5 Ways to Find Humor in Your Everyday Life

Humor is a powerful tool that can lighten our mood, reduce stress, and enhance our overall well-being. Finding humor in everyday life can be a game-changer, turning mundane moments into memorable ones. Here are five ways to infuse humor into your daily routine:

Cultivate a Playful Perspective

Embrace a childlike mindset by approaching situations with curiosity and playfulness. Children often find humor in the simplest things, and as adults, we can benefit from adopting a similar outlook. Look for the whimsical aspects of your surroundings and activities. Whether it’s imagining the shapes of clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects, or creating silly names for everyday items, cultivating a playful perspective can transform routine into amusement.

Laugh at Yourself

Life is full of unexpected and sometimes awkward moments. Instead of letting them create discomfort, learn to laugh at yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, experiences embarrassing situations, or has moments of clumsiness. Rather than dwelling on these incidents, acknowledge them with humor. Share your funny stories with friends or family, turning potential sources of embarrassment into opportunities for shared laughter. This not only lightens the mood but also creates connections through shared experiences.

Find the Funny Side of Stress

Life can be stressful, but finding humor in challenging situations can be a coping mechanism. Try to see the irony or absurdity in stressful moments. Consider how, in the grand scheme of things, some problems may be trivial. When faced with adversity, ask yourself, “Will this matter a year from now?” Sometimes, finding the humor in the absurdity of stressors can provide a valuable perspective and help you navigate challenges with a lighter heart.

Surround Yourself with Humor

Whether it’s through comedy podcasts, funny books, or humorous social media accounts, curate your surroundings to include sources of laughter. Exposing yourself to humor regularly can lift your spirits and provide a positive outlook. Share amusing content with friends or colleagues to spread the joy. Laughter is contagious, and creating a culture of humor in your social circles can contribute to a more cheerful and uplifting environment.

Create Rituals of Joy

Establish routines that bring joy and laughter into your daily life. It could be as simple as starting your day with a funny podcast, watching a comedy show during lunch, or having a lighthearted conversation with a friend in the evening. By incorporating these rituals, you infuse humor into your routine intentionally. Over time, these moments of joy become anticipated highlights, creating a positive cycle that contributes to your overall well-being.

In conclusion, finding humor in your everyday life involves cultivating a mindset that seeks the lighter side of situations. By adopting a playful perspective, learning to laugh at yourself, finding humor in stress, surrounding yourself with funny content, and creating rituals of joy, you can enhance your daily experiences and foster a more positive and resilient outlook on life. Humor is a valuable resource that not only brings joy to the present moment but also contributes to your long-term mental and emotional health.

Benefits of Dino Cards Games for Kids

Apart from developing the fine motor skills of children, Dino Cards games also develop their visual memory, which is crucial for reading, writing and other daily activities. It also expands their vocabulary and imagination. There are 27 matching pairs in the Dino Cards game. Each card has a different set of instructions, which are explained by the Parent Card. The game promotes problem solving and increases academic knowledge. With its fun nature, this game is a perfect fit for young learners.

Help Children Develop Memory and Concentration

Dino Cards games for kids are highly beneficial for the development of memory and concentration. They improve concentration and visual memory. In addition, they help kids expand their vocabulary and imagination. They also encourage imaginative thinking. As these cards come with matching instructions, kids can practice their matching skills. The game has an intuitive and child-friendly interface that allows them to play it for hours without getting bored. This application is designed to be played by both adults and children, look at this website.

Perfect for Kids

Perfect for Kids

Another great app for young paleontologists is Dino Cards. It combines a memory game with activities related to prehistoric animals. In this game, children match dinosaur skeletons to their cards to try to find matching pairs. The app also promotes concentration and memory in kids. It comes with 56 matching cards and is suitable for preschoolers and young kids. There are other dinosaur-themed games for children to play as well.

Dino Cards for Kids

Dino Cards games for kids contain activities related to prehistoric creatures, such as dinosaurs. These activities are great for improving memory and concentration. They also help children develop their imagination and vocabulary. They can also be played with multiple people. The benefits of these games for kids are endless. And they’re affordable, too! The learning process is fun! So, why not download them for free? There’s even an app for it!

Develops Visual Memory Skills

Aside from fun, Dino Cards games for kids are great for developing visual memory skills. Whether you’re looking for a game for two or four players, this activity can help young paleontologists develop their skills. In addition to being fun, the game can also improve concentration and enhance visual memory. If your child has the mental stamina and concentration, it will enjoy the game. This memory game can help improve the learning of children of any age.

