5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use A 3D Pen


A 3D pen is a device that melts and cools plastic to create three dimensional objects. It can be used to imitate clay, ink drawing, and even metalwork. The only limit is the user’s imagination! Given its capabilities, a 3D pen can be a great asset for artists, hobbyists and inventors of all types.

1. It’s Easy To Use

A 3D pen is very simple and intuitive to use, so anyone can pick it up and start having fun with it right away. It works just like a regular pen or pencil, but instead of using ink, the device heats up plastic filaments and then pushes them through its tip which prints out the melted thermoplastic material in shapes that harden as they cool off. These objects can be used in any way desired; you can make solid basic shapes out of them by moving the 3D pen around until you form what you want and even create more complicated models with interlocking parts if you really put your mind to it!

2. It’s Not Expensive

A 3D pen typically costs less than $100 CND. This is not adapted to everyone’s budget, but compared to other art tools, it is very affordable. Furthermore, you can use the same pen over and over again for many years if you take care of it properly. That means that after making your first purchase, you will only have to spend money on the plastic filaments which are generally available at a low cost too. When you wish to find out details on 3D pen, you must click over here at pick3dprinter website.

3. High Quality Artwork

The possibilities with pens like these go beyond just creating simple objects; they really let people unleash their creativity! The best part about using them is that even basic shapes can be turned into amazing works of art through various painting techniques like shading or highlighting. Since you can control the shape of every line that is produced, you end up with a more detailed and polished final product.

4. It Encourage Creativity

Since pens like these are so easy to use, they provide artists with the perfect entry point into 3D art. A lot of people imagine drawing in three dimensions to be difficult or complex without realizing that it is actually possible through regular pens and paper by just using various techniques. However, most people don’t know how to do this yet and many others might feel discouraged if they tried because of how hard they thought it was going to be! This device makes it simple again for anyone with an interest in this field to learn about 3 art and thus gain access to another way of expressing themselves.

5. You Can Make Your Own Toys with Them

If you are an inventor or a creative thinker, this device might have just what you need to start making your dreams come true! For example, if you wanted to create a toy for your kids, but couldn’t find anything good enough that was available in the market, then just use a pen like this one to handcraft whatever object suits their needs! Having access to these kinds of tools makes it possible for anyone to take matters into their own hands and fashion whatever they desire through 3D printing technology.


3D pens are a great way to bring your creative ideas into reality. Whether it’s for fun or profit, these devices open up new possibilities that weren’t previously available with traditional methods like clay modeling or ink drawing. Ultimately, there is no limit on what you can create, so get started today!