What are the Different Types of Bathtub Drains?

types of tub drains

With every new day, we see new varieties of everything like other products; there are many of the verities of bathtub drains available in the market.

Bathtub fixtures which are popular purchase only for the decorative purpose in your bath, but the drains are the parts which help the bathtub stoppers to keep the water inside. You can control the flow of water such as flow and stop the water with a drain in the bathtub.

While you enter the market, you may get confused about what to buy and what to not, there are hundreds of varieties available in the market which can make you double-minded.

Today we will explain to you the types of bathtub drain, after knowing that you will able to make a decision about which one is suitable for your bathtub.

Types of Bathtub Drains:

Different Types of Bathtub Drains

‘Here, we are providing you with some common types of tub drains.

Lift- Turn drains for Bathtub:

In these types of bathtub drain, you will find the small knob on the top with which you can identify it. With its help, you can open and close the drain with simple twisting. You can hold the water in it when turned it.

You can easily install this item; you just need to screw it from the middle and then squeeze it from the centre. Take care while tightening because if you make it too much tightening, it will create a sticking issue. This type of drain is also straightforward to remove just with the help of a screw.

Push-Pull drain for the bathtub:

Push and pull drain bathtub is the same as the above bathtub drain with little difference, while you use it you need to push and pull for its opening and closing.

While its installation and removal are the same as the Lift and Turn drains with the help of screws and simple adjustments.

Toe- Touch Drain for Bathtub:

While you see its assembly, it is the same as the push and pulls drain for the bathtub, but the only difference is its spring and use.

While you enter your bath, you just need to press it and then leave it. It will open with your toe press, and while you remove the toe with spring help, it will close.

Trip lever drain for the bathtub:

You will find levers on the front side of the bathtub, and its drain hole strainer, and a prominent pop-up-plug.

You can say it is its drawback that its removal is very confusing rather than other types. You need to take out the plate and whole the overflow tube for cleaning it. Most of the people avoid taking this drain.

Grid-Drain for Bathtub

Grid-Drain for Bathtub:

While you take this bathtub at home, you will find a plug and grated surface. Its holes help it not to become full of water. It is the preferred model, and most of the people use this model for their home because it is excellent against the water drainage issue.


You have gone through our article we have tried our level best to elaborate you about types of bathtub drains.

Now you have got information and can make a better choice according to your needs, which type of drain is better for you?