How you can Know if Soundcloud Plays are Fake?

How you can Know if Soundcloud Plays are Fake

Currently, there are numerous music promoting platforms available. These platforms offer great chances to new musicians to promote their songs. As you know, SoundCloud is one of the popular music promoting platforms. You have to set up and at the counter to make the promotions or post the music material. As a musician, you have to track all the activities of your SoundCloud account. Sometimes, musicians got fake like or play on their songs. At this time, you need to report when you got fake plays or likes on your songs.

It’s awesome when you got fake plays on your SoundCloud account and it makes your track popular. But, it creates a few problems when you have fake accounts for boards. Make sure that all the likes, followers are real on your account. In order to check it, you need to see who are following or liking your account and look at your profile. You have to track all the activities of your account. If you find any problem or unusual things happen on your account then you have to report for the fraud. As well, you will be able to block these people to watch your content. So, the blocking feature can help a lot to protect the content from these bots or fake people.


You have to check the activities on your SoundCloud account and see that it is real or not. You have to look out all the explanations of this account. As well, you have to look out all the people are featured in your playlist. Be sure that your account is not hacked and never get any fake plays on tracks. You have to check all your listeners and engage with uploads. This would help to know that the SoundCloud plays are fake or real.

Whenever you want to check out the place on your account are real or not then you have to discover more information. Firstly, you need to visit at the official website of the SoundCloud account find out the possible ways to check out these things. As it is mentioned, you need to track all the activities of your SoundCloud account. There is a need to occupy with all uploads listeners and check out their profile. It would help to block the haters or hackers on your SoundCloud account.

In order to boost the SoundCloud plays on your music albums, you have to purchase the place from reputed service providers. Make sure, they provide the right services of this place. With no doubt, you will be able to purchase the right Soundcloud plays. As well, you don’t need to face any troubles in the future. So, you have to switch on the best website to purchase this place instead to get a fake place. If you got any fake plays mistakenly on your SoundCloud account then you has to block it or report it in the SoundCloud help center.

Last confrontations

Last confrontations-

If you find that you are getting fake likes, please on your SoundCloud account in a few weeks then you need to request to solve these problems do Soundcloud help center.