How to Stain Wooden Furniture

How to Stain Wooden Furniture

Almost every area has a store that sells unfinished furniture, and if you take a look at the prices, it is often much cheaper than its factory-finished counterpart. Not only that, finishing the furniture yourself will result in a more beautiful and personal piece. Even if you are looking to refinish a piece of wooden furniture as opposed to buying new pieces, finishing (or refinishing) your own wooden furniture can be a very rewarding and money-saving experience, continue reading at our site.

There are quite a few different options when choosing a finish for your furniture, but they are applied about the same way. I encourage you to explore your options before making a decision. My personal favorite, however, is varnish. It is much more resistant to wear and tear than many other options, and is probably your best bet.

Wooden Furniture

The first thing you will need to do is sand the furniture. If you are not refinishing the piece and there is not an existing coat of finish, you will not need to sand quite as much. If there is an existing coat, however, make sure that it is completely removed before finishing. Failure to do so will make your finish look terrible. When sanding, make sure that you always go with the grain and use a sanding block when applicable. If this is not an option, wrap your sandpaper around a thick sponge. It will even out the pressure you apply to the piece and have a little give so you don’t rip up the wood. Consider sanding the piece twice if you have the time. First with a larger grain of sandpaper, and with a finer grain the second. You want the piece to be as smooth as possible.

Most varnishes will require you to mix one part of the product to one part of water or thinner, but always follow package instructions when mixing. Always use a brand new natural-bristled brush. Before applying any product to your piece, ensure that all the sawdust has from sanding has been removed. You will regret it if you don’t. Apply the varnish using long, even strokes, along the grain of the wood. After the entire surface is coated, very gently apply just a little more varnish over the entire thing to smooth it out. If you apply too thick a coat, the varnish will crack as it ages. If there seems to be a buildup of varnish in corners or edges, gently go over the spot in question with a dry brush.

Stain Wooden Furniture

Most pieces will be dry within 24 hours of application, but always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your finish is a two-coat product, wait until it is dry and lightly sand with a 7/0 grade of sandpaper and repeat. You should always wait about double the recommended drying time before actually using the furniture.

And there you have it! Your own beautiful piece of hand-finished furniture. Just keep in mind that you should avoid any contact with the piece until it is completely dry.