What is the Link Between the Router and the Proxy Server?

What is the Link Between the Router and the Proxy Server

If you have a bunch of people in the office then you will be benefited by setting up a shared connection to the internet. There are several companies that use the dial-up modem to connect the internet. It works in an excellent way for individual users. But, in an office, it helps to share the action or offer better performance. It is a cost-saving process. It is an ideal idea to share the network rather than set up each user’s dial-up internet account.

You have to set up a single account that provides access to a better speed internet connection to the local area network of the company. There are several benefits approached by this process include cost-saving, shortened wiring, better performance or easy management. For example, if you have eight employees in the office and six of them using the internet on a daily basis. It means you have six internet dial-up accounts. It is much rather than set up an account Via Local area network.

Proxy Server

 You can provide faster access to your employees at the same price by using a shared connection. It provides a maximum speed of the internet. As well, it is faster than the older connection. You can pull up the internet connection by using the simple setup of wiring. You have to use the phone line for better internet connectivities. It provides numerous benefits include managed services are easier instead to have several separate accounts or workspaces.

 Is a proxy server a router? Yes, proxy server terms to be a router. As well, it is the easiest way to set up a shared internet connection. You will be able to set up the local area network to the internet in which all the employees of the office connects to the head system. It makes the process easier to get the connection of the internet when you connect to the LAN. As well, there are some tricks available to configure the individual PC network to this kind of connection.

 There is one more way and to set up the connection by a proxy server. A proxy server shares the network connection as a resource. It is a little bit complicated to set up but provides the limitless benefits include access control, secure network or obscurity. It provides security from the outside users to your connection. It means a proxy server works like a Firewall that protects you from hackers. Only you can connect to the computer outside the LAN or outsiders are not able to set up a connection. You can read more here to know about the proxy server or router linked up.



As you know, the proxy server provides one more benefit of anonymity. It secretes the network address of the machine that is located on the LAN. In order to break the computer, there is a need to know about the IP address of a computer. In addition, the proxy server provides additional security to prevent access to other websites or track the activity of the user. The proxy server has the ability to filter the websites. It prevents employees to waste time during office periods. It also boosts the performance of the PC.