Great Game for Kids

Besides fun, this dinosaur game also helps kids improve their visual memory and concentration. The fun factor of this game makes it a must-have for every kid. There are many different ways to play the Dino Cards game. They are useful for teaching the young to learn new words and facts. Moreover, they can also teach their children to read and write. And they can learn about the various prehistoric creatures they have learned about.

Develops Cognitive Skills

Aside from being fun, this dinosaur game can also help children develop their cognitive skills. By learning the different types of dinosaurs, children can expand their vocabulary and improve their visual memory. Using the Dino Cards game, children will learn about the various animals that live in the world. They will also be able to improve their attention span and their ability to focus. They will be able to recognize a match when they see it.


In addition to the fun factor of Dino Cards for kids, they are also beneficial for toddlers’ cognitive skills. This dinosaur memory game is an excellent way for them to learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. The game box is filled with different types of dinosaurs that each player can use. Then, when a child lands on one of these cards, they have to keep the card.

How Do You Use the Infinity Cube Fidget?

The Infinity Cube fidget is a 3D symmetrical shape made up of smaller cubes that rotate within one another. This toy appeals to both adults and children because it is challenging but not too difficult, and can be used as therapy for people who find it hard to keep their mind from wandering or focusing on a single task.

This toy has been designed with the intention of being therapeutic, however many different people enjoy using this product because it offers challenge but isn’t too difficult.

What is Infinity Cube fidget?

It’s a toy. This toy is made for fidgeting, so while it can be used in many different ways there is no wrong way to use the Infinity Cube fidget. The shapes of the inner cubes are perfect for stacking and building with. They also fit perfectly into the center cube when nested together. Browse around this website for interesting facts about infinity cube fidget.

Here are some ideas for infinity cube fidgets:

Here are some ideas for infinity cube fidgets
  • Holding it in one hand and rotating both cubes at once so the inner cubes rotate as well.
  • Stacking more than one cube together, and then using your hands to rotate them simultaneously.
  • Employing various different strategies to use this toy and finding what works best for you!
  • Sitting and rolling the toy in your hands, making shapes out of the different combinations of cubes that are exposed.
  • If you have another cube, try stacking them on top of each other and rotating them both at the same time.

This Fidget Has a Number of Benefits:

Infinity Cube can be used as a fidget toy to help you focus and concentrate. Put the toy on your desk and focus on rotating the rows of cubies with one hand, while doing something else with the other, like typing. It’s also a great toy to help keep your mind occupied during lectures or meetings.

The Infinity Cube can also be used to learn about space in an interactive way. It is also good for people who are trying to get over an addiction, or who tend to experience negative thoughts when they are alone, by making it easier for them to focus on something else.

The Infinity Cube is not just a fidget toy; it can also be used as a stress relief product that helps you to de-stress and stay relaxed. While rotating the rows is a great way to improve focus, if you get frustrated or feel anxious, simply stop using it for a while and start again later when you are feeling calmer.

It can also help to improve your memory and problem solving skills. The symmetry of the cube makes it easy for you to see things from different angles and positions, which is great for your brain.

The Infinity Cube is a fun and interesting way to keep your mind occupied while improving the health of your brain. It’s also a fantastic product for people with autism or ADHD who struggle to keep their mind on one task.


Once you’ve figured out your preferred way to use the toy, it is important to keep in mind that it should be a tool for stress relief and not one that will cause even more stress. You want to make sure that you’re doing something with this toy to help yourself feel better, such as pairing fidgeting with breathing exercises or something relaxing from the other suggestions in this article. We hope you enjoy your stress relieving Infinity Cube fidget!

Choosing The Right Golf Blades For Your Game

Golf is a popular sport that requires the use of specialized equipment to get the most out of it. One such piece of equipment is golf blades, which come in various types and are important for playing well. Now have a look few important speeches about golf blades:

1. What Are Golf Blades?

What Are Golf Blades

Golf blades are the part that actually touches the ball when golfing. Golf blades come in two varieties: steel or graphite. Graphite is a lot softer and weigh less than steel, whereas steel is stiffer but still has a heavier weight than graphite. The type of game being played can determine which blade to use.

2. How Golf Blades Work?

Golfers use golf blades to control their shots. By adjusting the angle of your golf blade and striking it correctly, you can alter the direction of your shot. Putting a downward stroke on a golf blade will send the ball into a downward angle, while putting an upward stroke on the blade will send your shot to an upward angle.

