What Is a Skid Steer Attachment Used For?

What Is a Skid Steer Attachment Used For?

A skid steer is an essential piece of equipment that boosts productivity across the agriculture, ranching and construction industries. These powerful machines are capable of a variety of specialized applications when outfitted with the right work tools.

Lano Equipment offers a variety of attachments to suit almost any job. Some of these include buckets, rakes, land planes and brooms.


Buckets are open top containers, often with handles, that hold liquid or small items. They can also be used as a loading platform for construction materials.

Dirt buckets are typically low-profile attachments designed with lower sides and back and extended bottoms that allow the operator to see the edge of the bucket when grading dirt. They may have a grading bend, which is a straight cutting edge that allows better grading than a standard bucket and comes with a rolled inside for easier material cleanout.

Snow/light material buckets are deep and tall, which allows them to carry more material than a dirt or utility bucket. They can move larger volumes of lighter/loose material such as snow, mulch, wood chips, sawdust and bark.

Skid steer bucket options expand the usefulness of a bucket and improve the return on investment. Make sure the bucket you choose is matched to your machine, as the size and weight of the attachment will have an impact on the operating capacity of your machine.


Rakes are a type of skid steer attachment that is used to scoop, scrape, or level materials. They are also useful for laying out and leveling dirt in landscape areas, making them a popular choice among landscaping professionals.

Depending on the application, you can choose from various types of rakes. Some of them have wide heads and lots of metal tines, while others have narrow, flat heads.

The head of the rake is important to consider, as it should be strong enough to stand up to many hours of hard work. The material that it is made of can also determine how long it lasts.

A rake with metal tines will be more durable than one with plastic ones, as metal can resist wear and tear better. In addition, metal rakes can handle more material than plastic heads, so they can be used for a wider variety of jobs.

Land Planes

A skid steer land plane is the perfect implement for smoothing gravel roads, repairing driveways, and a variety of other applications. Its dual forward-cutting blades contact the ground simultaneously.

As the land plane is pushed down, dirt and gravel flow up over the tops of the blades and feed out the back. Once the land plane is full, material flows evenly across its working width and leaves a smooth surface behind.

Compared to box blades, land planes are not as versatile and can carry a lot less material. However, they are still a great tool for grading and leveling your property.


A broom is an essential tool for any skid steer user, especially in a construction environment. They are typically used to clear away dirt, debris, and dust that may be in the way of a project.

These brooms usually come with extendable handles that allow them to be adjusted to the height of the person using it, making them easy to use without having to bend down too far. They also come with a dustpan that you can snap the broom into, making it very easy to clean up any mess that may be in the way of a task.

They also have replaceable heads, so you can change out the head if it begins to wear down too quickly. This allows you to keep your broom fresh and ready to use, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.

They are commonly made with corn bristles, which are sturdy and durable, but not so stiff that they won’t bend easily with regular use. They are also very flexible, so they can be used for a variety of different jobs.