Neon Sign Cleaning – Tips For Keeping Your Neon Signs in Good Condition

Neon Sign Cleaning

A neon sign is a type of illuminated signage that uses electricity to excite gases in the tubes, which create light. The color and brightness depend on the gas used. A neon sign is a great way to bring attention and traffic to your business. It’s important for your neon sign to remain clean so it looks like new! Here are a few tips from NeonDirect on how to properly clean neon signs.

What You Will Need to Clean a Neon Sign?

What You Will Need to Clean a Neon Sign

In order to clean a neon sign, you’re going to need a few supplies. You’ll need water and vinegar to kill the mildew that dirties your sign, soap and water to scrub away the gunk, and if possible, an air compressor or hair dryer to dry it off.

How to Clean a Neon Sign?

Cleaning your neon sign not only makes it look better, but it also helps to extend its life. First, mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle and begin to clean the neon sign. Be sure to spray off all of the dirt that has accumulated since it was last cleaned. If there is light mildew on the sign, spray it with your vinegar solution and use a sturdy brush to scrub clean. Before you apply soap and water to the sign, spray off any remaining dirt with your vinegar solution. Then use a clean part of the sponge to wipe away all soap residues. Make sure you dry the sign to stop any unwanted mold from forming. If you have an air compressor available, use it to suck out all of the moisture. If you do not have an air compressor, use a hair dryer to push the water out of the signs entire tubing and wire. You can do this by positioning the hair dryer on the opposite end of the sign you are drying. Keep in mind that your neon sign will still be slightly wet after cleaning. Any excess moisture can be eliminated by leaving the sign in a cool, well-ventilated area overnight.

Why It’s Important for Neon Signs To Be Cleaned Regularly?

The signs should be cleaned regularly to maintain their integrity and appearance. Cleaning is also important because dirt, dust, and pollution collect on the sign over time and begins to discolor it. The disks inside of a neon tube can only be lit for a few hours each day before they need to cool off. When these lights are on, they can become very hot and emit a dirty, yellowish light which further discolors the sign. Cleaning the sign with soap and water after dark will remove this lint from the tubes as well as any grime that has collected over time on the surface of the sign.


A clean neon sign is always better than a dirty one. It looks better, it attracts more attention, and it stays in good condition for much longer. Cleaning your neon sign doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of how to clean a neon sign.