How to Change Password On Wi-Fi Extender?

How to Change Password On Wi-Fi Extender

The pandemic has kept most of the people working from home, and they need reliable and steady Wi-Fi. The most common issue where everyone facing is dead zones. It is considered to be a real pain that many of them are facing such a problem. Most of them are tried to make a home office which is too far from the router. No worries; a Wi-Fi range extender will help you in tackling such a situation. You can get additional info by click this link. The best product will give a boost to your network by availing the signal from the router and then re-amplifying it into your house.

Can The Extender Have A Varied Password?

Can The Extender Have A Varied Password

With plenty of stores which has been heard about hackers and Wi-Fi security, it is crucial to set up passwords for the Wi-Fi extender. When people are thinking about securing the extender, people have confusion about setting up a different password for the extender and the main Wi-Fi network. Yes, the extender can have a different password than the network password. 

Depending on the Wi-Fi extender manufacturer, there are a variety of differences in the steps for accessing the portal of the device. You can research the extender brand you are having and look for the setup guideline. Most of the brands will be offering online resources so that people can make use of it. 

Steps Involving In Changing The Extender Password

  1. You have to open the web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Enter the IP address of the extender brand you are having in the address bar present at the top.
  2. Enter the password of the Admin in the particular field. If you did not change the password from the settings having default, you could leave the password field blank. Then click the button ‘Login.’ 
  3. On the top corner of the screen, you can find the management tab. Click the Management tab. You can find the drop-down menu. In that, click the ‘Admin.’
  4. For changing the password, you have to enter the new password in the field of Admin Password. In case if you wish to enable the graphical authentication, you can adjust the setting and get the captcha.
  5. The final step is saving all the processes. Click on the ‘Save’ button for saving the configuration.

Additional tip: Many people might have forgotten their password. In order to avoid such a situation, you can copy the password and save it in a safe place. You can also click this link to get additional details.

Acceptable Practices of Passwords for Your Wi-Fi 

Acceptable Practices of Passwords for Your Wi-Fi

In general, every network device comes along with the default passwords. It is always considered to be the best practice to change the default password and set up a new one, which is more secure and complicated to find out by others. While setting up the new password, it is crucial to set up something long and complicated. Common passwords must be avoided. A mixture of a minimum of 16 characters of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Following the guidelines which are mentioned by the manufacturer is always a better option to improve the security of your network device.