3. The Different Types Of Blades

Golf blades can be categorized into two major groups: woods and irons. There are three types of woods: driving, fairway, and hybrid. Iron types include the long iron (mid irons), short iron (putter), and the blade (wedges). The type of blade that is most appropriate for a specific golfer depends on many factors including their ability level and the course they are playing. Blades can help with balance, the weight you put on your golf club, as well as many other aspects of your game.

4. How To Choose The Right Blade For Your Game?

Golf blades are important tools for playing the game of golf, and there are a variety of blade types to choose from. Be sure to have the correct type of blade before you start your game. Blades come in different types, and some are made for certain situations. The primary differences in blades are the type of metal used to make the blade, the design of the face, and what type of device is used to attach it to the golf club. Blades are consisting of one or more layers of thin sheets of high strength.

5. Why You Should Care About Blades When Playing Golf?

A blade is an important tool for playing the game of golf, and should be cared for to ensure it’s in optimum condition. Blades vary in durability, in order to keep the game fun and engaging. Make sure you take care of your blades as professionals are doing at golf Ryder Cup live stream so that everything runs smoothly. Ryder Cup tournament is one of the biggest part of golf play. It is an annual match play competition between the United States and Europe.

Final Words

Golfers must choose the golf blade that best suits them before they hit the course. Golf blades are available in different types and can be expensive. Durability, weight, and price vary from blade to blade. The heavier blades are better for players with less strength in their swings, while lighter blades will better suit players with stronger swings and who hit closer to the ground.

The Self Reproducing Meme

The word “meme” is relatively new. It was created, or at least given its current meaning, by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. For those who are not familiar with the term or need a quick refresher, the basic idea is as follows.

A meme is a piece of cultural information. The easiest way to think of it is as an idea or a behavior (and perhaps the idea associated with said behavior). There are many examples: behaviors like handshakes, phrases like “wassup, dawg”, slogans like “Live free or die”, and technology such as cars or computers are all examples. In fact, it may be more difficult to think of things that aren’t memes, though this debate will be saved for another article.

This article is concerned with a very specific meme. Most people are familiar with reproduction, as this is how anyone reading this article was made. Self-reproduction (or asexual reproduction) is reproduction where something creates a copy of itself, as opposed to sexual reproduction, where the offspring takes part of the mother and part of the father. Self-reproduction can create an exact copy of the original. The idea of a meme was explained at the beginning of this article, which means the reader should now have all the necessary pieces to understand the self-reproducing meme.

The concept is simple. The self-reproducing meme reproduces itself. However, all memes spread this way. For instance, if you were to explain to a friend how and when to shake hands, you just helped the handshake meme to reproduce. What make the self-reproducing meme unique is that this is its whole purpose. It is an idea that exists only to spread itself. One possible way of writing this out formally: “The concept and purpose of the self-reproducing meme is to spread the self-reproducing meme,To find out more info about meme, you’ve to visit our website.

This meme is a small one. It only takes a sentence to communicate the basic idea. This article used four paragraphs to introduce the idea to a reader with little or no previous understanding of memes. Since it only has one purpose, spreading itself, it doesn’t have much complexity. It also is not concerned with how it should spread itself; this would be part of a separate meme.

One interesting fact is that anyone who reads and understands this article is now “infected” with the meme, and is now a carrier. Spreading memes is often compared to spreading a virus. Once a person is infected, they spread the virus through contact with other people. By talking about the meme with friends, writing about the meme, or even physically (or vitually) posting copies of this article, carriers spread the meme. The meme can also spread using the help of other memes. For instance, a group of researchers could start studying memes and include this meme, a community on the internet could make spreading this meme part of a game or contest, or a debate on the meme could surface.

Any memes directly related to this meme would be considered part of the same meme-complex, which is a set of related memes. If George Washington were a meme, he could be part of the U.S. Presidents meme-complex, which in turn might be part of the world leaders meme-complex. He also could be part of the Revolutionary War Generals meme-complex. Given the potential complexity, meme-complexes tend to be defined informally, and are more a matter of convenience than hard science.

It is up to the reader to decide what to do with the self-reproducing meme once they learn of it. Some will do nothing, only carrying the information without passing it along. A smaller subset may forget the information entirely. Some readers, on the other hand, will pass the information along by a variety of methods. Others will create new memes that will aid in the spread. If enough carriers do this, the meme could spread to millions of people. Perhaps it will eventually spread to every possible carrier on earth, and even beyond earth. In theory, there is no limit to how far an idea can spread. If you are interested in further discussion on this topic, the author of this article is expecting to write additional articles. Readers are also encouraged to write responses to this article both to further the academic discussion and because they will likely further aid the spread of the self-reproducing meme.

Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Anywhere in the World with VPN

The 2021 NBA finals will be streaming live internationally from the USA. In most countries, the game will be available to watch through television. However, in some cases, you may want to use VPN to watch NBA Finals live online. In this article, we’ll discuss when you should use VPN services and the top  VPNs to use. In the end, we’ll also tell you how to use VPN safely.

When to Use VPN

Top 3 VPN to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Anywhere in the World

You always don’t have to use VPN to watch the NBA finals. Using one will help you in the following situations.

  • The NBA will not be streamed on TVs in many countries. Besides, due to geographical restrictions, no online stream sites offer live coverage in certain areas. If you’re residing in such areas, you can use VPN to bypass your location and enjoy the NBA finals.
  • Besides, you may travel to another country during the finals after subscribing to a streaming service in your country. It’s possible that you won’t be able to use your subscription in the traveling country. Therefore, VPN can be a good solution. Use it to transfer your online location to your home country. And enjoy the exciting basketball games.
  • Some people also prefer to use VPN if they have a slow internet connection. Often it helps to improve the speed.

These are some situations where VPN can be a solution. Besides, you may have your own reason.

Top 3 VPN to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Anywhere in the World

When to Use VPN

Not any random VPN service is good. There are a lot of issues, including security and speed. So, we’ve made a list of three of the best VPN to watch NBA Finals live online:

1.   Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the most popular VPN services today. They have excellent speed as well as superior security. Express VPN comes for every device, including Android, iOs, Windows, etc. Their subscription plan is quite expensive, starting at $8.32. However, considering the quality of the services, it’s reasonable.

2.   Nord VPN

NordVPN is an all-rounder. It does its job perfectly. You’ll have limited access for free. But for better performance, you should go for a premium plan. The subscription starts at $4.13 per month. The cost is pretty low, besides you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3.   Cyberghost VPN

This is the cheapest option on this list. If you buy the annual plan, it will cost you only $3.99 per month. Most importantly, it offers a massive 45-days money-back guarantee.

You can go for any of the VPNs above. All of them offer superior performance.

Tips to Use VPN Safely

Tips to Use VPN Safely

VPNs often face security failure. So, if you’re using one, make sure it has a good reputation in the market. Besides, always try to go for the paid plan. Free plans usually provide poor performance.

Final Words

No matter where you are, you can watch NBA Finals live online using any of these VPNs. First, install the VPN on your device, then connect to your desired country. After that, you can enjoy the biggest basketball event of the year.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Mark Martin Goes for it All One Last Time

There is perhaps no other driver in the garage area of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series who wants to win a championship more than Mark Martin. Martin has had an illustrious career but has had that elusive Cup Championship slip from his grasp on several occasions. Now Mark Martin will attempt once more to add the exclamation point to the end of his career and go after the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship one last time as he joins the Hendrick Motorsports stable in 2009.

Martin, who has been racing on a limited schedule for the past two seasons has committed to racing a full season for Hendrick Motorsports in the number 5 Chevy in 2009 and will then drive on a limited time basis and help groom a new driver in 2010. Martin joins three of the best drivers in the sport of NASCAR at Hendrick Motorsports in what has been dubbed “The Dream Team.” Martin takes to the track in 2009 with 4-time Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon (number 24), 3-time and reigning Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson (number 48) and NASCARs most popular diver Dale Earnhardt Jr. (number 88). Earlier this week, team owner Rick Hendrick referred to Mark Martin as “the missing piece of the puzzle.” Put simply, Rick Hendrick expects all four of his cars, including the one piloted by Mark Martin, to make the Chase for the Sprint Cup in 2009 and has said anything less would be disappointing (source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/2017-kia-gt-to-debut-at-2016-detroit-auto-show-teaser/).

NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver

In his career, Martin has amassed an impressive 35 wins, 390 top-ten finishes and 41 pole positions. He has finished second in the point standings in 1990, 1994, 2000 and 2002. In 1990, Martin finished just 26 points behind the late Dale Earnhardt. That was probably his toughest pill to swallow as earlier in the season Martin was fined 46 driver points from NASCAR for using an illegal (though not performance enhancing) carburetor at Richmond international Speedway. He raced for 19 years with Jack Roush and though he has seen a couple of his Roush team mates win a title, he was never able to secure one in his tenure with Roush Racing (now Roush Fenway, source: Wikipedia.org).

