How to Open Whatsapp Aero without a Smartphone: Alternative Methods

How to Open Whatsapp Aero without a Smartphone

Whatsapp Aero is an excellent way to communicate with friends, family and coworkers. The only problem is that Whatsapp Aero requires a smartphone in order to open it. If you don’t have a phone or just want to be able to use your messages without having your phone on hand, there are still ways for you to read and send messages through the app! If this isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to open up Whatsapp Aero without having a smartphone.

Log into Whatsapp Aero online without smartphone

Log into Whatsapp Aero online without smartphone

If you lost your smartphone then its a big query to access your  Whatsapp Aero account. But it is not a big issue to open Whatsapp Aero without a smartphone as there are many ways to do so.  At first open your personal computer or laptop.

And Type your username and password in the login page, after entering them click on “sign-in” button. You will find yourself logged into Whatsapp Aero without a smartphone successfully with all your chats and conversations.

Benefits of Whatsapp Aero Web

Use the web browser on your computer or laptop to open Whatsapp Aero. This is good for when you are at home and want to read messages, but don’t have a smartphone nearby.

No need to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while typing out a response; use your keyboard instead!

You can also send photos using the Photo Library in Safari (Mac) or Chrome (Windows). Just go into Settings > Storage and Sharing > Upload media files with Whatsapp Aero > Choose file from desktop storage. The photo will be uploaded automatically as an attachment in one message.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Aero Without Mobile Phone?

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Aero Without Mobile Phone

To use Whatsapp Aero messanger safely without a smart phone there are few ways that you should know. When you want to use the  Whatsapp Aero messenger on your computer or laptop, you will need to download and install the whatsap application.

The first way is by joining a website that allows users to connect with one another via Whatsapp Aero’s text chat without using their smartphones. The second option is by downloading an app called Whatsapp Aero Web which enables iOS or Android smartphone owners who do not have access to a desktop browser use web-based Whats App messaging in Chrome from a mobile device. There are many other options available for those of us who may want some privacy through our phone conversations but don’t have access to a cell phone such as making free calls over wifi networks; however, these methods should only be used if there aren’t any alternative means at all since they can put people at risk.


If you don’t have a smartphone or need to keep your phone safe, there are still ways for you to chat on Whatsapp Aero. The easiest way is by using the web browser version of the app. You can also use a desktop computer and download this free software called “Whatsapp Aero Web” that will let you text with friends without downloading anything else. Another option would be to install Whats App as an app on your tablet or laptop- it works in much the same way as it does on smartphones! Whatever solution you choose, we hope these tips help make chatting easier no matter what device you’re using.