Increasing Traffic to Web Journalism: Increase Page Views With Online Data

Increasing Traffic to Web Journalism

Writing freelance work for ezines (electronic magazines) can be daunting.

There are thousands of writers posting articles everyday and much of the information covers the same topics between blogs, newspaper websites, and television clips.

Between all of the competition and the abundance of content, writers and broadcasters may wonder how they can garner a larger share of web traffic.

There are two ways: go to the masses, or slowly attract them.

Evergreen Content Can be Read Today, Tomorrow, and Next Year

Evergreen Content Can be Read Today, Tomorrow, and Next Year

Work that is considered evergreen consists of topics that apply today and tomorrow. For example, figuring out how to save money, or teach children the value of money, would be evergreen because the principles of basic saving are not apt to change in the near future.

Health information can be evergreen, but not always. The Atkins diet that was so popular at the turn of the century has basically gone the way of the Pritikin diet that was very popular in the 1980’s. While these health topics will come and go, the benefits of Vitamins A, B, and C will likely be similar in the future.

Now, while the above evergreen content may not draw in thousands of page views on a daily basis, they will bring in consistent traffic, and with enough pieces of this kind, a predictable income can be amassed.

There is also seasonal evergreen content. While all content has a season of sorts, this refers to articles about a season or holiday that will bring in heavy traffic only during a specific part of the year.

Today’s News Will Score Big Numbers And Maybe Some Later on

Top news items that headline on such sites as Yahoo! are great to draw readers into one’s work, but only at a rate of a few days at a time, find more info.

For example, while everyone was obsessed with singer Michael Jackson’s death, and other information about him, the sensationalism of that story passed within a week or two.

Gathering Data for Popular Topics to Write About

In this age of information, finding data is not difficult. One place people can go is

It can be found on Youtube that for every person who watched the first part of the 1993 NAFTA debate between Ross Perot and Vice President Al Gore, which is still very important today, approximately 6,000 people tuned in to watch Matt Damon do an impersonation of Matthew McConaughey on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This can lead writers to understand that many people are simply not as interested in Al Gore and Ross Perot when they are discussing very important topics as they are with Matt Damon when he is doing just about anything that involves him being alive.