Now Mark martin is back full time and has aligned himself with arguably one of the best teams in NASCAR today. If Martin fulfills his dream of winning the Sprint Cup Championship or even if he comes up short, none can say he didn’t go out trying. And don’t let Martin’s age fool you. He may have turned 50 earlier this month, but the rest of NASCAR better be on the lookout as this “old man” is coming and he is after one thing and one thing only; a NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.

How to Stain Wooden Furniture

Almost every area has a store that sells unfinished furniture, and if you take a look at the prices, it is often much cheaper than its factory-finished counterpart. Not only that, finishing the furniture yourself will result in a more beautiful and personal piece. Even if you are looking to refinish a piece of wooden furniture as opposed to buying new pieces, finishing (or refinishing) your own wooden furniture can be a very rewarding and money-saving experience, continue reading at our site.

There are quite a few different options when choosing a finish for your furniture, but they are applied about the same way. I encourage you to explore your options before making a decision. My personal favorite, however, is varnish. It is much more resistant to wear and tear than many other options, and is probably your best bet.

Wooden Furniture

The first thing you will need to do is sand the furniture. If you are not refinishing the piece and there is not an existing coat of finish, you will not need to sand quite as much. If there is an existing coat, however, make sure that it is completely removed before finishing. Failure to do so will make your finish look terrible. When sanding, make sure that you always go with the grain and use a sanding block when applicable. If this is not an option, wrap your sandpaper around a thick sponge. It will even out the pressure you apply to the piece and have a little give so you don’t rip up the wood. Consider sanding the piece twice if you have the time. First with a larger grain of sandpaper, and with a finer grain the second. You want the piece to be as smooth as possible.

Most varnishes will require you to mix one part of the product to one part of water or thinner, but always follow package instructions when mixing. Always use a brand new natural-bristled brush. Before applying any product to your piece, ensure that all the sawdust has from sanding has been removed. You will regret it if you don’t. Apply the varnish using long, even strokes, along the grain of the wood. After the entire surface is coated, very gently apply just a little more varnish over the entire thing to smooth it out. If you apply too thick a coat, the varnish will crack as it ages. If there seems to be a buildup of varnish in corners or edges, gently go over the spot in question with a dry brush.

Stain Wooden Furniture

Most pieces will be dry within 24 hours of application, but always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your finish is a two-coat product, wait until it is dry and lightly sand with a 7/0 grade of sandpaper and repeat. You should always wait about double the recommended drying time before actually using the furniture.

And there you have it! Your own beautiful piece of hand-finished furniture. Just keep in mind that you should avoid any contact with the piece until it is completely dry.

Us Open Golf 2021 Watch Online Using Smart DNS Proxy

Isn’t the US Open Golf streaming services available in your area? It’s quite a common problem golf fans face in almost every area. The event will take place in California, USA, from 17th to 20th June this year.

Many countries will stream the event live. But many fans outside of the USA face problems watching the tournament online. So, if you’re one of them, you can use a smart DNS proxy to remove the geo-restriction. The article will cover everything you need to know about DNS to watch US Open Golf 2021.

What is a Smart DNS Proxy?

What is a Smart DNS Proxy

The full form of DNS is Domain Name Server. It is a sophisticated technology that hides your identity on the internet and helps you access geo-restricted websites.

Smart DNS is yet to be popular, like VPN to the users. Though you may think only tech wizards use Smart DNS proxy, that’s not the case at all. A lot of people are using it to browse their favorite sites, which are blocked in their area.

So, if you live somewhere or visit a place where you can’t get access to the US Open Golf 2021 watch online services, then you can use DNS. It will help you to unblock your desired site. And let you watch the thrilling event of the golf championship.

Why Use Smart DNS Proxy to Watch the US Open Golf?

There are a lot of other ways to access blocked sites. To be more specific, VPN is the most popular software. Then why use Smart DNS Proxy to unblock US Open Golf streaming sites? Well, there are plenty of advantages to doing that. Some of them are:

  • To set up a DNS proxy, you don’t need to install any third-party app. Hence, it’s safer than the other options. We’re saying that because third-party apps often steal data from devices. But DNS won’t be able to do that as you’re not installing any app.
  • Smart DNS proxy offers a faster connection than VPN. Though some VPN locations provide you with a good speed, most of them are on the slower side.
  • Certain sites can mark your actions suspicious if your IP gets changed frequently. VPN does that, but not DNS. Smart DNS proxy only changes your location, not your IP.

