home.

Dishwater soap

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive method of pest control for your home, consider using dishwater soap mixed with lemon juice and water. This mixture is great for killing fleas and other pests, and it also kills ants. After applying it to ants, you can sweep, vacuum, or mop the floors. If you don’t want to use this chemical treatment, you can also try a more natural solution, such as witch hazel and essential oils. These natural repellents are safe for your pets, so you’ll need to make sure that you use food-grade dishwater soap.