These were some of the common reasons to use Smart DNS Proxy to watch your favorite golf tournament.

How to Setup Smart DNS Proxy to Watch the US Open Golf 2021

How to Setup Smart DNS Proxy to Watch the US Open Golf 2021

For every different device, there are different ways to set up Smart DNS Proxy. Go here and select your preferred devices to set up DNS. To keep the article short, we’re not explaining the process. Briefly, you have to make some changes in your WiFi settings to use the DNS service. You also can google it for more information.


We hope this article helped you to get access to the US Open Golf 2021 watch online platforms. Now you can enjoy the most exciting golf event of the year from anywhere you want. One more thing, don’t go for free DNS codes as they’re not secured. So, make your device ready with DNS, and prepare to watch the exciting golf tournament.

Kingdom Come Review: Commentary on Themes From DC Comic’s Elseworlds Graphic Novel

Kingdom Come is a landmark story that depicts a bleak future for DC Comic’s characters. Published in 1996, Alex Ross conceived and painted the book with Mark Waid serving as writer. Yes, painted: The realistic characters and luminous hues shows how much of this project was a labor of love. At the same time, Kingdom Come may work better as a vision and visual than as a narrative.

Graphic Novel Synopsis

Graphic Novel Synopsis

Kingdom Come takes place in a future where a new crop of heroes takes the place of the old guard. However, the new blood fight crime without any concern for morals or public safety. The early heroes retreat to their fantastical ivory towers, and even Superman isolates himself in a farmland. But when a group of heroes cause a nuclear-level accident, Superman and company return to teach the new generation some values.

Meanwhile, priest Norman McCay experiences visions of an apocalypse caused by superheroes. He is taken by The Spectre, God’s Spirit of Vengeance, to witness the events that lead to this catastrophe, from Superman’s group to an alliance led by Batman to Lex Luthor and his cabal supported by Captain Marvel. Norman serves as the reader’s point of view and as the creators’ voice on the story’s events.

Painting a Vision

Ross is best known for painting realistic versions of superheroes, and Kingdom Come is what happens when Ross goes beyond the cover and paints the entire comic. The characters have supple expressions enhanced by the wrinkles and grays of old age, and each panel carries more weight than a single page of most comic books.

Lighting is also a major factor of the presentation. Contrasts between light and dark become more apparent, from the glow of Norman in the darkness of The Spectre’s realm to Wonder Woman’s golden armor against the fire and death of the climatic battleground. It’s a longer process than conventional drawing, but visually Kingdom Come is unlike any other comic book.

Making Statements

Kingdom Come is a reaction to the grittier heroes and elements that have been the norm for comic books since Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Dressed in stereotypical armor and leather, the new heroes are power-hungry jerks. By contrast the old guard are redesigned to look authoritative, such as Superman with the yellow in his symbol replaced by a remorseful black or Green Lantern in emerald armor instead of spandex.

The book’s other theme is how the people view superheroes as gods. The novel is strewn with biblical passages, and each chapter opens up with murky images foreshadowing the apocalyptic conclusion. The use of painting instead of line drawings and the POV device of a priest speaking to someone who works for God contribute to the grandeur given to the DC heroes. While the superheroes-as-gods concept can be pretentious for some readers, Kingdom Come revels in it even as it distances itself in the end.

Superhero Seniority

Superhero Seniority

However, while Ross and Waid are adept at creating these themes and the world, Kingdom Come doesn’t provide a solution of how to deal with the new heroes. The young heroes are straw men pushed around by Superman using means as silly as lecturing them at their club to something that’s definitely outside of The Man of Steel’s character. Not even Magog, the reason for Superman’s retreat from public life, proves to be a credible threat, article source.

With no new character strong enough to counter Superman’s team, the story devolves into pre-established characters battling each other. The climatic war is an excuse for Superman and Captain Marvel to fight, and the conclusion is an attempt to shut Pandora’s Box that doesn’t give hope to new heroes in a genre dominated by characters created before the 60s.

Continuity and Impact

While Kingdom Come was not part of DC’s official continuity at first, the book has taken a larger presence in the company and characters like Magog and the book’s darker version of Superman are now regulars in the company’s titles. Kingdom Come might not have the best answers for the questions it asks, but as an exploration of ideas and visual storytelling it remains a distinctive take on DC’s superheroes.